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Where to Sell Funko Pops in 2023

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Ever had a favorite TV show or movie character? Chances are, you might have had a Funko Pop to represent that. Funko Pops are these cool vinyl figures made by the well-known Funko company. They come from all sorts of entertainment worlds like Marvel, DC, and Harry Potter.

People love these figures because they let them showcase their love for certain characters or shows. And guess what? Some of them can be worth a lot.

If you’re thinking of where to sell them, there are so many places to do so, however, only a few may make sense.

In today’s guide, let me talk about the many legitimate places you can head to if you’re looking to sell your Funko Pops in 2023.

What Makes My Funko Pop Valuable?

If you’ve ever looked into the world of Funko Pops, you’ll notice that their prices can vary widely. Some might just cost you the price of a fancy coffee, while others could set you back as much as a used car.

Wondering why this is the case?

Let’s delve into some of the factors that influence their value.

Rarity and Number Released: Not all Funko Pops are created equal. Some are produced in much larger quantities than others. The ones that are harder to find because fewer were made? Those are usually more sought after, making them pricier.

Condition Matters: Think of Funko Pops like collectible toys. If they’re in top-notch condition, they’re likely worth more. This means they should be in their original packaging, stored in clean environments, and free from any damage.

Exclusivity: Some Funko Pops are only available at specific events or venues. If they’re limited in number and not sold anywhere else, their value can skyrocket.

Age: It’s not just wine that gets better with age. Older Funko Pops, especially those that aren’t made anymore, can be more valuable than the newer ones. If you’re curious about when a particular Pop was released, just check the bottom of its box.

Keep It Real: Like many popular items, Funko Pops have their fair share of imitations. Genuine ones typically hold more value than the knock-offs.

Vaulted Status: Ever hear of a Funko Pop being “vaulted”? It means it’s not made anymore. While these can be more valuable because they’re not as readily available, it might take some time for their prices to rise, especially if many people already have that specific design.

The Chase Factor: If you stumble upon a Funko Pop with a “CHASE” sticker, you’ve got something special. These variants, which debuted before 2015, have unique designs setting them apart from the usual ones. Their rarity makes them more valuable.

Like anything, a Funko Pop’s value can swing based on its condition, how old it is, and how in-demand it is. If you’ve got one that’s in mint condition (think no scratches, dings, or marks), you’re onto something. And, if it’s still in its original box, even better! A lot of collectors would think twice before buying one without its box.

To be candid, however, Funko Pops aren’t the hot ticket they once were. It seems their popularity has taken a bit of a dip recently, which could mean their value might slide in the next few years. As with many trends, people’s interests shift over time.  This could change, but as I write this, the values don’t seem to be on the upside.

Where to Sell Funko Pops


Take eBay, for instance. It’s this vast online marketplace where just about anything can be sold, Funko Pops included. With a user base of over 182 million people worldwide, the potential for finding a buyer is high.

You can have a fixed price for your figures or go the auction route. It’s crucial on eBay to do your research on prices, as you don’t want to undervalue your collectibles. Tools like the Pop Price Guide can help, or you could check what others are selling similar items for.  You can also check out the most recently sold items to see what yours may be worth right now.

Photos make a difference, too.  Ensure they’re clear and taken from different angles to entice potential buyers.

One thing to note, however. eBay will take close to 15% from your sale, so remember to include that and the shipping costs in your pricing. While selling on eBay might take some time, especially if you’ve got a big collection, the effort can be well worth it.  By far, this is where you’re going to get the best value.

Facebook Marketplace

Now, if you’re on Facebook a lot, you’ve probably heard of Facebook Marketplace. If you’re not familiar, picture it as a place where you can sell almost anything—clothes, furniture, books, and even collectibles like Funko Pops or trading cards.

Listing your Funko Pops here won’t cost you anything.

Aside from the classifieds, try posting your collection in Funko collector groups on Facebook. These groups are filled with folks who genuinely understand the worth of these figurines. It means you’re more likely to sell your Funko Pops at a price that matches their true value. Just remember, if your buyer isn’t local, you’ll have to consider shipping.


If you’re thinking of selling Funko Pops, you might want to check out OfferUp. It’s a versatile online platform where you can sell almost anything, Funko Pops included. The cool thing about OfferUp is that while you can sell things online, you also have the option to sell items face-to-face.

If you’re hesitant about trying it out, don’t be. Listing items on OfferUp doesn’t cost anything. So, if you list your Funko Pops and they don’t sell, you’re not out any money. When setting up your listing, make sure to upload clear pictures and provide a description that’ll grab a buyer’s attention. Don’t forget to set your price too.

Now, while selling online can be convenient, remember that you’ll need to consider shipping costs. Also, OfferUp takes a 12% cut from every sale. However, if you want to avoid these fees, meeting up with your buyer in person could be the way to go.

To make the most out of OfferUp, get to know the platform and use it wisely. This way, you’re more likely to get the best price for your items.


Now, there’s also Mercari.

