14+ Apartment Mystery Shopping Companies

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In the past, we have covered telephone mystery shopping, hotel mystery shopping and even mystery shopping in general.  There are a lot of mystery shopping companies out there, many of which work in specific industries.

If you like the idea of working undercover as a shopper and getting paid to complete the many tasks you may already do, such as grocery shopping, then it’s something to consider.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the many companies that pay you to visit/call apartments and report your findings.  It can range from calling an apartment to check availability to visiting a corporate apartment complex to see how clean it looks, etc.  The jobs vary.  Like all mystery shopping jobs, you will know what’s expected of you before you start the job.

All of the companies mention below are 100% legitimate to join and only take a few minutes to do so.  As always, I’m 100% honest in what I promote.

Apartment Mystery Shopping Companies

  • NOTE:  I went ahead and created a profile for each company I found.  Feel free to follow the link to an application page if you’re interested in joining the company mentioned.


Jancyn is a mystery shopping company that offers the tools necessary for partner companies to make informed decisions regarding the right strategy to take for the betterment of their property management business. Jancyn provides independent and credible assessors who possess the training in leasing experience and can present themselves as ideal rental prospects. Jancyn assessors are highly trained in resolving obstacles that can affect an objective and equitable appraisal of a leasing consultant’s proficiency. A potential resident’s initial experience with a leasing consultant has been shown to be a powerful element in making the “buying” decision. Thus, the sales techniques of a leasing consultant from the get-go is crucial to achieve a lucrative bottom line. With its customer satisfaction feedback research and performance evaluation programs, Jancyn provides qualitative and quantitative data collected from employee performance measurement tools, all aimed at achieving positive customer experience, ultimately driving improvement for your business.


From the initial inquiry to the onsite visit, right up to closing and follow-up communication, BestMark apartment mystery shoppers have assisted real estate businesses in achieving improved employee satisfaction and service as well as better customer experience. In the property business, first impressions are fundamental to a prospective resident’s decision-making process. How leasing consultants handle everything from the first phone call to closing plays a vital role in the survival of your property leasing business. BestMark has just the right tools and programs that your business needs to provide incomparable value that ensures maximum occupancy. One of BestMark’s programs is a proprietary behaviors-based survey format that enables you to review the actual circumstances from when a prospect gets in touch with your leasing consultant to all aspects associated with the process. These surveys are designed using a customized methodology that lets you know of your consultants’ interactions with prospects.


Ellis mystery shoppers are the secret tools of apartment management companies that want to ensure they achieve their bottom line. Since 1984, Ellis has been a specialist in apartment mystery shopping in the country, having completed more than 600,000 shops in all 50 states. At Ellis Mystery Shoppers, independent contractors are trained and hired to secretly “shop” and assess the conduct and character of onsite leasing agents. They then fill out a report relating their entire experience, complete with details about chances for improvement. Anyone who wants to join the Ellis team can fill out the online application and Independent Contractor agreement to start their mystery shopping career. Ellis offers an online tutorial to help aspirants better understand the different facets of mystery shopping. Following the tutorial, Ellis mystery shoppers can choose from available mystery shop contracts that fit their schedule, review the contract specifications, and start “shopping.”

Remington Evaluations

Remington Evaluations Mystery Shopping Services is a mystery shopping company that specializes in the apartment industry and offers on-site evaluations services for a wide range of properties, ranging from rental units to assisted living facilities. Through the company’s mystery shopping reports and surveys, property management companies can gain quick, accurate and detailed information about the performance of their leasing consultants. Surveys can even be customized to meet unique client needs. With the detailed mystery shopping reports, specific areas that require improvement can immediately be given attention so as to resolve issues facing the property management business. With that, residents will be able to obtain the service they deserve and the bottom line can then be achieved.


