Belay Review: $18+ per Hour as Virtual Assistant

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Belay is an online company that helps connect remote workers with companies that need their services.  At the moment, the company primarily specializes in virtual assistants, social media managers, bookkeeping and websites specialists.  If you have any of these skills and want to become an independent contractor who works remotely with the company, then it’s one to consider.

The company is 100% legitimate, being ranked as #1 for “Top Company Culture for a Small Business,” according to the Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as being recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.  The company started in 2010 and is currently headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

In today’s review, I talk about Belay, showing you how you can sign up, what you can make as well as what other people think of the platform.  As in all of my reviews, I’m 100% honest.

How Does Belay Work?

Belay is a 100% remote virtual assistant company.  Their job is to provide clients that come to them with an army of workers who specialize in social media, bookkeeping, etc.  Whatever the client may need, they help connect them with someone like you.  When the client pays, Belray keeps a portion of that payment, passing the rest onto you.

As a contractor, you will be asked to apply to the job just like any other online and then wait for a response if they are interested.  If you were to be hired, then the company will put you through a series of training, ensuring that you’re confident to complete the job once fully onboarded.

While the company originally started as a virtual assistant company, they have expanded to many other categories, in which I get into next here.

Job Options

As mentioned in the intro, Belay offers a variety of job openings for independent contractors.  The company accepts residents from across the United States except for California, Montana, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

To sign up and be considered, you will want to head to the company’s official job page, where you can view the current contractor openings, as seen in the graphic above.

Most of the time, you will always see a bookkeeping, social media manager and virtual executive assistant position, but let it be known that just because you see the opening, it doesn’t mean they are actively hiring.  How many workers they need will greatly depend on how many companies are in need of their services at the moment.

By clicking on each of the “+ Learn More” link, you can learn more about the position, which I will outline below.

Virtual Assistant Position

This tends to be the most popular option with the company and it’s the main reason people apply.

As a virtual assistant, you will be just that — an assistant to someone.  Your roles can include everything from managing emails to maintaining a calendar.  The job description has a full list of duties but it will vary from one client to the next.

To be considered for this position, the company asks for the following:

  • detail oriented
  • self motivated
  • trustworthy and friendly
  • proactive
  • able to manage multiple priorities
  • a bachelor’s degree and experience working remotely
  • available weekdays during business hours and can dedicate at least 20 hours a week
  • at-home computer with reliable internet connection
  • smartphone with email capabilities
  • dedicated quiet office space

In all of the virtual assistant positions I have reviewed, this is one of the few that has required a four-year degree.  This isn’t a bad thing, as the pay somewhat reflects the qualifications, as pay does start at $18 to $22+ per hour.

Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, it will be your goal to increase engagement as well as collaborate with the client to understand their vision.  Tasks can include creating posts, interacting on various social media channels and answering inquiries.  This will be dependent on the client you’re working with.

To be considered for this position, the company asks for almost everything mentioned above, as well:

  • experience with social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc
  • experience with leveraging social media management and analytic tools
  • working knowledge of social media initiatives
  • knowledge of digital marketing best practices


Bookkeeping isn’t the most coveted job via this company, but it’s another one to consider as well.  As a bookkeeper, your job duties can range from paying clients’ bills to budget and cash flow management.  Most of what’s expected of you is included below:

This position also requires a bachelor’s, although it’s preferred, in Business, Accounting, Finance or a related field.  You’re also expected to have experience in account and/or bookkeeping and payroll with in-depth knowledge of Quickbooks.


To apply for any of these jobs, the company will ask for your personal information at first, including your name, email and phone number.

After you provide this information on the first page, you will then be asked to answer 33 questions in total, most of which relate to the job.  Once you’re finished, you will complete a simple one-way video interview, where you will answer pre-defined questions.  This must be done via a webcam and all answers will be recorded via your computer’s microphone.

Lastly, after the interview completes, Belay asks you to complete a skills assessment test.

If you pass these steps, then the company will reach out to you, in which you will interview with a representative.  It is then they will offer you a job if they are interested in bringing you on board.

The Pay

As mentioned quickly in the virtual assistant portion, your pay range will be in the $18 to $30 per hour area, but how much you make will greatly depend on your experience as well as the clients you’re working with.

Like a job you apply to, your salary isn’t set in stone since you will be able to negotiate the rates.  From what I read, however, the average seems to be in that range specified.

And, remember, because you are considered a 1099 contractor, you will be responsible for paying your taxes at the end of the year, and like the many independent contractor positions available online, there will be no benefits available.

Reviews Online

On Indeed, both former and current workers gave the company a decent 4.2/5 rating.  Most complained about the pay, which I agree, is quite subpar for a four-year degree.  In today’s economy, it’s very easy to find an $18 per hour job without a degree.  So, asking for a degree and then saying pay is in the $18 to $22 per hour range is kind of low.  As for the pros, however, many loved the culture and work-life balance.  Seeing you can work remotely, it’s a great opportunity to work from home without having to worry about the commute.

On Glassdoor, there were more than 280+ reviews with another solid 4.3/5 rating.  89% approved of the CEO and many loved that you could work from home and the overall job satisfaction.  However, on the downside, many didn’t like having no benefits or the time it took to match with a client.  This meant no work for some time.  Some mentioned that the company took a huge cut, up to 50% of what the client paid.


Final Thoughts

7/10The thing about Belay is that they claim you’re a 1099 contractor but they note you should be available 20 hours or more.  As an independent contractor, you can choose your hours and work whenever you please, so when I see these demands, I feel as if they are going to treat you more like an employee rather than a contractor who should have freedoms.  However, this doesn’t seem to be the case as the company did have a bunch of great reviews.

In the end, the qualifications are high, but Belay has high standards.  That’s great to see.

If you want to work online as a virtual assistant, bookkeeper or social media manager, why not at least send in your resume.  As long as you meet the qualifications, you stand a chance.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on this company or you want to add to this guide, you’re more than welcome to add to the comments section below.

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