BigCash by Tech2Cash Review (Why I Avoid)

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The BigCash App, also referred to as the “Make Money: Cash & Gift Cards by Tech2Cash” on the Google Play Store, is probably one of the most popular money making apps on the Google Play Store.  It has millions of reviews with an impressive 4.7/5 rating.  I’m sure that if you have typed “make money,” you have probably seen this.

On the official description page, they claim that you can earn $100 for doing simple tasks and that you can work from home.  It’s quite the claim.  However, not to burst your bubble, these apps won’t allow you to quit your job nor will you make $100 doing a simple task.  It just won’t happen, however, you can make money, but it won’t be as much as you think.

Whether you’re looking for another way to make money with your phone or you want to know more about the BigCash app, I wanted to show you how it works as well as if it’s worth your time.  As in all of my reviews, I’m always honest, only recommending what I feel is worth the download.

How BigCash Works

The BigCash app is your typical GPT app that pays you to complete a variety of tasks, mainly downloading apps, playing games and taking surveys.  It’s a melting pot of almost everything, however, what you’re about to find out is that it isn’t all unique.

It’s operated by BRAINYIDEAS, which is a marketing service company focusing on the mobile application marketplace.  They appear they operate other apps, but this seems to be one of the bigger ones.

In my reviewing, the company is 100% legitimate and they do play, however, the key question here is that if the compensation is worth your time.

Earning Money with BigCash

The minute you download the app, you can accept the terms and immediately start earning “coins.”  This is the in-game currency that you can exchange for rewards.  I will talk about that soon.

When you download the app, this is what your dashboard is going to look like:

Most of what you see on the dashboard will take you directly to a third-party company that will then report the earnings to BigCash.  Whatever BigCash earns, they then split the profits with you.

For example, if you follow the INBRAIN surveys link, this is a third-party survey company that you can find on so many other money-making apps.  The same can be said about CPXResearch, BitLabs, etc.  What are known as offerwalls, this is a very easy way for these apps to make money.  They just link their account to the third party and they then provide the user with all of the offers.  The only problem here is that a lot of other apps/websites use this strategy as well.

The main point here is that almost 99% of what you see here is not unique and you can find almost everything you see here on many other apps.  Usually, I like to download apps that offer something unique, such as Freecash and Swagbucks, to name a few.

Everything you need to know about what you make is presented to you, however, it’s in a range.  For instance, the scratch and win coins can earn you up to 50 coins, whereas surveys can be at random.  When you open these links, the surveys will tell you exactly how much you can get paid.


When it comes time to cash out, you will need at least $1 in coins, which is about 350 coins to start your redemption process.

As I write this, you can choose from a few other options, including:

  • Amazon
  • PayPal
  • Google Play
  • Steam
  • iTunes
  • PSN
  • Xbox Live
  • Netflix
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart

With the exception of Amazon, other rewards start at $5 to $15. Payouts take about 24 to 48 hours to complete.

You can see that they have the rewards that most people want, mainly Amazon and PayPal.  The rewards seem to be great, but I still don’t think it’s much.

How Much Can I Earn?

Seeing that they work mainly with third party offerwalls, you won’t make much.  I’m thinking that you can barely make $1 to $5 a day, at most.

What you make will depend on the offers you complete, but seeing that most of these offerwalls don’t offer much in terms of high paying offers, I wouldn’t expect much.

The Pros:

  • low minimum threshold
  • open worldwide
  • free to join
  • easy to use

The Cons:

  • nothing unique
  • won’t make much
  • not much to do

Final Thoughts

3/10In the end, I will pass on the BigCash app, only because they don’t offer anything unique.  Everything they push only goes to a third-party offerwall and doesn’t offer much of value.  While the minimum threshold is low, I think you can do much better with other apps such as Freecash and Swagbucks.  These companies work with many prominent advertisers and have much more opportunity you can’t find here.

While the app is 100% legitimate, you just won’t make much.

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  • Thank you for your article. I have seriously thought there should be a site solely for the purposes of being a support & information exchange site for fellow survey users. Where getting information, other’s opinions, problem solving could be done. Maybe even form a group powerful enough to be recount the researchers to the point where defective surveys get repaired, having to constantly waste our time answering demographic questions, sometimes repeatedly!! Could be addressed & improved. I can’t tell you how many times I wish I would be paid extra for the insult of having to answer the same insignificant question more then once. Though I see no reason why to ask questions that are already recorded in our profiles need to be asked again, it would be nice not to have our time wasted with trivia & just be able to focus on the “ meat” of the survey. But anyway, the reason I’m writing is because I’ve had the big cash app for a long time. BUT. I’ve never been paid!! I’ve cashed out repeatedly & even check with PayPal. I’ve searched for tech2cash on my gmail, I’ve contacted every single site if could find in the internet. I’ve even called apple for help since I got it at their store, they much know their phone number. I’ve written to them & all their sites for several months. All with the same request. Which was that I’ve never been paid & need their help to fix this. I was completely professional & kept it as simple as possible. After several months I got one response informing me they were accidentally sending my messages from their own app support to a spam folder. At first I was relieved that they got my message. They asked me how much I was talking about. I told them I didn’t know exactly. It never occurred to me to make a screenshot or f the cash out page. But they should have a history of my requests not to mention of surveys taken. I’ve never heard back from them. That was months ago, I’ve written so many letters since regularly including today. I’ve called apple again to inform them their idea didn’t work but that day they were having trouble keeping connected so I had to call back & start from the beginning. Of course every person had a different answer. I still need to call them due to the confusion from being disconnected so frequently. But I was wondering if anyone else put their might have had this problem as well. Or if you or anyone knows something I could do that maybe get help. It’s very frustrating not to be able to even find a phone number to call for help. I’m sure that would solve the problem. But I can’t find one anywhere, which is why I still need to connect someone’ at apple. They have their app do they have to have their number. I don’t believe there’s a business in existence without a phone number. Outside of that I’m disappointed at the changes they’ve made. It’s not as easy to use as it used to be. Now, until my problem is repaired I only get the 10 free points daily & will not bother to cash out for nothing. So everyone’s help rolls be very greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!

    • Thanks for the message, Betty. So much survey sites are junk and frustrating. Sign up for Prolific and Cloud Connect. You never get disqualified and you can easily make $100+ per month with minimal effort!