Gigwalk Review: Testing It out Personally

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Gigwalk is one of the many popular apps that can make you money on the side, usually while you’re out and about.  It’s one I have mentioned multiple times, such as in my best side hustle apps and free money on PayPal posts.  You won’t get rich using it, but you could make a few extra dollars a month.

Personally, I have used it for years now, turning it on whenever I’m out and about to make a few dollars here and there.  The jobs are usually easy and a lot of times, I find them to be quite enjoyable and much different than the many other money-making apps.  I figured it was time to review it as you may be able to benefit from it.

Gigwalk Review:  Worth Your Time?

In today’s review, I wanted to share my Gigwalk experience as well as walk you through how the app works.  In the end, as in all of my reviews, I will share my honest thoughts as to what I think about the app.  I’m always non-biased, and I promise you that I won’t promote something I wouldn’t use.

If you want to make a few dollars on the side, all while using your phone, then the Gigwalk app may be one to consider.

Let’s begin!

What is Gigwalk?

Gigwalk is an app that shows smaller jobs that you can complete a local business.  In short, you’re doing smaller “gigs” for a set amount, such as taking pictures or answering questions about something located inside of a store.

Businesses come to this app to maintain quality of control of sorts.  From ensuring their stores are cleaned to products being displayed right, it’s your duty to help these businesses get the answers they need, usually by taking pictures and answering some questions.

As a “Gigwalker,” it’s your duty to follow the store’s instructions and then report back with your findings in the app.

Gigwalk was founded in 2010 by a group of Yahoo engineers who wanted to put the power of phones to work, helping brands identify and fix their issues.

Signing Up for Gigwalk

To sign up, you will first have to download the app, which can be done via the Google Play Store or iTunes.  Where you download it, of course, depends on the phone you have.

And, to qualify, Gigwalk is open to all countries, however, most jobs come from the United States and Canada.  While you can live outside these countries, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see too many jobs.

Once you download the app, Gigwalk will ask you to sign up as a “Gigwalker” to get started.

During this process, they simply ask you to enter your email and then confirm it to get started.  Upon confirming, you will then be prompted to enter your name as well as create a password so that you can log back in the future.

The entire process takes all of one minute to join.  After completing the entire registration process, you can immediately access your dashboard.

Gigwalk Dashboard

After you sign up, Gigwalk will walk you through the app, showing you how it works in a quick tutorial.  During this process, they will show you a lot of what I’m about to mention, but I recommend you at least check it out to become comfortable with the app.

When you do log in, this is what your dashboard will look like..

Here, you will be able to view your map, where the app pinpoints you, as well as the jobs available in your area, noted in a list below.  Every time you log into the app, just scroll through the jobs and see if any of interest.  If one does pique your interest, then you can click on it for more information.  You can also move the pin around to see jobs around the United States.

Available Gigs

Inside the available gigs section, you will be able to browse the location you need to visit, the address as well as the price you’re paid for the job.  It will also tell you how far that location is from your current phone’s location if you allowed it to view your phone’s current location.

In clicking on any gig, it will then take you a job description that looks something like this…

A lot of times, these job descriptions will be quite lengthy, so you must read them in its entirety so that you can get approved for the job.

So, for instance, with this job, I would have to be 21+ years old with a valid ID and must do my gig during “reasonable” hours without any minors brought in.  For the job itself, I would go into the store and make observations, answering a few questions.  I would also have to take a few pictures as per the gig details.

Generally, these gigs are straight-forward, but you will just need to make sure you read the descriptions in detail so that you can get approved.  As long as you can follow directions, you won’t have a problem getting paid.

NOTE:  Depending on your “Gigwalk Performance Score,” you can secure up to 30 gigs at once.  However, when you first start, you can only secure two at a time.  As you build your score, however, this can increase.

The Type of Jobs and Pay Ranges

Most of the gigs that you see on this app will involve going to a retailer location and then taking pictures of products, inspecting a display and/or answering questions based on what you see.

