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13+ Websites for Odd Jobs to Earn $5-$225/Day

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If you’re looking for a flexible way to make money on the side, odd jobs can be the way to go.  As the name implies, these jobs are odd, simply meaning it could be just about anything.  Legal, of course.

Whether you want to work online or in person, I wanted to showcase some of my favorite sites to help you find odd jobs now.  These are 100% legit.

I don’t know how much you want to make, so I will be sure to include as many options as possible, as I always do, so be sure to pay close attention to what you can make inside the description to at least get an idea as to how it could benefit you financially.

Below are a handful of websites that can help you find an odd job, sometimes in as little as a few minutes.

13+ Websites for Odd Jobs


Let’s start with one of my favorites — Craigslist.   I’m sure you’re familiar with this one.

As long as you’re comfortable meeting someone in person and usually dealing with manual labor, it’s one that can easily net you $50 to $100+ in a day.

To get started, head to Craigslist and then scroll to the “Gigs” section.

And, in clicking it, just browse the listings to see if any odd jobs make sense to you.  Depending on where you live, you can easily find 100+ jobs in a day.  These were just some of the examples I found:

If any are interest, click on it and then read more in detail to see what’s expected of you.

Now, I know Craigslist is often associated with “scams,” and sure, that’s true to an extent; however, in many cases, most of the job postings you see will be legitimate as long as they make sense.  As long as it’s not promising $50 per hour or “Be your own boss!” type ads, you should be okay.  Just remember that old saying that’s said a million times, “If it sounds too good, it more than likely is.”

Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is a fantastic app that can help connect you with people who need help with a variety of tasks.  From cleaning a house to assembling furniture, the jobs can vary, making it a wonderful choice for anyone who’s looking for an odd job.  If you can lend a hand, people will post the job.

At the moment, Task Rabbit isn’t available nationwide, however, it is available in more than 60+ cities.  There’s a good chance it’s available near you.  Check out that link to see where they are operating as the company is always adding new cities.

To get started, you will need to sign up, build your profile to let people know what kind of services you offer as well as verify your eligibility.

As a “Tasker,” you get to choose the jobs you want to do as well as set your own rates.  Picture it as an odd job business of sorts.  Play around with the calculator below to see how much you can earn.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is one I have mentioned so many times, and I recommend it if you’re looking for an online odd job dashboard of sorts.

And, if you’re unfamiliar with how it works, it’s as easy as loading a dashboard, selecting a job of interest and then completing the task.  You can log in whenever you want and complete any task that you’re eligible for.  Every job will tell you what it’s about as well as how much you can make.

Now, you won’t make a ton per task, usually no more than a few cents, but most of these tasks will only take you a few seconds to complete, which means you can average up to $10+ per hour once you get good at it.

It will take some to learn the platform, but I promise it’s one of the better ways to make money online, especially if you have no experience and want to start immediately.  Be sure to check out my how to make $50 on MTurk guide to help you become successful.


Upwork is the internet’s largest freelancer database, helping businesses connect with talented individuals.

If you want to perform your odd jobs online, give up Upwork a shot as it’s a way to bid on projects and get started in as little as a few hours.  Whether you’re a programmer, a transcriptionist, or a graphics designer, there’s at least one skill you can perform.  Trust me, there are thousands of jobs.

Take a glance at the most recent projects as they are updated by the second and start bidding on these jobs that you feel you can perform.  Once you start gathering positive reviews as you win bids, people will start coming to you for jobs.

Delivery Driver

As long as you don’t mind driving, there are a ton of apps that can get you on the road in as little as 48 hours.

Some of these apps include Amazon Flex, DoorDash, Grubhub, Instacart and UberEats, to name a few.

Most of the apps work in the same way, wherein you will be able to log in when you please (or set a schedule) and then pick the jobs you want to complete.  Since you’re an independent contractor, you get to decide when you want to work and which jobs you want to accept while you’re on the clock.

Depending on the market you’re in, you can make up to $30 per hour gross.

The requirements are somewhat different according to most platforms, but usually, as long as you have a clean driving record, a reliable car and you’re at least 18+ years old, you should be eligible.

Babysitting (Pets or Children)

Whether it’s a dog or a child, babysitting is quite possibly one of the best odd jobs on this list.  You can easily make $8+ per hour and you can call the shots as to when you want to work.  Depending on the job, it can be pretty fun, too!

And, even if you don’t know of anyone who needs your help, that’s what the many popular sites such as and are for.  Head to those websites and create a profile so that you can start applying to jobs.  Once you start gaining some leads and completing jobs, your ratings can start to increase, which, in turn, can lead to even more jobs.

Research Studies/Focus Groups

No, I’m not talking about your survey sites that pay peanuts.  Instead, I’m talking about research study/focus group opportunities that can sometimes pay more than $500!

There are so many resources to list, so I’m going to list to a few resources I have written in the past.  These include:

Check them out and see if any of these sites offer studies you’re interested in.  The great thing about these studies is that you know what’s expected of you ahead of time as well as the pay before you even contact them.

If you consistently keep up with these studies, there is the possibility to earn $250+ a month.  It will depend on which studies you partake in and as well as which state you live in.

Market Force

Market Force is a company I have had a lot of luck with in the past.  While I don’t make a ton, maybe $25~ a week, it’s a fun way to get out of the house and get paid to shop and eat.

What’s known as mystery shopping, it will be your job to go undercover and report back whatever findings the company wants.  It can be anything from how friendly an employee was to the presentation of your burger.  Don’t worry as you will know everything that’s expected of you ahead of time.

Market Force is 100% free and you can work whenever you please.  Just scan the available shops, complete them as noted and get paid.  Again, it’s not a huge money maker but one that can make you a few bucks a week.

NOTE:  Market Force is one of my favorites, but it’s one of the 100+ mystery shopping companies out there.  Be sure to check out my list to see who’s hiring.

Field Agent

Field Agent is a fun app where you can go out and about and complete random tasks, most of which involve mystery shopping of sorts.  This can include taking a picture of a display or even buying a pizza and then sampling it at home.

You’re not going to make much with this app.  In fact, you will be lucky to make $20 to $30 in a week, but I don’t know how much you want to make, so I wanted to mention it here.

It’s a free download and you can learn more about it in a review I created in the past.


GigWalk works just like Field Agent and EasyShift.  It’s an app that allows you to complete quick jobs, many of which only take a few minutes to complete.

Jobs can pay up to $100, and how much you make greatly depends on which jobs you choose as well as where you live.  Some areas will have a lot more jobs than others.

Again, don’t expect to get rich with this option, but it’s a decent way to make a few dollars a day while on the go.


Zaarly, like Task Rabbit, works in the same way.  The biggest difference, however, is that they focus more on professional services, such as appliance repair, plumbing services, etc.  However, even if you’re not in a trades of sorts, you can still sign up as they have a category for just about anyone.

Whether you’re a landscaper or a cleaner, this platform can help match your skills with someone local who may need your help.  As you use the service and bid on projects, those customers can review you, which can lead to more jobs in the future.

The great thing about Zaarly is that they make money after you complete the job, so this means you won’t have to pay for leads.  It really is a win-win situation.

To read more about how the platform works as well as how you can sign up, follow the official link below.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to make $5 a day or $1,000+ a month, it can be done.  There are so many odd jobs out there, it’s just up to you to find out which one suits your needs.  The great thing about most of these odd jobs is that you can work whenever you please.

That sums up the list for now.  As always, if you want to comment on the options mentioned or maybe you want to add an idea to the list, then you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

For now, start applying to some of these jobs and see where it takes you.  Who knows?  Maybe it could slowly turn into a full-time gig.

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