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Personal Grocery Shopping Jobs (Some Hire Quickly!)

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Not everyone loves and/or wants to grocery shop, believe it or not.

Whether it’s not having the time to do so or wanting to avoid the crowds, everyone has their reasoning.

And, for whatever the reason may be, many people often turn to third-party services/apps to have others grocery shop for them.  This is where you can come into the picture and make money.

In today’s technological advanced world, you can make money in your spare time grocery shopping for others by simply using an app.  That’s it.

Whether you want to do it a few hours a week, part-time or even full-time, there’s an opportunity for you, and it’s not unheard of to make $500+ a week in doing so.  And, the great thing about all of these options is that you can work whenever you want!  As you’re considered an independent contractor, you get to choose the jobs you want to complete as well as when you want to work.  This is what makes the gig economy so great.

On the downside, however, you will be responsible for everything, from your vehicle’s wear and tear to filing your taxes come tax time.  It’s not as bad as you think, but it’s just important that you’re smart with your job choices as everything you make isn’t a 100% profit.  As long as you’re smart with your spending and saving, it won’t be hard to make some cash.

So, if you love the idea of grocery shopping and getting paid to do so, then strap in because I’m going to show the many companies that want to hire you today.

In the section below, I will talk about the many apps that are hiring right now as well as what they are all about.  Linked below each section will be an application if interested.

Personal Grocery Shopping Jobs


Out of all the options I list, I would have to say Instacart is one of the largest, and quite possibly the best, app to work for.  There many other apps like Instacart, however, I don’t think many come close.

Instacart offers two options if interested;  an “in-store shopper” or “full-service shopper.”

As an “in-store shopper,” you simply shop for groceries and don’t have to deliver.  You will receive a list of items that need to be pulled and that’s it.  This is great if you just want to shop, bag them and that’s it.

The other option, known as a “full-service shopper,” is a position that does it all, from finding the groceries, bagging them and delivering them to the customers at the time noted in your app.  You get to choose the role you want during the application process.  This option seems to be the most popular and pays out the most.

Like almost all of these apps I’m about to mention, you will schedule the hours you want to work, and you get to choose the jobs as they pop up on your dashboard.  It will look something like this when an offer is sent your way while you’re on the clock…

On each offer that’s presented to you, it will show the earnings estimate, how many items you will need to buy and how far away the customer/s is from the store if you have to deliver.  As an independent contractor, you get to choose the jobs that make sense to you.

If interested in joining as an Instacart shopper, they do ask that you’re at least 18+ years old, have consistent access to a vehicle and be able to work in the United States.  You will also need either an up-to-date iPhone or Android phone.

As a shopper, you can earn up to $22+ per hour, as indicated on the official website, but this will greatly depend on your location.  To see more accurate numbers, I would recommend checking out the salaries posted on

Refer to the many awesome YouTube videos or this subreddit to learn more about what the company is about from a shoppers angle.


Shipt is a smaller on-demand grocery shopping app in comparison to Instacart and is only available in certain geographical regions, so be sure to see where they operate before considering.  But, nonetheless, it’s an option if you want to grocery shop for others.

Bought out by Target in 2017, they do continue to expand, so who knows?  They may be larger than Instacart in the future.

As an independent contractor with the app, you get to set your own schedule as well as which area you want to work.  It’s pretty flexible.

During your shift, you can claim any jobs you see on your dashboard, so it will work a pinch differently than Instacart that sends offers directly to your phone.  It should look something like this…

As you can see, you will be able to see where you have to shop as well as how many products you will have to buy, the time it will take as well as the estimated pay before a tip is applied.  This list will always change, so it’s important to keep refreshing to receive even more offers.

The great thing about the app is that you can often group your jobs, simply meaning you can do more than one job at once, greatly increasing your pay.

As a shopper, you must be at least 18 years old, have a valid U.S license, a reliable vehicle newer than 1997 and an iPhone/Android smartphone.  If approved as a shopper, it is said that you can make up to $22+ an hour.  As with all apps, this greatly depends on your geographical region and how you select your jobs.


I have mentioned TaskRabbit quite a few times, such as in my odd ways to make money and how to make quick money in one day posts.  Check them out when you get a chance as there’s a ton of great information there.

In a nutshell, TaskRabbit is a marketplace where you can help others with just about anything, from grocery shopping to assembling furniture.  If people need help with just about anything, they will create a listing.

As an independent contractor, you get to choose the jobs you want and the hours you want to work.  So, if you just wanted to help someone grocery shop, then you could do so.

To become a “Tasker,” you need to register online, attend an info session, and if approved, you can gain access to the app, wherein you can start accepting jobs in your city.


As  “Postmates Fleet Driver,” you can deliver groceries to people in your area if you so choose.

