Axion Data Services Review: Another Data Entry Gig

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Axion is a data entry company founded in the early 1990s.  They operate in the United States and often are looking for independent contractors who want to work from home performing basic data entry duties.

As a data entry agent, it will be your responsibility to work on client projects, which involve a variety of data entry tasks.  Think taking data from a piece of paper and then entering it into a database.

The company isn’t as large as the many data entry companies I have talked about, but it could be one to consider.

In today’s review, I talk about Axion Data Services to see if it’s worth your time.  I will discuss the pay, how you can apply as well as what others think.  As always, I’m 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is fair.  I don’t sell products nor will you find me pushing scams that only pocket me cash.  I don’t work that way.

So, if you’re interested in a remote data entry job, let’s see if Axion is worth your time.


Before you get excited and want to apply, let’s first go over what’s expected of you.

According to the company, you must have at least 2+ years of data entry experience with a keystroke rate of at least 15,000 keystrokes per hour.  This is equivalent to 50 words per minute, error free.  Yes, you will need experience, but as to what counts, I would assume it’s either a freelance or part/full-time role.  As long as you performed some sort of data entry work, why not consider it?

You must also be proficient in using either Windows (preferred) or a Mac computer as well as have access to a high-speed broadband internet connection.

Lastly, applicants must reside in the United States.

The company doesn’t ask for much.  Generally, as long as you have some work experience and you can type 50+ words per minute (WPM), you should be okay.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in applying, the bad part is that they aren’t always hiring.  This is due to them being smaller than most and have a somewhat stable workforce in comparison to its competitors.  For that reason, they rarely hire, however, they do.  You just need to be registered in their database.

To register your name in their database so that they can contact you, head to this link and scroll down to the bottom to fill out the form.  This form will ask you for your personal information, years of experience as well as where you worked.  It’s not much, however, there’s one thing that caught me off-guard — the fees.


If you want to put your name on the registration list, the company asks that you pay $5 per 60 days, $7 per 120 days or $10 for the year to stay active.  I find this to be highly unethical and no common among the many companies I review.  While the company is legitimate, they are using this as another revenue source since so many people are desperate to work online.  I feel it sad that this company is taking advantage of people like this and it makes me upset, to be honest.

And, sure if they come back to me to say it’s for “filtering” out the garbage, I don’t buy it.  I get comments on this site, and I can easily filter out the garbage.  The same can be said about my email.  It’s just a cop out to get more money.

I did see on the BBB that they did it to stop people from calling, saying they had more than 150,000 people in their database.  I think there are better ways to screen out people in a database, such as asking, “Do you have data entry experience?”  If not, you can’t proceed.  I don’t think it’s that hard.

How Much Can You Make?

With any data entry work, you’re not going to make much, and Axion isn’t an exception.

According to the company, you will get paid per piece, not per hour.  Most of the work will require that you complete short forms, many of which pay about $0.04 to $0.08~ each.  And, depending on your speed, you should expect to average about $8~ per hour gross.  Of course, the more you type, the more you can make.  Take this as an average.  Glassdoor notes the average wage is about $12 per hour.

In the data entry work, again, this is standard.  Since there’s not much skill involved, aside from typing fast.

Remember, you’re an independent contractor so you will be responsible for your taxes, expenses, benefits, etc.  Axion will not help you with any of this.

Payments are sent out twice a month via direct deposit.


Like most gig jobs, Axion can’t dictate how much you work since this would put you in employee territory.  Because of this, the company doesn’t guarantee any hours, but you can work whenever you please.

You will be responsible to log in whenever you have time available and then choose from any open projects that are available.  Complete them as specified and get paid.

From what I read, most people who work here don’t get much work, maybe five to 10+ hours of work a week, if that.  Don’t expect it to become a full-time gig or a consistent way of making money.

The Reviews Online

As in all of my reviews, I love to see what other people are saying because it’s not just about me.  Online, I did find some reviews, some of which I will include below.  It wasn’t many, though.

On Indeed, the more than 60 reviewers gave it a 3.4/5 rating, which, to me, is mediocre.  People liked the flexibility, the supportive staff and the remote work.  However, some said the opposite, saying the staff was rude and the pay was low.

On some blogs, some commenters noted that they hated that they had to pay and the work was limited.

Final Thoughts

3/10In the end, I would skip on Axion Data, simply for the fact that you need to “pay” to get on a waitlist for doing some mundane work.  Sounds great, right?

While the company is legitimate, I’m frowning upon their business practices here.  If they do this, who knows what they do behind the scenes?  I don’t like it.  They aren’t a scam by any means.  I’m just not a fan of their business practices.

If you want to do entry work online, it can be done.  You just need to know where to look.  Be sure to check out these 18+ companies that hire entry-level data entry freelancers.

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