Everything you need to know will be noted in the job description as well as what’s expected of you as a Gigwalker.  Again, as long as you read through the description, you won’t have a hard time getting paid.

So, how much do these jobs pay?

Most of your jobs will pay anywhere between $4 to $10, but you will find some that pay north of $50.  The higher-paying jobs, however, could take more than two to three hours to complete.  For instance, in the past, I saw jobs paying more than $50, but I had to take pictures of more than 100+ items.  So, I could only imagine how long it would take to find these specific items and then take a picture of each.

Applying to a Gig

If you do want to apply to a gig, you will hit the apply button and then confirm when you can complete the gig.  Usually, they want it complete within 24 hours, but you can complete it within three hours if need be.  You get to select the time, so make sure you select a time that makes the most sense to you.

Once you apply, you will then be placed on a waitlist, where the app will then deny or accept your request.

Your Gigs, Waitlisted and Completed

On the bottom of your app, you will notice three more tabs you can open up, titled “My gigs,” “Waitlisted,” and “Completed.”  These are all fairly straight-forward.

Whenever you accept and apply to a gig, it will show up in your My Gigs, where you view the details once again as well as submit your job once complete.   Your job will show up after Gigwalk approves your request.

The other tabs, your “Waitlisted” tab will show you any jobs that need to be approved.  Many times, when you apply to a job, it will be added here until Gigwalk can approve you.  If you click on the job description, you should see the pending status.

If you want to withdraw from any job, you can do so at any time.  Just make sure you do so before the job expires so that it doesn’t affect your Gigwalk score.

Lastly, the complete section will just show you the jobs you completed in the past as well as if they were approved/denied by the company. It’s an easy way to keep track of the jobs you have done in the past.

Getting Paid

By contract, the client you work with will have up to 14 days to review your work, in which they can either reject or accept.  However, Gigwalk states that taking up to 14 days to approve your work is very rare.

After your job is accepted, then Gigwalk will send your payment off to the PayPal address on file, usually within 24 hours after acceptance.

Keep in mind that even when Gigwalk sends off your payment, it can still take up to 24 hours for it to show up in your PayPal account.

There’s nothing for you to do in terms of payments nor are there are any minimums required.  Simply complete the job and get paid after it’s accepted.  That’s it.  At this time, Gigwalk only pays via PayPal.

In the end, to be safe, plan on getting paid 14-21 days after you complete your job.

The Pros and Cons

As in all of my reviews, I love to see what other people are saying, briefly mentioning the pros and cons.  Hopefully, these snippets can give you a better idea as to whether or not it’s something you’re interested in.   Just remember that even the best app in the world still has complainers, so it’s hard to find something to be considered “perfect.”

The Pros

  • fun way to make money
  • backed by a very legitimate company
  • jobs are very unique in comparison to other apps that make you money
  • you can do multiple gigs a day
  • very easy money
  • PayPal with no minimums

The Cons

  • jobs can take up to 14 days to get approved (rare)
  • you can get denied for the silliest reasons
  • in some areas, you may not find as many gigs
  • some people feel uncomfortable taking pictures in public
  • some app bugs reported
  • only PayPal as an option (can be seen as good or bad)

Final Thoughts

Gigwalk is definitely a legitimate app, backed by a very popular company.  As I write this, they boast more than one million members, working in more than 7,500 cities.  This app is as legit as they come.

If you want to make money essentially mystery shopping, then it may be one to consider.  Depending on where you live, you could make anywhere from $5 to more than $25 in a day.  There’s money to be made; you just need to live in a popular city that has jobs.

For now, if you like the idea of going to a retailer and taking pictures and/or performing simple tasks, then it may be an app to consider.  Don’t be prepared to get rich, but I think you could make $25 to $100+ a month if you consistently check it.  Just keep in mind that you will have to leave your house to make money 99% of the time.

Now, I leave it up to you.

Have you tried the app?

How much have you made?

What did you like?  Hate?

If you have ever tried out the app and/or want to leave your reviews, then feel free to comment below.

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