Allworkjob Review: Scam or Hidden Gem?

Some of the links may be from a sponsor. Advertising Disclosure states that you can work from any country, earning a “decent amount of money.”  It’s a company I found while doing my research as always and thought I would create an honest review.

It’s not the best looking site at first glance, but hey, you never know if you can make money with it as the design isn’t the end-all, be all.

If you’re looking to make money online, particularly with, let’s jump in and see if this a legitimate organization.

What is

AllWorkJob is said to offer many various jobs, where you can make money online, no matter where you live.  From typing to data entry, they say they can offer it.  All you need to do is signup, follow the steps and earn.  It’s very vague as to what they are about, but it appears to be a portal of sorts, offering you online jobs where you can earn cash online.

I couldn’t find much in terms of who runs AllWorkJob.  They had no company background, and the link to their terms and conditions, which usually lists a business name, wasn’t working at the time of this review. Instead, I was directed to a 404 error.  This was a huge red flag.  Plus, the design seemed like something straight out of 2002.  While the design isn’t always a red flag, my initial reaction wasn’t all that great.

Aside from the poor design, there were so many other red flags such as copyright discrepancies and the lack of a social media presence.  In short, there were a lot of red flags, and I didn’t feel too good about the site at first.

Signing up for AllWorkJob

If you were to sign up for AllWorkJob, you can register on the website, where they ask for your email and a password.   They do note that the minimum earning per day is $1 x 10, about $10 a day or 700 INR if you were to use the Indian Rupee.  It appears they heavily target India, maybe the reason for the popularity due to it being hard for Indian residents to find legitimate money-making options online.

In supplying this information, you can immediately access your dashboard.

Signing up was very easy, which was yet another red flag.  In fact, I could enter almost anything and it let me in right away.

AllWorkJob Dashboard

Once in, your dashboard is quite cluttered, but it’s not too hard to understand.

Near the top, they note that “all jobs are free and you’re able to start any job.”  However, you must require 98% accuracy in order to get paid and 30 days of work are required for a withdraw.  How this accuracy is determined is unknown.

As you scroll down the page, you can then view the jobs you can complete.  It will look something like this:

The company allows you to earn money in the following ways:

  • filling out forms
  • copy and pasting
  • posting ads
  • offline data entry
  • online data entry
  • Facebook job
  • Whatsapp job


Whenever you want to complete a job, you will click on a job you want to complete and it will then take you to another job page.

So, for example, when I clicked on the “form filling” tab, it took me to a form that looked like this…

I had to click on the “take data from here” form and then add it to the form.  In most cases, they ask that you wait five to 10+ days to have your work confirmed.  Some of these jobs can take quite a while to complete, so be prepared to invest a lot of time in some cases.

All of the other jobs had a list of directions, but it wasn’t too hard to understand.  Again, it’s just a lot of work.

You are then asked to perform these jobs for at least 30 days while your earnings are posted to your account.

AllWorkJob Pay

According to the graphic located on your dashboard, the company has both a free plan and a paid earning plan.

As you can see, the free plan can earn you anywhere from $1 to $2 per data entry whereas the paid plan can earn you up to 50% more on average.  If you click on the “check paid plan here” link, it will take you to a comparison table of sorts, where you can see which benefits you can get with each paid plan.

If you decide to sign up for a paid plan, the costs will depend on the tier you choose, but most plans range from $50 to $99.  In paying this fee, it appears you can get other benefits such as chat support, email support and the ability to enter more data than the free plan.  At the moment, you can only enter 10 pieces of data a day with the free plan, but the paid plans allow you to enter up to 300 entries a day.

Remember, the $1 per job may sound like a lot, but these jobs can take a long time as that form job above had 10 forms you needed to fill out.  Seeing one form took me about two minutes, it could take me more than 20 minutes to complete one full job at $1.  Not worth it if you ask me.

AllWorkJob Reviews

If you search for “AllWorkJob reviews” online, there are a lot of complaints.  And, I’m talking about 99% of the people who used the site claiming they never got paid.

For instance, on Quora, one man said he worked and waited up to two weeks, and he was never paid.

And, another popular YouTube video had hundreds of commenters, mostly from overseas, who said they weren’t paid, either.  I couldn’t find any payment proof online.

Other blog posts, where people could leave comments, I found countless people who said they worked for 30 days, only to be told they had to wait 10+ more days for checking the accuracy.  In return, they never heard back.

I couldn’t find much in terms of positivity, which is a huge red flag for me.

Final Thoughts

0/10If you want to work with AllWorkJob for any reason… don’t!

There are way too many red flags, from the unprofessional design, the poor grammar to the lack of company transparency.  I don’t even know who runs this site?  Plus, if you do a quick search, it appears almost nobody gets paid.  Why waste your time when there are so many other legitimate ways to make money online?

In the end, I say skip it 110%.  It’s not worth your time.  It’s not even worth your time visiting the URL, the main reason I won’t even link out to them.  If you want to make money, look into paid surveys or even Mturk.  These companies pay and are much more reputable.

For now, if you want to comment on this company or maybe you have a question, then, by all means, feel free to leave your thoughts below.  Thanks for visiting!

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  • Thank you, I was not sure about the site I did not get even questionnaire or interviews on this site. I have worked for 4 days but my gut instinct where very alert.