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Amazon Shopper for Whole Foods Review

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In the gig economy, there are a few app options such as Instacart and Shipt.  Yes, these are two of the bigger names, but there’s another option that often slips under the radar — a Whole Foods shopper for Amazon.

If you didn’t already know, Amazon bought out Whole Foods in 2017 for more than $13 billion.  It was one of the company’s largest acquisitions and one of the main reasons Amazon did so was to expand its grocery delivery service.

This is where you come in.

As an Amazon shopper for Whole Foods, you will prepare customer orders for delivery.  While you won’t deliver the groceries like the many jobs on Instacart and Shipt, you will be expected to shop according to Amazon’s standards.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the job.  Let’s talk about the pay, the reviews as well as how you can apply for the job.  If you want a flexible job that keeps you busy, it may be one to consider if you have a Whole Foods in your area.

Job Overview

As a shopper for the store, the company provides a graphic on its main website, talking about the responsibilities you may be responsible for.

Most of the time, during your shift, you will shop the store using a store-provided mobile phone.  You will shop the store, similar to that of Instacart and Shipt, and scan any items needed by the customer.  You may also be asked to communicate with the customer in regards to the order, usually if you can’t find an item and need a replacement.  You will check for quality once the order completes and set it in a designated area for pickup.  In most cases, it will be delivered by an Amazon driver, often those using the Amazon Flex account.  However, a customer can pick up their order, too.  This is part of the two-hour delivery, as seen on Amazon Prime accounts.

This is strictly an in-store shopping job at the same Whole Foods.  There will be no driving to a customer’s house nor will you have to work at a different grocery store outside of Whole Foods.  This makes it unique in that you know where you will have to go to work when you accept the job.

To qualify, you must be at least 18+ years old and have a high school, GED, or equivalent diploma.  You must also pass a drug test.

How to Apply

To apply, refer to this official Amazon site, either here or here.  Search for “shopper” for any current openings and apply as you would for any other job.  Even if a job isn’t available, you can sign up for notifications to be alerted in case a job does pop up.

Amazon will ask you to fill out an application, attend an “office event,” followed by an online orientation if they were to hire you.

During the “office event,” you will need to bring unexpired work authorizing documents and you will learn more about the job opportunity, in which you can ask questions.  Attending this event is 100% mandatory, and you will need to complete it in order to proceed with the hiring process.  The entire event takes about 1.5 hours.  Do note that some hires did report a drug test during this portion, which consisted of a mouth swab.  This is conflicting, but keep in mind that some states may require it, so be on the look out.

After this completes, you can start working on your first day.

All employees are hired on as seasonal employees, but after one to six months from your hire date, you can be converted to what’s known as a Regular Ready Associate, which is a permanent position.


The great thing about this gig is that you get to add your shifts whenever you want.  There’s no set schedule.

To schedule your shifts, you can do so via an app or a special URL.  You can then either filter the results you want or you can look at the openings at the moment.  For example, here’s a glance at what it could look like:

If any of these shifts are of interest, you can add them to your queue.  Shifts typically drop at 6:15 PM local time, but this can vary, as delays may be caused.  Shifts are available almost around the clock, but the better shifts do go quickly, so it’s best to be on the app whenever the shifts drop.  Shifts usually drop about two to three days in advance.

Now, what makes this opportunity different is that you can be penalized if you drop a shift.  For instance, if you drop a shift with less than 24 hours notice, you can receive an “occurrence.”  If you receive more than 3 in one month, you will be terminated.  There are other ways you can get “occurrences,” such as arriving at your shift late or leaving early.  This will all be covered in your orientation.

You can cancel a shift without penalty more than 24 hours prior.  However, if you need to drop a shift due to an illness, you can use your paid time off/sick time if you have it.

In short, if you’re going to accept a shift, just make sure you show up on time as well as show up on the days you promise.

As a last note, you must work at least 12 hours per calendar month to stay active in the system.

Pay Rate and Benefits

Amazon starts these positions at $15 per hour, but you can make more per shift if there’s a bonus.  For example, if you look closely at the graphic I posted above, there was a $1 peak pay, which means if you were to grab that shift, it would at $1 to your hourly rate.   Also, on holidays, you can earn $22.50+ per hour.

This position does offer benefits, but it’s only available to permanent employees.  401K enrollment is the only option available to seasonal employees.  As for permanent employees, you may be entitled to the following:

  • employee discount code
  • employee assistant program
  • opportunity to apply for the MTR program, which is the ability to pick up additional hours and ability to work longer shifts

Also, the more hours you work per calendar month, the high you can move up in the ranks.  For example, a silver super user works more than 80+ hours a month and at least four weekend days.  These users can receive branded swag.  If you work more than 90+ hours in a month, including six weekend days, then you can be upgraded to a gold super user, which allows you to access the scheduling early.

Pay cycle is weekly and will be deposited by Friday via direct deposit, which you will set up prior to your first day on the job.  You can check your pay statement inside your job account.

The Reviews

And, to sum it up, I checked out the reviews for this particular position and found it to be okay.  More than 750+ Glassdoor reviewers gave the position a 3.4/5, which I deem to be average.  Reading the reviews, here’s what the people said, both good and bad.

The Pros

  • good pay
  • flexible schedule
  • earn PTO
  • 401K option
  • easy work
  • great if you like to be independent
  • good exercise

The Cons

  • can be hard to get shifts at some stores (many gone within seconds)
  • strict attendance policy
  • no real room for career growth
  • can be repetitive after a while
  • no guaranteed hours
  • hard to talk to support

Final Thoughts

If you like the idea of a flexible job and grocery shopping, it’s one to consider, as long as you have a Whole Foods nearby.  I have found that they hire quite a bit, but if not, you can always set up a notification.  Just remember that if you do apply, you will have to work at least 12 hours per month, which isn’t all that much.

What makes this job stick out is that you don’t have to deliver the groceries, which can help keep your miles low or keep you at ease knowing you don’t have to drive.  It’s easy to learn and you’re working with a very reputable company in Amazon.  Yes, it’s one you can trust and one that’s legitimate.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on what I have mentioned, you’re more than willing to comment in the section below.  Feel free to ask questions as well if need be.  Some people may be able to answer them if I can’t.

And, one last thing, if you like the idea of grocery shopping and getting paid, be sure to check out my personal grocery shopping jobs guide.

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