When it comes to customer service in the field of property management, Imyst Apartment Mystery Shopping Solutions prides itself as a pioneer, offering cutting-edge solutions for clients in the apartment mystery shopping business as well as in other industries. With a goal to further diversity, the company continues its endeavor to provide exceptional customer service programs that make use of advanced technologies to enhance customer experience and exceed client expectations. Whether it is about processing appointments, property tours, closing and follow-ups, the company’s mystery shopping solutions help a property management business to acquire information about its leasing agents, their character and strong points, and if they are following the sales process to a T. Through the company’s programs, clients can obtain a better understanding of their customer servie that will eventually propel their success in the field.

Apartment Shoppe

Apartment Shoppe is an apartment and self-storage mystery shopping services provider that offer independent contractors the chance to earn money through apartment mystery shopping. Apartment Mystery shoppers present themselves as everyday customers and interact with leasing agents or consultants to evaluate their performance and competency. With effective mystery shoppers, a property management businesses can improve customer service and subsequently increase occupancy through properly-trained employees who will learn how to ask questions, listen to their potential residents, deal with objections, and make follow-up and close sales. For clients, Apartment Shoppe provides customizable written and audible performance eveluations necessary to attain better proficiency. The company also offers evaluations of the competitor to find out if the leasing staff can perform the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor.

Reality Based Group

If you are working in the property management industry, then you are aware of how important it is to give prospective residents the best experience right from the start. Reality Based Group (RBG), a property management/apartment mystery shopping company for over twenty years, offers the solutions designed just for the satisfaction of potential as well as current residents and, ultimately, revenue increase. Through its closed-loop process, RBG enables its partners to promote constant improvements through a variety of customized solutions such as video, written, and phone mystery shopping options, in addition to customer satisfaction surveys. All these tailored programs are designed to meet the precise needs and goals of each and every RBG partner.

Website:  Reality Based Group


Edge2Learn provides employee training and development for property management companies that want to have an edge over their competition. With its core principle of educating and empowering employees, Edge2Learn enables improvement in employee performance through a blended learning philosophy, with the goal of helping employees achieve their full potential. With its strategic partner, Ellis Partners in Management Solutions, Edge2Learn offers property management companies the ability to monitor the leasing performance of their staff and evaluate it against company standards and with the performance of the competition. Through Ellis’ mystery shops and their shopping techniques, leasing agents and staff will discover what processes they need to improve on and what they need to learn.

Lease Up

Mystery shopping is a well-known method of assessing a leasing agent’s quality of service, degree of urgency, achievements during training, and overall customer experience with a potential or current resident. Lease Up offers such mystery shopping services, providing trained and experienced mystery shoppers to help property management companies make sure that their goals are being met by their agents or consultants. These undetectable mystery shoppers go through with the sales process together with a leasing consultant and create a report afterwards. This broad report will typically detail the evaluations on telephone skills, greeting and qualifying characteristics, while the final report will lay out the comprehensive scoring and remarks about the mystery shopper’s first-hand experience with the leasing agent’s presentation.

Website:  Lease Up

Mystery Shop Forum

Mystery Shop Forum is an online community where mystery shoppers meet, inform, and help each other. Apartment mystery shopping, a popular topic in the forum, shows several discussions ranging from mystery shopper job postings, information about potential contracts in various locations with descriptions about the jobs, and a range of apartment shop options that interested individuals can review. Postings include onsite tour shops and virtual apartment tour shops. Also offered are openings for evaluating apartment communities. An apartment mystery shop usually includes calling an apartment community, scheduling an appointment, visiting the site, taking a tour, and making inquiries about an apartment. Apartment mystery shops can either be video or non-video shops while some may require recorded phone calls.


If you want to know how your leasing teams are doing in terms of meeting your sales goals for your property management business, then you will want to obtain pertinent information that will give you an accurate idea about how your onsite representatives are implementing your system that’s targeted at attaining full occupancy. Edge2Learn through its strategic partner, Ellis Partners in Management Solutions, will provide you with a suite of training options that include tools and resources that will improve your strengths and help you to identify and take on opportunities to improve your business. Mystery shopping by Edge2Learn and Ellis also features solutions designed to convert online prospects to onsite tours, objective feedback and assessment on leasing performance, and evaluation of apartment leasing techniques, to name a few.