Let it be known, though, that Postmates isn’t always grocery shopping as they work in other industries as well, such as restaurants, retail and even alcohol delivery.  Restaurants tend to be most of the job opportunities.

Most of the time, no matter what job you accept, you will have to place the order/shop and deliver the order to the customer once you’re finished.

It isn’t my favorite app out of all of them, but they do offer some grocery shopping opportunities if that’s what you’re looking for.  Don’t expect much with this app as most drivers barely can crack $15+ an hour.

To learn more about this platform, I encourage you to check out the many Postmates videos on YouTube from fellow drivers and even this informative Postmates subreddit.


Favor is another app similar to that of Postmates.

It isn’t 100% grocery shopping jobs, but you can find grocery shopping runs here and there.  On this app, you will deliver anything customers need, from dry cleaning to groceries.  The app wants you to consider yourself more as a personal assistant.

As a runner, you can work whenever you want as they work around your schedule.  You will always receive 100% of your tips, and the company notes that the average runner makes anywhere from $10 to $18+ per hour.

To qualify, you should have a clean record, reliable transportation, have an iPhone or Android phone, and be at least 18 years old.  You can follow the link below for more information.


Peapod isn’t as popular of a grocery delivery service in comparison to the other options, but it’s one to consider.  The only downfall is that they are located in the Midwest, and it appears you have to apply for a job, meaning you won’t have the freedom like the many apps I already mentioned.  According to the website, it appears they serve 23+ U.S. markets with more than 50+ million customers served.

If interested in delivering groceries and don’t mind working when told, the careers page seems to always have delivery driver positions posted, some of which pay some hefty bonuses.  I have seen some as high as $2,500!

Refer to the official careers page linked below to see if any openings are available in your area.  The average wage appears to be $14+ an hour.

Check Job Boards/Craigslist

Consider checking out the Craigslist “Gigs” section and/or a job board, such as Indeed or, to see if you can find any local grocery store shopping gigs.

In some cases, you may find a local grocery store that needs help part-time or even an individual who may need help once a week.

For instance, when I checked out Indeed in my local area, I found that Walmart and even a smaller grocery store needed an online personal shopper.  This gig required you to shop for items people ordered online and wouldn’t require any traveling.  You will find that most of your grocery stores nowadays need online personal shoppers to help meet the demand for online shopping.  If you don’t mind working part or even full-time, it could be a great opportunity.

The number of jobs you find will greatly depend on where you live, like anything, but expect a lot more opportunity in a larger city than a rural area.

Check Your Grocery Store’s Website

This kind of touches upon the job board method, but I wanted to throw this idea out there as well since there are hundreds of grocery store chains out there.

Try to think of the many grocery store chains in your area and head to their official website to see if they have a careers section.  If they do (they should), simply browse through the listings to see if there’s anything mentioned about grocery delivery.

For instance, when I did this for a local grocery store chain near me, I found this…

You may not always find something, but’s at least worth a shot.  If you do, most of these gigs are part- or full-time, so be prepared to work according to a schedule.  This isn’t always the case, however.

Common Questions Answered

How much does a personal shopper make?

There are a few factors in answering this question, so it’s hard to give an exact number.  But, as an estimate, be prepared to make anywhere from $12 to $25+ per hour gross.  This won’t include any additional expenses, such as your gas, wear/tear, etc.  How much you make depends on when you work, where you work, how well you do your job and what you spend in expenses.

How do I qualify?

In my research, almost every app/company has the same requirements.  You will need to be at least 18+, have a clean driving/criminal record, proof of insurance, a reliable car and an iPhone or Android phone.  If you meet these qualifications, you will not have a problem getting accepted.

What is expected of me?

It all depends on which app/company you sign up for.  Some jobs require you to shop and bag the groceries up, while some apps require you to everything from shopping to the delivering.  Before you start or even accept a job, you should go through some sort of training that will explain what’s expected of you.  As long as you can read a shopping list and know your produce, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Final Thoughts

If you want to deliver groceries for someone else and get paid for it, then let it be known that it can be done, as you can see.

From working on your own, whenever you please, to working full-time for an employer, it’s entirely possible to make some good cash in doing so, no matter which option you choose.

In the end, plan on making anywhere from $10 to $25+ an hour before any expenses are deducted, such as your wear and tear, taxes and gas.

Again, how much you make in a week really depends on the market.  Only you can figure that one out as your city could be much different than mine.  Usually, a quick search online, either via Google or YouTube, can get you an okay idea as to what other people are making as well as how busy your market can be.  You can even join local Facebook Groups to see what other people are saying around your market.

For now, consider the many options I mentioned above and see if any work for you.  Just make sure they operate in your city and you meet the qualifications.  As long as you do, you shouldn’t have a hard time being accepted as these apps accept almost anyone, as long as conditions are met, in no time.

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