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15+ Voice Over Jobs for Beginners From Home

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In the world of making money online, one particular popular way to make money is simply by using your voice.  Yes, your voice.

As long as you feel you have the voice someone is looking for, there’s money to be made in reading printed books to turn into an audiobook, commercial scripts and so much more.   The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to be an expert, either, as many people are just looking for a voice sample and a clear read.  Many already have a voice in mind.

Don’t be intimidated if you’re reading that you need years of experience.  This isn’t true in this technological era!

While you don’t necessarily need a voice for radio, it does help to have the right recording equipment to freshen up your voice as well as the ability to read clearly.  It doesn’t cost much to start, but there are a lot of great eBooks for less than a few dollars that can teach you how to record, but I will leave that for another day.  There’s a lot of low-cost equipment as well to get you started to potentially turn this into a very nice part-time job.

For now, I want to focus on the ways you can actually find voice over work online if you’re ready to put your voice out there, regardless of your skillset.  As you’re about to find out, there are quite a few websites you can use if you feel you can use your voice to put money in your pockets.

So, if you want to make money using your voice, this is the post to bookmark as there are going to be quite a few resources that can help you find client work.  These websites are designed for everyone, including beginners.  It’s just important, as I will reiterate a million times, that it’s so important to have a voice demo before you start applying.

Let’s begin!

NOTE:  Even though you may be a beginner, it’s still highly recommended you at least record a demo to increase your chances at landing a job.  I have no post/video, in particular, but I just recommend you search “creating a voice-over demo” or even refer to these low-cost eBooks.

How to Get Started

Before I even jump into the resources that you can use to find voice-over work, I first want to go over a few things before you get too excited.

An Investment is Needed

As mentioned, you will need to invest in this venture if you want to be taken seriously.  From microphones to equipment, you will need to invest in a professional setup to create a professional sound.

According to industry professionals, here’s what you need to consider:

If you’re having a hard time landing clients, you may even need to invest in premium memberships or even professional help.  I can’t cover everything in this post, but Udemy has a lot of wonderful $10~ courses to help you learn the ropes in the industry.

The bills can add up, but again, if you want to be taken seriously, it’s important to invest in yourself.

Produce a Demo

A demo is a must and there’s no way around it as all of these websites will ask for one.

Just think about it for a second.  If I were to hire you as a graphic designer and you had no samples, why would I even consider you when I could choose from hundreds of others?

Learn what it takes to create a professional demo and work on this first.  In most cases, clients only listen for a few seconds so it doesn’t have to extremely long, maybe 30 to 60 seconds at most.

Again, to learn how to create an awesome demo, I highly advise you to check out the Udemy courses mentioned prior.

Get Ready to Audition

There’s much more to it than this as you will have to research every item you need to purchase.

Once you feel you have done your homework and are ready to go with your setup, then it’s probably time to find the work.

Where can you find the work?

Well, that’s what this post is for.  Listed below are 15+ amazing voice-over based websites that have thousands of jobs available at any given time.  It’s just up to you to join them and find the work you’re interested in.  Good luck!

15+ Voice-Over Jobs for Beginners From Home


Backstage is kind of known for actors looking for local casting calls, however, as a potential voice-over artist, you can find potential voice-over work on this platform as well.

The website always has hundreds of active casting calls, with tens of thousands posted annually, simply meaning there’s always something to apply for.  Yes, including voice-over work.

To get started, you will first want to make sure there are actually jobs you want to apply for before you sign up.  Yes, it does cost money, about $20~ a month, but there’s no limitation as to how many jobs you can apply.

To browse the most current voice-over jobs, you click on the “casting calls,” followed by checking all of the voiceover options beneath the “more filters” option.  In doing so, you can then view the open jobs as of today.

For instance, when I did this, I was able to browse more than 100+ jobs, from audiobooks to film.

Mandy Voices

More than 6,000+ jobs are posted every month, at least according to the main website.  Simply put, there will always be a job worth applying for.

While there are more than just voice-over jobs, the company breaks down its job category to help companies/individuals find the professional they need for their project.

Create a profile is 100% free to do, but as with a lot of these websites, you will need to pay a small monthly fee if you want to access some of the more premium options.

Once you’re ready to roll after creating your account, then you can apply and talk with any potential clients directly through the site by using the website’s job board.

Voices is said to be the #1 source for voice-over work, being used by some of the world’s most trusted brands like Microsoft and the Discovery Channel.  It’s one of the largest casting websites, founded in 2003.

