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Bellhop Moving Job Review: Moving Jobs on Demand

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Bellhop makes moving modern, where people who need anything moved can get a 100% free quote in a matter of seconds.  What makes the company unique is that all customers receive transparent pricing, flexible schedule options and background-checked movers so that each move goes on without a hitch.  In short, Bellhop will help connect customers with movers, such as yourself, to move whatever they may need moved.

As a Bellhop mover, you can enjoy a job where you set your own hours and work whenever you please.  And, as long as you don’t mind helping someone move, which often means lifting heavy objects, it could be a job to consider.

In today’s guide, I talk about and review Bellhop.  I will explore how much you can make, how you can sign up as well as what the internet thinks of it.  As in all of my reviews, I’m 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

Let’s begin!


As with any company I review, there are almost always qualifications to consider.  Bellhop is no different.

And, to be considered as a mover, you must meet the following requirements, as per the company’s website:

  • be at least 18+ years old
  • be able to lift 100 pounds
  • have a smartphone
  • have a checking account
  • access to transportation to show up at job site
  • complete background check
  • complete interview process

The requirements aren’t much, except for the lifting limit.  As you’re going to move some heavy objects, it’s essential you’re able to lift at least 100 pounds or more.  If not, I would highly recommend you look into another gig.

How it Works

If you do decide to become a Bellhop mover, then the process works like the many apps I have reviewed in the past.

First, the company asks you to update your availability within the app.  Let them know when you’re available and they will then match you up with jobs in the area.  You can also view the “claims board,” which will show you jobs booked within the last 24 hours that still need to be filled.

On that day, meet with the movers, complete the move as noted and then leave for the day.  You can cancel your job, but it must be done outside a 24-hour window.  Failing to do this can lead to deactivation.  Most jobs will take a few hours and will usually be less than an hour from your home location.

For every move you complete, you will receive a review, which can help increase your rank and earnings.  Generally, the better your rankings are, the more likely you are to get more jobs in the future.

Aside from setting your availability, you can also track your job details, review your payment history and contact your team within the app.

How Much Can You Make With Bellhop?

The company notes that you can earn up to $21 per hour, but it seems that the average falls within the $15 to $20 hourly wage with tips.  You will also earn $0.25 per mile after the first 30 miles.

According to the many reviews I read online, this seems to be the average, however, since you’re considered an independent contractor, this won’t include tax withholdings or the gas to get to the job site.  When you factor this in, your rate will fall closer to the $10 to $14 per hour range.  Since most jobs are found on the weekends, it’s not unheard of to make $100 to $250 in a weekend.

All payments are sent directly to your bank account, with no exceptions.

The Bellhop Reviews Online

On Indeed, 150+ reviewers gave the company a decent 4.1/5.  The reviewers seemed to love the work-life balance as well as the company’s culture.  Many loved that you could work whenever you wanted with the app.  A common complaint, however, included the pay, which seemed to be much lower than most gig-like apps, as well as the job security.  As mentioned prior, if you didn’t show up to one job as noted or canceled after 24 hours, your account will be more than likely be deactivated.  Lastly, hard labor was mentioned quite a bit.  You can only imagine how much work moving would be, especially in harsh weather conditions.

More than 260+ Glassdoor reviewers gave the company a solid 4.3/5 rating, with more than 79% approving the CEO.  Reviewers loved the flexible schedule, the other workers who showed up on the job as well as the company’s culture.  They seemed to respect you as a contractor, which is nice.  The downsides, though, included other workers often showing up late, low pay, hard work (especially if someone doesn’t show up) and some customers can be rude.

Final Thoughts

5/10Bellhop seems like an okay side hustle.  I wouldn’t put it high on my list because it’s very labor intensive and I don’t think you can earn much more than $15 per hour.  Personally, I don’t think I would want to travel 45 minutes to move furniture for two hours to only make $30.  I can make that easily by doing DoorDash or Uber Eats in less than two hours.  Plus, I could relax in my car and not break my back.  Plus, what happens if you show up to a job and no one else shows?  There’s way too much to rely on here, unfortunately.

However, looking at the reviews, people did praise the company, so I can respect that.  The biggest complaints relied in the pay and hard work.  That’s expected, as it’s a moving job after all.

That’s going to do it for now.

As in all of my reviews, if you want to comment on Bellhop, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments section below.  Thanks for visiting.

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