Sales, Inc.

Sales, Inc. knows how crucial the role of a leasing agent is in the success of a property management business. Leasing agents are at the forefront, the first point of contact for potential residents. With this in mind, Sales, Inc. offers mystery shopping services that help property owners improve the performance of their on-site staff. Sales, Inc. mystery shoppers observe and evaluate the presentation of a leasing agent. Through a tested process, the shoppers record the agent’s performance during their first conversation, to the meeting, the apartment visit, the follow-up communication, right up until the decision is made. If required, the experience can be captured on video, thereby, showing the leasing agent’s conduct while attending to a potential resident. In addition to all these, Sales, Inc. provides their clients access to a variety of tools, training and resources needed to make significant changes in areas that need improvement.

Cirrus Marketing

Cirrus Marketing Intelligence is a customer experience management/mystery shopping company that helps its partners maintain the right business image through a range of standards and solutions. Anaheim, California-based Cirrus Marketing Intelligence, a member of Mystery Shoppers Providers Association, works as a broker and consultants for mystery shopping, serving top apartment management companies in the United States and Canada. As a member of a group that upholds high ethical and professional standards, Cirrus prides itself as having access to a vast array of information that allows it to be a top performer in the industry. Among the solutions that Cirrus offers its clients are ongoing trainings, rewards programs, a quality assurance system, on top of its set standards designed to improve company image.

Shoppers’ Critique International

Shoppers’ Critique International (SCI) is a provider of mystery shopping evaluation services offering a number of solutions aimed at improving the quality of its clients’ customer service. With a history of over 40 years serving the industry, SCI’s solutions range from onsite mystery shopping, to online mystery shopping, phone mystery shopping, retail pricing evaluations, and virtual reality training. A Reality Based Group (RBG) company since 2016, SCI enables its clients to get access to RBG’s suite of products as well. SCI’s mystery shopping strategy encompasses the following: building a comprehensive strategy; collecting, managing, and monitoring results to deliver objective, actionable data that identifies key points for improvement; driving quality staff performance by coaching to a standard across all employees; and, engaging customers more effectively.

Final Thoughts

There you have it.  14+ apartment mystery shopping companies that are almost always hiring mystery shoppers.

These jobs are open to all U.S. residents older than 18+ years old.  And, as long as you can put your thoughts into words and your grammar/spelling is okay, then you shouldn’t have a hard time making money.

As always, if I’m missing any options or you want to comment on a company mention, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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Stephanie Richmond

Hi! My name is Stephanie, and I reside in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area with my three boys and husband. I have worked in the finance industry for almost a decade now and still do to this day.


  • Actually, I believe I have been scammed by Remington Evaluations and I have documented evidence and an email trail in my defense. Between December 2021 and January 2022, I was assigned and completed four mystery shops for Remington Evaluations for which I was owed $150 total. This was agreed in writing. I provided the invoice which was acknowledged by the owner, Sarah Leeke. Sarah sent me a check for only $10. I was confused so I reached out to her again via email. She denied ever receiving an invoice for the full amount of $150 so I resent her the invoice for the balance of $140 (deducted the $10 she paid). Sarah then acknowledged the invoice via email and agreed to pay me the balance of $140 I was owed. She then sent me details about how checks are sent out once a week and I should allow up to two weeks to receive my check. I waited two weeks and no check ever came in the mail. I sent an email to update her of this and she did not reply. I sent another follow-up email two weeks later and she did not reply. It has now been a month and a half since she notified me that the check was sent and I have not received my check. She also is not replying to my emails. Based on this, I have reason to believe I am being scammed.

  • Hi Stephanie, thank you for putting this together. This is Vicki at
    I hope you are a shopper with us because we often have apartment shops in your area. If you don’t mind, can you please correct the spelling so potential shoppers can link to our website. Thank you again!