Here, you can list items for free and find a wide array of things for sale, including collectibles like Funko Pops. Pricing is again key, and you need to ensure you’re not undervaluing your figures.

In terms of shipping, you can handle it or leave it to the buyer. A tip to potentially speed up your sale is to offer free shipping, but be sure to factor that cost into your price. Mercari’s fee is a bit friendlier than eBay’s, taking only 10% from your sale.


Craigslist has been around for a while and remains a reliable place to buy and sell items, including your Funko Pops. Setting up an account and listing items won’t cost you anything, which is great news. Even better, if you’re not keen on creating an account, Craigslist allows you to put up a free post. This is particularly useful if you’re thinking of selling just once.

One of Craigslist’s strong points is its emphasis on local, face-to-face transactions. This approach not only helps you avoid potential scams but also means there’s no shipping involved. As a result, you get to pocket all the profit from your sale since there are no shipping costs to worry about.

Since you have to meet in person, mainly, you will find that what you can get may be much less than the other sites noted.


Sell2BBNovelties is another solid choice, especially if you’re a collector. This site specializes in items like magic cards, sports cards, and of course, Funko Pops. In fact, they have over 10,000 Funko items listed.

You have a couple of options when selling with them.

You can list each Funko Pop individually, finding out the price for each one. The easiest way to find out how much your item might be worth is by searching with its name or its UPC barcode. However, if you have a ton of Funko Pops, especially from the same series, you might want to think about selling them all at once.

One great thing about Sell2BBNovelties is that they regularly update the prices of Funko Pops based on their popularity. This ensures you’ll likely get a fair price. But, before you sell, there are a few things you should know. Your Funko Pops need to be in brand new condition, their packaging should be clean, and ideally, they should be in their original packaging.

The good news? It doesn’t cost you anything to list your items on their site. And if your order is worth more than $30, they’ll even cover your shipping with a prepaid label.

Reddit r/FunkoSwap

If you’re an avid Redditor, there’s a good chance you can find a home for your Funko Pops there. Numerous subreddits are dedicated to collectors and enthusiasts, with r/FunkoSwap being one of the most active.

Boasting over 42,000 members, r/FunkoSwap offers a vast community of potential buyers, whether you’re looking to sell individual Pops or in bulk. But, like any community, there are rules to follow. It’s worth noting that r/FunkoSwap has stricter guidelines than some other platforms, like Facebook.

Buyers in this community can be particular about what they’re looking for, so it’s a good idea to be as detailed as possible about your Funko Pops. Including photos in your post can also help. Currently, they only permit sales within the U.S., and most transactions are done via PayPal. This is mainly for the safety of both buyers and sellers. So, if you’re hoping to connect with passionate collectors and get a fair deal, r/FunkoSwap might be the place for you.


Now, Amazon might be a household name, but did you know you can flip your Funko Pops there?

First off, you’ll need to set yourself up as a seller, which means creating an account and providing some financial details like your GST/PAN information and bank account. Once that’s done, list your Pops and wait for potential buyers to get in touch.

However, selling on Amazon comes with its fair share of costs. They take a 15% referral fee for collectibles and tack on a closing fee that varies based on your selling price. And if you opt to use Amazon’s shipping service, be ready to foot that bill as well.

If you’re thinking of making a business out of selling Funko Pops, Amazon might not be the best fit given the fees. But if you’re looking to offload a collection quickly, it’s worth considering.

7 Bucks a Pop

If you’re a big-time Funko Pop collector, you might want to consider selling on 7 Bucks a Pop. But before you jump in, there are a few things to keep in mind.

For starters, they generally prefer collections that have at least 75 Pops. Among these, some should be premium ones, worth a hundred bucks or more. Also, they want Pops that have been stored in a smoke-free space. However, if your collection is on the smaller side but boasts several high-end Pops, they might still be interested.

To kick things off, visit their website and fill out the provided form. If they’re intrigued by your collection, they’ll send you an offer. Once you give them the thumbs up, they’ll share some tips on how to pack your Pops. After shipping your collection (and yes, they cover the shipping costs), all you have to do is wait for your payment. They’ll transfer your money via PayPal. So, if you’ve got a big collection gathering dust, think about giving 7 Bucks a Pop a shot.

Sell Your Toys Now

Feeling overwhelmed by a sizable toy collection, whether it’s one you’ve built over the years or inherited? Sell Your Toys Now is here to help simplify things.

According to the company, they purchase collections ranging from 20 to 10,000 pieces. You can reach out to us via email, our contact form, app, or use the toy pricer on their website with details about your collection.

Once you’re ready to send your items, they provide shipping labels and check in your shipment within 48 hours of its arrival. Best of all, you’ll receive payment within 1-2 business days, with options like Venmo, PayPal, or a check.


If you’re in the mood to sell some of your Funko Pops quickly, BuyBackWorld might be right up your alley.

