AccuTran Global Review: $15/hr Transcription Gig?

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AccuTran Global is one of the many online transcription companies that pay you to type.  If you want to work from home as an independent freelancer and don’t mind turning audio into words, then this may be a company to consider.

In today’s review, I talk about AccuTran Global, a company often mentioned online if you’re looking for a transcription job.  As you may know, transcription companies are a popular online job, one of which that can often provide a part-time, sometimes a full-time income.

As in all of my reviews, I talk about the company’s legitimacy, how much they pay as well as what the internet world thinks.  As always, I’m 100% legit, only recommend what I feel is a worthy venture.

What is AccuTran Global?

AccuTran Global, or AG for short, was founded in 2002, and it provides transcription and related services, such as real-time captioning and voice writing, to clients around the world.  The company is headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The company is always looking to contract with transcribers, specifically Canadian residents, as well as stenographers and voice writers.  And, according to the company, they offer work in other departments to contractors who have an established track record.  As long as you can work independently and can meet client deadlines while following guidelines, then it’s something to consider.

This company is 100% legitimate and I can promise you that it isn’t a scam.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in working with AccuTran Global, it’s as easy as clicking on the “Apply for Work” button located directly on the homepage, as seen below.

In doing so, a small pop-up will show you the most active jobs.  At the time of this review, for example, these were the jobs available (they tend to remain the same):

If you’re interested in any of the jobs, then you can click on that job title for more information as to what’s expected of you and the job.  If you feel you qualify, then you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire/application, which will ask about your background as well as taking a typing test at to prove that you can type 70+ words per minute.  They will also ask you to download an audio file and transcribe it within your document.  All of this is done via a Word document and you’re then asked to submit it after you’re done.

AccuTran Global Qualifications

In order to work with AccuTran Global, they ask that you meet the following qualifications:

  • type at least 70 WPM (very important and you can’t sign up if you don’t meet this benchmark)
  • superior accuracy and punctuation skills
  • expertise in corporate, medical or legal transcription, but this isn’t required
  • time management skills
  • stable internet connection
  • Microsoft Word
  • Windows 10
  • headphones
  • quiet work environment
  • foot pedal (recommended, not required)

These requirements seem to be standard of that in comparison to other transcription companies.  Generally, as long as you can type at least 70+ words per minute and have the experience, although, not required, you should qualify.

Job Description

The job description is relatively straight-forward, much like other transcription jobs.  Depending on the client you’re working with, you will be asked to listen to a variety of audio files, form conference calls to recorded meetings, for example, and then transcribe what you hear in Microsoft Word.

What Does AccuTran Global Pay?

How much you get paid will depend on the assignment.  According to the jobs page, for instance, they note that you can make anywhere from $0.004+ per word to $0.40 per audio minute.  Remember, this is the audio minute, not every minute you’re working.  As a general rule of thumb, it can take four to five minutes to type every minute of audio.  So, doing the math, $0.40 per audio minute may equate to only grossing $6 per hour, but from what I read, it’s easy to average $10+ per hour.

Aside from this, bonuses are paid for “audio containing technical terminology and audio with heavily accented speakers, originating from foreign countries.”  These bonuses will depend on the project difficulty.

In looking at Glassdoor and other third-party reviews online, the average per word seems to be in the $0.004 to $0.055~ range.  This can equal about $0.40 to $0.50 per minute.

So, depending on how fast you can type, it’s going to be hard to earn more than $12+ per hour.

The company pays out on the 15th day of every month via direct deposit.  You will need a legitimate bank account to get paid.

What Others Are Saying

As in all of my reviews, I love to see what other people are saying online and include it in my review.  Even though AccuTran Global is much smaller than your average online transcription company, I was able to find some reviews.

For example, on Glassdoor, there were a few reviews, with mostly positive words.  Contractors liked that the company cared about their employees as well as the flexibility.  As for the cons, one reviewer did say that management was difficult to work with.

Again, this was a smaller company, so I couldn’t find much, but the reviews I did find were promising as most were positive.

Final Thoughts

7/10As long as you can type 70+ words per minute, then AccuTran Global is one to consider, especially if you reside in Canada.

Yes, the company is 100% legit, but no, you won’t get rich.  Maybe expect to earn minimum wage, about $8-$12 per hour.  This will greatly depend on the assignments assigned and how fast you can type.  Keep in mind that this is an industry standard, however.

If you’re looking for a flexible part-time job, it’s one I would at least check out.  Just remember that AccuTran Global isn’t the only company online as there are more than 100+ companies that hire at-home transcriptionists.  Be sure to check out the list if you’re interested in this kind of work.

As always, if you want to comment on AccuTran Global or you have a question, that’s what the comment section is designed for.  Feel free to leave a comment below!

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