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Amazon Flex Background Check: Every Answer for You

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Before becoming an Amazon Flex driver, or what they call a “delivery partner,” you have to undergo a mandatory background check.  If you’re unfamiliar with Amazon Flex, think of it like when someone decides to use their personal vehicle and deliver packages for Amazon. Essentially, Amazon Flex is a system where Amazon pays individuals, like you, to deliver packages using your own car.

Because you’ll sometimes interact with customers directly, Amazon wants to be sure you’re someone they can vouch for.

When you apply, they carry out a background check, which is a two-part review that takes a close look at both your past criminal activities and how well you’ve been driving. They dig into about seven years of your past to check for any alarming issues like criminal behaviors. If you did something wrong, say, about seven years ago, it’s likely to be spotted.

The other half of this check is all about your driving. Have you gotten many tickets lately? Were there any major road mistakes you made? These details can decide if you’re good to drive for them or not.

If you’re thinking about Amazon Flex and want to know more about the background check process, I wanted to put this guide together to let you know everything I found about the process.

Who Does Amazon Flex Use?

Amazon collaborates with a third-party firm named Accurate Background to manage these checks.

Now, there are certain rules in place, thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (or FCRA). This act restricts what can be included in your background report. For instance, any unfavorable records like lawsuits, arrests, tax issues, or other misdemeanors older than seven years or bankruptcies over a decade old shouldn’t appear on your report.

Amazon Flex Background Process


Before Amazon even thinks about checking your background, they need a clear thumbs-up from you. It’s a must-do from a legal perspective to make sure you know they’re diving into your history.  In the beginning, you have to give consent.


When you’re moving through the Amazon Flex application, there’ll be a spot where the background check comes up. You’ll read some info, and then there’s usually a box to tick or a spot to sign online showing you’re okay with the check. If anything feels fuzzy or concerning, ask questions before you move ahead.

Sharing the Basics

For the background check to get rolling, Amazon Flex needs to know some personal stuff about you. You’ll list things like your full name, birthday, Social Security Number (or its local equivalent outside the U.S.), and details from your driver’s license. Double-check everything to make sure it’s spot-on so there aren’t any hiccups down the road.

Checking for Criminal History

Amazon’s going to peek into your past to see if there’s any criminal activity. It’s all about ensuring that those driving for Flex are dependable when handling packages and can be trusted on the road. If Amazon stumbles on something in your history, not everything will necessarily be a deal-breaker. And, if there’s an issue, they’ll reach out.

Reviewing Your Time Behind the Wheel

Driving’s a big part of the job, so Amazon will glance over your driving records. Things like a bunch of recent traffic tickets, significant crashes, or serious problems like DUIs might raise some eyebrows about whether you’re a good fit for the driving role.

Playing the Waiting Game

The time it takes for the background check to wrap up can differ. It depends on how quickly they get responses and if your records are straightforward. Hang tight and give it some time. You can peek at your application status via the Amazon Flex app now and then, but constantly checking won’t speed things up.

When everything’s said and done, Amazon Flex will let you know where things stand. If everything looks good, you’ll move on to the next steps. If there’s a hiccup, they might ask for more info or give you a chance to clear things up, especially if there’s something off in the report.

What Do They Look For?

Criminal Past:

  • Violence-related convictions: If you’ve been found guilty of things like assault or robbery, especially if it’s recent, it might be a no-go.
  • Crimes about stealing: Since Flex drivers handle packages, past thefts or similar issues can be a worry.
  • Sexual misconduct: If you’ve been convicted of a sexual crime or are on a related registry, it’s probably a deal-breaker.
  • Other serious crimes: Recent major crimes might also be a roadblock in your application.

Your Driving History:

  • Major traffic mishaps: If you’ve been found guilty of driving under the influence or similar severe offenses, especially if recent, it might halt your application.
  • Lots of little mistakes: If you’ve collected a bunch of minor violations, like speeding, it can show that you might not be the safest driver.
  • License issues: If your driver’s license was taken away recently or even now, that’s an issue.
  • Accidents: If you’ve had many accidents and they were your fault, it can indicate you’re not the safest behind the wheel.

Other Deal-Breakers:

  • Lying or leaving out details: If you’re not honest during the application, it can lead to a rejection. Amazon likes its team members to be straightforward and trustworthy.
  • Drug problems: Certain drug-related convictions, particularly those about selling or distributing, can be a concern.
  • Terrorism or major safety threats: If you’ve been convicted for terrorism or serious weapon-related crimes, it’s likely to be a big problem.