Like many freelancing websites, you will be asked to create a profile, upload your work and then bid on jobs that you see fit.  If the project creator likes what they hear, then you will get hired for the job at the specified price.

To increase your chances at getting hired, just make sure you fill out your profile in depth as well as add demos so that they know what you sound like.  Sell yourself just as you would in a resume sent out to a business.

Now,, much like other freelancing websites, will take a commission fee, so make sure you factor this in when figuring out your payments to see if it financially makes sense.

Creating a profile is free, but they do have a premium option that allows you to respond to a public job posting as well as include additional premium benefits, all of which you can find on the sign-up page.


VoiceBunny works a pinch differently in that they ask you to apply and will then approve you based on your application.

Now, I know this is a voice-over acting guide for those who are looking to start in the field but let it be known that VoiceBunny accepts very few applicants.  I’m talking less than 2%.

With that being said, if you do plan on applying, just make sure that your demo is in the top 2% or at least feel like it is.  The more professional you sound, the better your chances at getting accepted are.  Even if you’re still starting out, you can fake it until you make it essentially.

If you are lucky to get accepted, the great thing is that they don’t charge you to accept jobs.  Instead, they add margins to the rates and take their cuts, so in short, if you make money, they make money.

Once in, you can upload your demos, set your rates and wait for jobs and you can also take advantage of contests, where you can pick out projects you want to work with and do the voice-over to get paid.  The cool thing about these contests is that they will actually pay you to audition and give you a bonus if you’re selected for a job.

To get started, just follow the link below and start working on your profile.


Voice123 is yet another freelance database with more than 100,000+ voice-over jobs posted in its lifetime.  This is a lot of potential for just about any skill set, including beginners.

Like most of these freelancing websites, you can either audition for active jobs or you can simply create a profile with a demo and allow potential clients to find you.

To get started, create an account via the link below.  It is 100% free to do so.

Then, once you’re in, create a voice actor profile and upload your demos.  Just keep in mind that you do need to pay more if you want to upload more than 10+ demos and be found in the search results.  Hey, they need to make money somehow!

Accounts are said to be about $395 per year, but you can stick to a free plan if you so choose.  You will just be limited as to what you can do with the website.


ACX is a specific platform where authors go to in order to turn their book into an audiobook.  Since many of these authors don’t have the time or maybe the voice to read, they often outsource this work and use this very popular platform to find freelancers such as yourself.

If you don’t mind reading books, then you will want to create a profile, upload some of your samples, choose your hourly rate and then audition for books that you’re interested in narrating.  If someone likes your work, then you have the opportunity to accept their offer and agree upon delivery dates.  In some cases, you may find that authors won’t pay you a flat rate; rather, they will pay you a royalty share, which simply means you will receive a portion of every share.  This could be an option only if the author is well known.

If you are interested in joining ACX, they do have some strict requirements, all of which can be found here, so make sure you go over this closely to make sure your work is accepted.

  • Website:  ACX


I mention Fiverr quite a bit, but it’s a for a good reason as I find it to be the easiest way to start your freelancing career.  And, no, you don’t need to sell your services for $5.

Now, the bummer about Fiverr is yes, you do need to market yourself and you will find yourself buried in a lot of competition.  Don’t let this stop you, though!   I read a lot of great success stories from people who used Fiverr to promote their services.

In short, if you’re unfamiliar with the platform, you basically list a virtual service on anything, from voice-over work to creating graphics.  Create a sales copy, and once live, people can buy your services if interested.

Fiverr attracts a ton of people, so I at least recommend creating a post to see what kind of work you could draw it.  After all, it’s free to create.  Fiverr just takes a fee every time you make a sale,, about 20% of your final sale.

As Fiverr deserves its own post in how to become successful, for now, I recommend the very popular and low-cost eBook, The Fiverr Master Class: The Fiverr Secrets Of Six Power Sellers.


Upwork is one of the largest freelancing marketplaces online focusing on just about anything, from voice-over work to writing, programming, virtual assistants and much more.

Like a lot of these freelance websites, you will have to create a profile and then bid on jobs that are of interest to you.  While people can find your profile, it won’t be much of value until you start to build your stats on the platform.  After all, no one will really want to hire someone who hasn’t done any work yet.

Keep in mind that Upwork has quite the poor reputation in the freelancing workplace as they have a ton of fees, from connecting with companies posting jobs to taking a job fee.

To get started, sign up and create an account and then work on your profile to make it as detailed as possible.  Be sure to mention and add that you have voice talent qualities to show up in targeted searches.

