9 Apps Just Like Field Agent

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If you have the Field Agent app, you may be enjoying it enough that you’re looking for apps that work just like it.  The good news is that there are apps like Field Agent, however, I don’t feel they are as good as Field Agent itself.  However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check these alternatives out, as they can make you some money.

And, if you’re unfamiliar with Field Agent, it’s an app that pays you to visit a local retailer and perform a variety of tasks, including taking pictures of a display, buying a product to test it or even communicating with an employee while staying undercover.  You can just open the list of jobs and perform them whenever you please.  These jobs don’t pay much, maybe $3 to $15 at most, but it can add up if you perform a few jobs while out and about.  It definitely won’t replace your day job, but I have found that I can earn about $50~ a month if I turn it out whenever I’m out and about.  If you want to learn more about the app, you can read my review here.

Listed below are a few of my favorite Field Agent alternatives.  Again, I don’t feel they are as popular, but they are worth checking out. Remember, the number of jobs you see will greatly depend on your geographical location.

Apps Like Field Agent


Out of all the apps I talk about on this list, I would have to say Gigwalk is the closest to Field Agent, as it works in the same way.  With Gigwalk, all you need to do is download the app and then find jobs near you, which show on a map.  Most jobs are similar to that of Field Agent, such as audits, etc, and they pay up to $10+, sometimes more.  To learn more about it, be sure to check out the review I created in the past.


Shopkick is one that doesn’t pay as much as Field Agent, but it’s one that I want to add to the list.  With Shopkick, you can earn “kicks,” the app’s currency to walk into stores, scan certain barcodes and upload your receipts.  The jobs pay much more, but in some cases, a retailer may have 20+ smaller jobs available. Nonetheless, it’s an app that you can consider when out and about to earn some extra cash.


Mobee will pay you to secret shop and dine at your favorite places.  Open up the app, pick a business that pops up and then answer the questions within the mission.  It’s almost identical to Field Agent and has a decent 4.2/5 rating.  I have found it not to be as popular in terms of jobs, but this will greatly depend on where you live.  Your results will vary.


Observa has more than 100,000 secret shoppers, who perform many of the jobs you see on Field Agent, from taking pictures to answering some questions while out and about.  All jobs pay out via PayPal or Bitcoin (Coinbase) and can be the perfect way to save up for something special or a dinner date.  Most gigs take about 20 minutes on average to complete and will pay up to $20.  Payments are made with 72 hours in most cases.


EasyShift is one I have written about before.  And, much like Field Agent, the app works in a similar way, listing the many stores near you that have small jobs available.  This can range from taking a picture of an endcap to answering simple questions.  Most jobs take about 15 minutes and you can be paid 48 hours after requesting a payout via PayPal.  No experience is necessary, and you can get started immediately.

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Secret Shopper

The Secret Shopper app is one of my favorite mystery shopping app.  You can view the many mystery shopping jobs in your area and see what’s expected of you.  In comparison to the Field Agent app, the jobs are much more detailed, but the jobs are still pretty simple to do.  These jobs can range from ordering a burger at a local fast food place and taking a picture to talking to a sales representative at a local retailer.  This is one of the most popular mystery shopping apps that seems to have the most work at any given time.


BeMyEye is a very popular app with more than two million people using it.  Like Field Agent, you can complete “missions,” which will show up on the map.  This can include checking to see if products are in stock or taking pictures, to name a few.  Just read what’s expected of you and accept it if it seems of interest.  Go to the location and follow the instructions to then complete the mission.  Most jobs pay about $4 to $11+.


GigSpot is an app that connects you with mystery shopping and market research companies.  Sign up for the app and you can immediately access your dashboard, where you can see the type of jobs, the pay as well as when you can start working.  Keep in mind that in many cases, you will have to connect an account with another mystery shopping company in order for it to work.  If any of the jobs are of interest, click on it and perform the job according to the instructions to get compensated.


Shiftsmart is a pinch different as you will mostly be doing jobs for the day.  And, when I say jobs, it’s not your take a picture and leave.  It’s more of a work at a warehouse or coffee shop for a shift.  While the app does have jobs similar to that of Field Agent, I have found the offerings posted here to be geared toward your traditional job.  You can make up to $75 a shift, much more than you can find on the Field Agent app.  This is a newer app, and the number of jobs posted will greatly depend on your geographical location.

Final Thoughts

If you want an app just like Field Agent, there are a few, as you can see.  All of the apps mentioned above work in the say way, where you will be asked to visit a local retailer/restaurant and answer a few questions and/or take some pictures.  You won’t make much, but it could pay for a lunch or two.

For now, all of these apps are 100% free to download, so what I recommend is that you add each one to your phone and see how they work in your area.  Since the number of jobs greatly varies on your geographical location, you may find one app to be better than another.  Worst case, if the app deems to be a dud, just delete it and be done with it.

That does it for now.

As always, if you have an app you want to recommend or maybe you want to comment on what I noted, you’re more than welcome to comment below.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  • Tom, I just read the information you have provided and I wanted you to know that I think you did a fantastic job of providing alternatives to field agent and gave detailed information about how they worked and what to expect. Thank you!!!