Here’s how it works…

Instead of going through the usual listing process you might find on other sites, all you need to do is contact BuyBackWorld. They’ll send you a price quote for your items. If you’re good with their offer, ship your Funko Pops to them and then sit tight for your payment. And guess what? Shipping won’t cost you a dime.

The whole process is pretty straightforward, making it a lot easier than some other online options.

When it comes to getting paid, you can choose between a check or PayPal.


Toytastik is another avenue to explore, especially if you’re into modern collectibles like Funko Pops, comic books, and video games. The team behind Toytastik isn’t just in it for business—they’re passionate collectors too. This is a good thing for you, as they’re more likely to offer a fair price compared to someone who doesn’t really understand the value of Funko Pops.

Want to make a sale? Shoot them an email with details and photos of your collection. They’ll review what you’ve got and send you an offer they think is fair. So, if you’re aiming for a smooth selling experience with folks who share your passion for collectibles, Toytastik might just be the place to go.


For those of you in the UK, WeBuyGames is a popular name when it comes to selling collectibles. The big draw here is that they promise to pay you within a day. No need to fuss over pricing either. Just scan the barcodes on your Funko Pops, and you’ll see instant price offers. It’s super handy if you have a bunch to sell and don’t want to price them individually. And again, no shipping fees. They’ve got that covered.

But there’s a catch.

Since WeBuyGames will be reselling your collectibles, they’ll offer you a price that’s a bit lower than market value. That’s how they make their profit. If you’re okay with this trade-off and are aiming for a hassle-free experience, then it’s a great option. Oh, and if you’re someone who likes to do things on the go, they have a mobile app. With this app, you can scan your Funko Pops’ barcodes and see prices instantly. Super useful if you have a big collection to sell.


If you’ve got a lot of Funko Pops, selling them one by one can feel like a bit of a chore.

So, how about thinking bigger and selling them in bulk? One avenue to explore is collector conventions. These gatherings are bustling with enthusiasts who truly value collectibles like Funko Pops.

Selling at a convention, especially if you’ve got a sizable collection, might take more effort than, say, listing them online. But here’s the upside: attendees of these conventions really understand the value of Funko Pops. Plus, by selling in person, you sidestep the need to ship your items, saving you money and hassle.

However, if you’re considering this route, there’s some strategy involved. Match your collection to the convention’s theme. For instance, if it’s an anime-centric event, prioritize your anime-themed Funko Pops. Being in tune with the convention’s audience can also give you insights into whether to focus on high-end or more affordable Pops.

Before diving in, be mindful of the costs. Renting a booth at these conventions isn’t free, and the price can vary based on the event’s scale. And as with any public gathering, be vigilant; places like these can sometimes attract sticky fingers. Ensure your Pops and money are secure and be ready to accept various payment methods—from cash to digital options like PayPal or Venmo. With the right approach, conventions can be a profitable venture.

Become an Official Reseller

Maybe you’re thinking bigger than just selling off a collection. If your dream is to turn your passion for Funko Pops into a business, becoming an official reseller might be the way to go.

There are a few requirements to meet. First, you should either have a brick-and-mortar store or a bustling online platform. Funko sets a minimum first order at $3,500, and they’d like to see annual sales figures of at least $50,000.

If this sounds like the path for you, head over to Funko’s website and fill out their application form, detailing info about your intended business, like the shop’s name and location.

Now, this route is for those who see a long-term future in selling Funko Pops. If your goal is merely to declutter and sell off a personal collection, it might be best to explore other options.

Tips to Make the Most Money

Know Their Worth: Before making any hasty decisions, it’s essential to determine the value of your Funko Pops. The last thing you’d want is to part with a rare piece without realizing its true potential. Even if you’re not into collecting anymore, if certain pieces bother you, stash them somewhere out of sight. That way, when the time is right, you can sell them for what they’re truly worth.

Find Your Market: If you’ve got exclusive Pops—those that aren’t commonly produced—they might be more in demand. Buyers are often on the lookout for such unique pieces. Platforms like eBay, r/funkoswap, and other online forums could be your best bet for these. However, each forum might have its own set of guidelines. Always double-check to ensure you have a smooth selling experience.

Think again: Speaking from experience, it might be wise to hold onto your collection for a while. I once let go of a complete series, only to regret it later when its value surged. If you’re not in urgent need of money, maybe think about other ways to earn some cash, like a part-time job. As for your Pops, perhaps sell the more common ones but hold onto the unique and rare pieces. Their value might surprise you in the future. Give it some thought! However, like speculative investments, no one can predict the future.

Final Thoughts

So, you’re thinking of turning your Funko Pop collection into cash?

Over the years, selling these figures has become quite the activity. There are plenty of options, from local sales to becoming an official reseller. Just remember, their value can vary based on several factors like rarity, condition, and age.

To maximize your profit, ensure they’re stored well, ideally in their original boxes, and are kept in pristine condition. As long as you do your research and choose the right platform, you should get market value.  I hope these options help you figure out which platform is best for you.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on the ones mentioned or add to the list, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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