Upwork could find you the most work, but like Fiverr and the like, you will be up against a lot of competition so be prepared to fight for a good paycheck.


Bodalgo focuses on more than just the United States, often bringing in more clientele from overseas.  This could be a great choice if you can speak more than one language and want to venture outside of the United States client-wise.

As a simplistic voice-over job market, there are no fees or wacky commissions.  There are monthly fees, however, that range from $30 to $250+, depending on how long you sign up for.  You simply get paid via your clients that you find on the platform.

To date, the company has worked with more than 10,000 clients, including some prominent names such as Sony, Apple, BMW and many more.

To get started, click on the “register” button the main page, followed by “I want to register as a voice talent.”

From there, sign up for an account, fill out your profile and then audition for any open jobs.

Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a pinch different than most of the freelance websites I already listed in that they want to scout your talent and contact you if interested.

While the website has a huge community of developers and designers, they also recruit voice actors as well.

If interested in applying, follow the link below and fill out the form.

The Voice Realm

Yet another freelance platform, has more than 5,000+ registered voice-over artists and is always looking to add more.

If you’re interested in adding your name to their database, then all they ask is that you fill out a detailed form and provide them with a demo.

Once submitted, you will hear back if they are interested in adding you to their site.


LinkedIn is a great resource for any professions, including voice-over work.  Personally, I have found it as a great way to just put your name out there and see what kind of recruiters/businesses contact you.

Now, I would only recommend this option only if you take your voice-over career seriously.  Inside your profile, you can list your experience, link out to demos and even talk about past client work if you had any.  Treat it like a resume and sell yourself.  Why would I want to hire you?

I know this post is for beginners, but just in case you do have some experience, LinkedIn could be a great way for both clients and recruiters to find you.

Aside from creating your profile, it also doesn’t hurt to start making connections in the industry, from casting directors to businesses that may be able to use your work.  That way, the more people you connect with, the greater your chances of showing in search results are.  Plus, a profile with hundreds of followers looks a lot more reputable than one with two.

Best of all, it’s free to use!


No one would have ever thought about using Twitter to find one voice-over work, but this trick can actually work for just about any job.

From using hashtags to simply searching, use Twitter to see if you can anyone who is looking for a voice-over professional.

To potentially find a gig, search for something along the lines of “voiceover wanted” or even using hashtags such as “#casting.”

You may have to weed through a lot of spam to find what you’re looking for but something good could pop up, you never know.  Find something good and connect with the original Tweeter.


Don’t forget about the world’s largest job portal, Indeed.

From, yes, voice acting jobs to anything that makes you money, Indeed will more than likely have some listings, of course, depending on where you live.

If you’re looking for any job, I always recommend you at least check out Indeed to see what’s available in your town.  This is a great option to find a local job that often can’t be found via the methods already mentioned above.

After all, it’s 100% free and very simple to use.


FlexJobs is another website that works a lot like Indeed, only that they focus on remote work only.  So, every job you find on their website can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Now, the only downfall is that it does cost a few dollars a month, but this investment, at least to me, is a decent deal as they use the funds to weed out most of the junk you see on many online job boards.

Aside from voice-over work, you can use the search engine to basically find any jobs that can be done from home.

Consider Hiring an Agency

No, agencies are not just for the rich and famous as you can hire one to represent you if you want someone else to help you with your voice-over work hunt.

While you can attempt to find work on your own, and there’s nothing wrong with that, an agency often has a lot of connections you may not have access to.

To find these agencies, you can simply search for “voice-over agencies + your city” and browse through the results.  Now, keep in mind that a lot of agencies often want you to have some sort of history before they work with you, so I would at least recommend you established yourself in one way or another before wasting their time.

Again, it’s not so much a great “beginner” tip, but I just wanted to include it here as an agency can be a big help.  Just make sure you do your due diligence and read about the agency before you even contact them.  As there are a lot of scams out there, you will just want to make sure you’re not receiving empty promises.

Final Thoughts

Even though this guide is designed for “beginners,” let it be known that any voice actor, regardless of your experience, can use these platforms to find work.

Even if you’re just starting out, it’s highly recommended you at least create a demo using some of the resources above as most potential clients will demand one.  After all, who would want to hire someone when they can’t take a look at your work?

In the end, just let it be known that there are a ton of ways to find work using your voice.  It’s just your job to create a profile that sells yourself and find the right job that suits your needs.  Like any way to make money, it’s not going to come easy, but as you prove yourself over time, you can only hope word spreads and the work comes to you much easier than it did before.

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