Will Amazon Flex Hire a Felon?

It’s a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to Amazon Flex hiring folks with felonies. The timeline matters a lot. If your felony is more than seven years old, then there’s a chance it may not even pop up on your check. Don’t jump the gun just yet because the nature of the crime also comes into play.

If someone’s past includes serious offenses like assault, murder, theft, fraud, or any violent crimes, Amazon might politely decline the application. On the brighter side, many misdemeanors, though not all, usually won’t pose a problem.

Also, where you’re from might influence what shows up on your check. There’s this rule under the FCRA which means some states won’t dish out info on felonies older than seven years.  If you’re from states like California, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, or Washington, this rule applies to you.

How Long Does the Background Check Take?

So, you’re curious about how long Amazon’s background check will take? Well, it really depends on your past.

If your record is clean, especially from theft-related incidents, you can expect your criminal history review to wrap up in about two to five business days.  From what I read, you won’t receive a notice on the weekends. However, if there are any issues that need a closer look, the folks at Accurate Background might need some extra time.

Don’t worry, though, as your Flex app will give you a heads-up once your results are in.

And if you feel the wait is stretching on, after five days, you can always check in on how your report is coming along.

Getting Approval

To know when you pass the background check, open the app and see if there’s a green check mark there. That’s your green light, literally. Plus, you might get a welcome message from Amazon Flex.

But hey, passing the background check is just one step in the journey. There are a few other things on the to-do list.

You’ve then have to watch some video training to get up to speed. They’ll also need your tax details and your bank account info so they can send your earnings directly to you.

Once you’ve got all that done, you’re ready to roll.  You can then start setting up when you want to work. Amazon calls these work times “blocks” or “shifts.” They’ll suggest some, and you get to pick which ones fit your schedule. The specific block you choose and when it is will help decide how much you get paid.  You can read more about how Amazon Flex works on the official website.

What if I Fail?

So, you didn’t clear the Amazon Flex background check. That’s a bummer, but it does mean you won’t be able to wear the Flex driver hat. Amazon won’t really go back and forth with you about the results.

You might be thinking, “Well, I’ll just give UberEats, Instacart, or DoorDash a go.” But here’s the thing: they pretty much use the same yardstick for background checks as Amazon Flex. If one door closed here, it’s likely the others might too.

There’s a silver lining, though. Under the FCRA, if Amazon Flex’s background check throws up a red flag, you get an adverse action notice. Think of this as a detailed report card of your background, especially the parts that raised eyebrows.

This report isn’t just for sighing over, you know. You can actually go through it, and if something doesn’t add up or feels out of place, you’ve got the green light to raise a dispute. If there’s a genuine mistake, the company behind the background check has about a month to fix it.

Common Questions

Why does Amazon Flex check my background?

Well, Amazon wants to be sure you’re the right person to deliver packages, some of which might hold highly priced goods. So, they’ll ask for your permission to peek into your criminal history before giving you the green light.

Can I drive for Amazon Flex if I have a felony?

If you have a felony from the last seven years, you won’t be able to hop in the driver’s seat. However, don’t get too discouraged. You could touch base with Amazon to see if there’s another role that might be a fit for you. If your record only has a misdemeanor, depending on what it is, you might still be in the running.

Why is my Amazon Flex background check taking a long time?

The time it takes can vary, often based on your past. If you’re left scratching your head, reaching out to Accurate Background might help you figure out the holdup.  Usually, however, it has something to do with your past.

Why does it say “consider?”

Your application has been labeled “consider,” which means it’s going to get a more detailed review. The duration of this process can vary depending on where you live and the local laws there. For example, if you’re from a state that’s pretty relaxed about cannabis and the issue was just a minor overstep, you could be in the clear. But, if you’re in a state that views cannabis negatively, there’s a higher chance they might not give the green light on your application.

Is Amazon Flex’s background check like Uber or Lyft?

Pretty much. The checks they run are pretty standard across many industries.

Final Thoughts

If all goes well, you could be on your way to earning by delivering packages in no time, provided there are slots opened in your area.

Even if you clear Amazon’s check but they’re not taking in new drivers right now, hang in there. They’ll have you on their waiting list, ensuring you get a chance to drive for them in the future. Meanwhile, consider exploring delivery opportunities with platforms like DoorDash, Uber Eats and Instacart, to name a few.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

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