AppNana App Review: Why Is It Highly Rated?

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At the time of this review, AppNana is one of the most popular rewards apps on the App Store.  It’s one that pays you to download free apps and earn what’s known as “Nanas,” the in-game currency.  They even reward you just for coming back every day.  You can then exchange these Nanas for rewards such as gift cards and prizes.

While the app won’t make you rich, it could make you a few dollars a week, maybe more, depending on how often you use it as well as how many friends you invite.

Today, the app has more than 10,000,000 downloads with a decent 4.1/5 rating.  With this kind of popularity, I wanted to download it and see if it’s worthy of being one of the best mobile reward apps.

As always, I’m 100% honest with any review I do, never misleading you in any way.  If you have ever read anything I have done, you know I’m straight to the point and don’t promote any garbage.  With that out of the way, let’s dive in and see what the AppNana app has to offer.

Signing Up

AppNana will let you browse the entire dashboard without signing up right after you download; however, in order to save your progress, they do ask that you register an account.

To register an account, all they ask for is an email and password, that’s it.  The process takes no more than 30 seconds, and after doing so, you can get started ASAP.

At the moment, AppNana is only available as an app, either via the Google Play or iOS store.  You must be at least 18+ years old to join.

After you sign up, you can gain access to the dashboard to start earning.

Earning Nanas

To earn Nanas, the premise is simple: just follow the prompts and earn what’s mentioned.  You will find all of the opportunities inside of the “Get Nanas” tab.

So, for example, the screenshot above is only a bit of what I could do, but it should give you an idea as to what to expect.

On the left side is the app’s name, and below it, you will see what you will have to do to earn the Nanas, which are noted on the right side.  The Forge of Empires game, for example, could earn you +22,500 Nanas if you play and reach the Iron Age to get points.

Now, some apps will be straightforward, as all you will be asked to do is download the app and that’s it; however, some apps, such as that Forge of Empires game, will require you to do a particular task, which, oftentimes, can be confusing.  In the Forge of Empires case, what is the Iron Age?  How long does it take to get there?  You may find that it takes a few hours to get there, and the time invested isn’t worth it. This is why it’s important to research the app before downloading it and wasting your time.

AppNana is always adding new apps to the list, but I have found over the past few months that the list has dwindled, and the apps are getting harder to do.  However, this doesn’t mean the trend will continue.  Keep checking the app frequently to see what they added.

Videos Can Help You Earn… Maybe

Another thing I wanted to mention is that AppNana will earn you Nanas for watching videos, which are usually 30 to 60-second ads.  Near, the bottom of the “Get Nanas” tab, you should see something that looks like this:

Watch an ad and the app will randomly give you points, usually about 5 Nanas, which isn’t worth much at all.  To put it in perspective, you would have to watch 6,000 videos to earn $1.  And, no, it’s not a misprint.

I would avoid this option unless you desperately need the money.


So, let’s get onto the great stuff — the rewards.

At the time of this review, the company offers the following reward options.

  • Amazon (starts at $1)
  • Google Play (starts at $10)
  • iTunes (starts at $2)
  • Steam (starts at $20)
  • Xbox (starts at $10)
  • Game currencies including Madden, NBA2K, FIFA, and GTA  (starts at $3)

They don’t have a ton of options but seeing the best options are usually Amazon or PayPal, you can at least know you can cash out for $1 via Amazon.  This was accurate at the time of review, and of course, they may add to it later.

All payments are sent out within 48 hours when you redeem a gift card/gift option.

How Much Are Nanas Worth?

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t use the traditional one point equals a penny approach.  Instead, they have to use confusing math, which makes your Nanas seem worth much more than they are.

In reality, your Nanas are worth more if you wait to cash out for a larger reward.

For example, a $1 Amazon card will cost you 30,000 Nanas, however, if you were to choose a $10 card, it would only cost you 160,000.  If you continued to cash out for $1 cards, you could be missing out on about $5 in gift cards if you were to wait for that $10 option.

In the end, every 30,000 Nanas is worth at least $1.  It’s hard to give an estimate since the longer you wait, the more it’s worth.  If you’re willing to wait until a $10 gift card, then your Nanas are worth $0.0000625, but if you were to cash out at $1, each one is worth  $0.00003.  That’s almost half the value.

If you are going to use this app, I highly recommend you wait until you reach at least $10 in rewards to make it worth your time.

The Pros:

  • Redemptions only start at $1
  • Some apps are very easy to download and earn Nanas
  • You can earn more Nanas (2,500) by inviting friends and family (don’t spam)

The Cons:

  • Some apps take a long time to reach the milestones (be sure to know what’s expected of you)
  • You will not earn a ton of cash, maybe a few dollars a month
  • It’s only a mobile app, no desktop version is available

Final Thoughts

4/10AppNana has a decent rating on both iTunes and the Google Play stores, however, I don’t see how it lives up to a 4+ rating since it will take an eternity to earn a few dollars.  Sure, while you can earn some cash, it’s going to take forever just to earn $2.  I guess if you’re cool with that, then download it, but I feel there are much better ways to use your time, such as these survey apps.  Frankly, this app isn’t going to be worth much of your time.

In the end, I don’t really recommend it, but if you do download it, they are a legitimate company that pays out. Just let it be known that it’s not the best app to make money on your phone.  As long as you have that mindset, you won’t be too frustrated with it.

That wraps it up.

As always, feel free to comment on the app below.  I always like hearing from you.  Thanks for stopping by!

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