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Non-Biased EasyShift App Review: $10/Task?

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NOTE:  The app now seems to be out of service.  This is up for archive purposes.

The EasyShift app is said to connect you with work at stores near you, similar to that of the many “on-demand” working apps such as Field Agent and Gigwalk.  They claim you can get paid to shop, eat and even explore your city, which sounds pretty good, right?

Apparently, all you need to do is download the app, pick out a job of interest and work it to get paid for the specified amount, some of which pay more than $10+ per gig.  Most of these jobs, however, don’t pay a ton, but it could be a great way to earn a few dollars in your spare time.  Don’t expect to quit your day job.

As there are a ton of apps like this on the market, the true question is if it’s worth joining.  That’s where I can help.

With all of the reviews you read here, they are always non-biased, non-sponsored and spill it as it is.  It’s 100% honest, and I would NEVER recommend something I wouldn’t use.   Everything I recommend I personally use and can comfortably promote knowing you can get just as much value from it.

So, if you’re thinking about downloading the EasyShift app, then you should at least read what I have found out first in my EasyShift review.

EasyShift App Review:  Worth the Download?

What is EasyShift?

EasyShift is operated by Quri, Inc., a company that’s said to help improve “in-store execution.”  The company in itself provides retail intelligence and analytics services, helping brands and retailers measure and optimize the exact shopper experience, maximizing in-store product revenue, and profitability.

Like a few apps, such as Field Agent and Gigwalk, EasyShift workers are often responsible for smaller jobs at local retailers, usually consisting of taking pictures and/or filling out surveys.  I will talk about this later.  Most of the time, a brand often wants to know if their shelving meets standards and/or items are in stock as they should be, for instance.

The company was founded in 2009 and is based in San Fransico, California.

Signing Up

As with any app, if you want to start using EasyShift, you will first be asked to create an account.

During this process, the app asked for a username, email, and password, and the entire process took less than one minute.   In order to sign up, it appears you need to use a device supported by EasyShift and you must have the capability to receive text messages.  You must also be at least 18+ years old.

After you complete the simple registration, EasyShift will quickly explain how the app works in three simple steps as well as ask you to confirm your PayPal address as this is the only method of payment.  You will also be asked to share your location so that they can show you any jobs near your GPS location.   This is mandatory in order for the app to work properly, so it’s important you do not say no.

How Does EasyShift Work?

The app is extremely easy to use, and as long as you can follow directions, I don’t see why you can’t make a few dollars with it.

To use, simply open the map on your app and search for any jobs of interest.  By default, the app will go directly to the map, and your map will look something like this on the app…

If there are any jobs available, then you should see a pin that you can click on.  The gray color means the job is reserved but it hasn’t been completed yet, while the green dots mean the job is active and you can reserve it.   Click on the dot of interest and you will see more information as noted in my screenshot above there.

So, if I were to click on that “Yogurt Aisle Hunt” job for $6, this is what it would look like…


On this page, I can see the location, how far it is from me as well as how much it will pay me.  In this case, it says that it will take about 33 minutes to complete and I will get $6 plus 40 points for my time.  You will want to look at this closely to make sure it’s worth your time.  You wouldn’t want to drive 10 miles to earn $5 for 30 minutes of your time.  That just doesn’t make financial sense.

Aside from the payout, you will also be able to view a simple description, which, in this case, just says that “you will be looking for several Yogurt aisles within the store.”   Basically, what I had to do is go throughout the entire grocery store and take pictures of any yogurt display I could find.

If you like everything about the job, then you can click on the “Reserve Shift” button to hold it for the allotted time, which, in this example, would be 12 hours.  Most jobs have a reservation time of 24 hours or less.

How many jobs are there?

The number of jobs you can apply for greatly depends on where you live, but from what I did research, it doesn’t appear to be much, maybe a few at best.

I live in a fairly populated area with more than 200,000+ people living in my city.  Looking at my screenshot above, I only had one pin within 10 miles of me — not good!  I kept playing around with it for the week and continued to only see a pin here or there, but again, it could be different in your area.

In the end, if you live in a less populated area, I wouldn’t expect much, maybe 2 to 5 jobs at most.

How much can I make?

It appears that you can make anywhere from $5 to $10~ per job, all of which takes about 30 minutes to complete, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Not only can you earn cash for completion, but you can earn points as well.

In short, plan on averaging no more than $20~ per hour, only if you’re able to complete more than one job at one store.

Working a Shift

If you do find a shift that you want to work and you successfully reserved it, it’s now time to head to that location within the reservation window time frame to complete it.  In most cases, the app will give you at least 12 hours to complete your shift, which is usually more than enough time to complete.  Some may offer less time depending on how fast they need you to complete it.  If you have enough points to do so, I would recommend you book as many shifts at the same store as possible to maximize your earning potential.

Once you’re ready, you will open your app, click on the “My Shifts” tab in the upper-right corner and click on the job you want to start.  Yes, you can reserve more than one job if you so choose, but this will depend on the number of points you have, but I will get into this shortly.  Once on the following page, as seen below, you can then click on “Start Shift” to begin.

In starting the job, you will then have to complete a series of tasks, which in the yogurt case, looked like this for me…

As you can see from the screenshot, I had to complete a series of five tasks, most of which was training me as to what the app wanted.  It’s very important that you follow these directions closely to ensure that you get paid at the end of your job.  I read a lot of bad reviews in regards to not getting paid as people didn’t pay attention and/or didn’t take the right photos.

As I mentioned, I had to walk around the entire store and take pictures of any yogurt aisle, ensuring that I got the entire section in multiple screenshots.  When I was done, I was then asked to take a picture of the storefront to complete my job.  Again, PAY attention to the directions to ensure that you get accepted.

After you complete the list of tasks, your job will be put into a pending status, where EasyShift will either approve or deny your job.  On average, this can take up to two business days to confirm,.

Getting Paid and the Points System

How much you make is self-explanatory as it’s right on your job description before you accept your job.  From what I saw, you should expect to earn anywhere from $5 to $10~ per 30-minute job, as mentioned, so if you could find two jobs at the same retailer, then $16+ an hour is very doable.

Once you submit your job, the company does ask that you wait up to two business days, and if your job is approved, payment will be sent to your PayPal address on file within 48 hours.

Aside from the money you can make, EasyShift also uses what’s known as a points system, giving you a certain number of points for every successful job you complete.  In my example above, for instance, I could earn 40 points after completion.

So, what are these points good for?

Basically, the more points you earn, the more shifts you can earn at once, with the most you can reserve being capped at 10.

As of this writing, here were the number of points you could earn as well as how many shifts you could reserve with each tier.

  • 0 points = 1 reservable shift
  • 25 points = 1 reservable shift
  • 75 points = 2 reservable shifts
  • 150 points = 3 reservable shifts
  • 300 points = 4 reservable shifts
  • 500 points = 5 reservable shifts
  • 700 points = 6 reservable shifts
  • 1000 points = 7 reservable shifts
  • 1500 points = 10 reservable shifts

If you plan on using the app, reserving more than one shift at a time could help, but it isn’t absolutely necessary.


A common complaint I read about this app is that a lot of people who often invest an hour of their time and then find out their job is denied.

According to the company, one of the main reasons your job will get rejected is due to the poor photo quality and/or they don’t mee the specific photo requirements as set in the description.  Sometimes, people don’t even get a response at all!

Aside from the poor photo quality, other reasons for rejection include submitting an incomplete shift, completing at the wrong address or submitting past the deadline.

Again, as long as you follow directions, you shouldn’t have a hard time getting your job approved.  If you have to, re-read the directions again and again to ensure you know what you should be doing.

What Others are Saying

When I first started researching the app, I noticed that the app had one of the poorest reviews out of most apps I usually review at a 2.9 out of 5 on the Google Play store.  Trust me, this isn’t good.

Many of the people complained about everything about getting rejected due to GPS problems to very poor customer support.  It appeared that if you didn’t follow the directions to a T, you would get denied.  There were quite a few complaints, but I did find some positive remarks as well, all of which I break down below.

The Pros

  • nice way to make a few bucks while out and out
  • $15+ an hour may be possible
  • work when you want
  • to some, it’s easy money
  • fast payment via PayPal

The Cons

  • lots of rejection stories
  • jobs not worth the time
  • have to invest a lot of time to earn a few dollars
  • not a lot of jobs
  • bad customer service
  • many reports of people getting kicked out of the store for taking pictures

Final Thoughts

I can promise you that EasyShift is 100% legitimate and will pay out, however, I wouldn’t recommend it to go out of your way to make cash.  The only way I would recommend this app is if you’re already going to the store anyway and are able to complete two or three jobs at once.  In this scenario, it could be worth your time.

Other than that, most jobs will only pay $5 to $8 per 30 minutes, and I read so many horror stories where people got denied, even if they followed the directions to a T.  To me, it isn’t worth investing my time, even if they were to pay me guaranteed.  If you factor in the gas, the time wasted and the hopes that they do approve you, I don’t really think it’s worth the few dollars an hour.

In the end, EasyShift seems to be a great concept, but it’s probably not worth your time.  Again, only consider it if you find yourself going to that store anyway, and, even in that regard, ask yourself if it’s worth the $5 to take pictures for 30 minutes.

In the meantime, if you like this concept, I highly recommend you check out Field Agent instead as it works in the same way, but the jobs are much easier, quicker to complete and your chances at getting approved are much greater.

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