Capterra Review: Earn Up $5+ For Reviewing Products (simple)

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If you’ve been wondering whether you can actually make money by writing quick reviews on Capterra, you’re in luck. I’ve done the research and tested it myself.

In a nutshell, yes, you can earn money. For example, I made $10 by writing a review that took me less than five minutes. However, it’s important to set realistic expectations, as it’s not a one-size-fits-all opportunity.

In today’s review, let me show you how you can potentially make up to $100+ for writing reviews on products you already may be using.

Understanding Capterra

Firstly, let’s dive into what Capterra actually is.

Capterra is a website where you can write reviews about different types of software you’ve used, like PayPal or Microsoft Word. Once your review is approved, you get a gift card from Capterra as a thank you. They offer a wide range of software to review, so you have a lot of options to earn gift cards.

Simply put, it’s a platform designed to help businesses discover the right software for their needs. The website does this by offering various software options and showcasing reviews from real users.

This is where the money-making part comes in: You can get paid to write these reviews.

How to Write a Review for Money

You’ll find a “Write a Review” option on Capterra’s website.

After clicking that, you can write a review about software you’ve used, and in many cases, you’ll be compensated. The payout usually starts at $10, although some reviews can earn you more.

However, there are some caveats.

First, you can’t write an infinite number of reviews; there’s a limit. Secondly, you must have actual experience using the software you’re reviewing, as fake or shallow reviews will not get approved.

What Happens After Submitting a Review?

Once you submit a review, Capterra’s team will assess it, a process that can take up to three weeks. Not all reviews are guaranteed to get published, even if they’re honest.

If Capterra approves your review, they’ll send you an email within about three weeks to let you know you’ve earned a gift card. The email will have a link, and you can click on it to pick the gift card you want. You can choose from options like Mastercard, Amazon, and Target among others.  This, however, can vary, depending on where you live.

How much are the gift cards worth?

The gift cards are usually worth $5, but sometimes they run special promotions where you can earn gift cards worth $10 or even $15.

For instance, I saw one review where they were offering $15 gift cards for reviews. If you do multiple reviews in one day, they usually send all your gift card rewards in one email, and you can choose to put it all on one card or divide it between different cards.  However, as noted, don’t plan on sending in multiple reviews per day.  They want you to use it.

From what I read, you’re allowed to get up to 10 gift cards each month. So, if you do ten reviews at $5 each, you could earn $50 in gift cards in one month.

Proof of Payment from Capterra

As for me, I received an approval email for a review I wrote about Grammarly, a tool I use regularly.

I received a $10 Amazon gift card as a reward. However, be aware that the type of gift card you receive might not be specific to your country, especially if you live outside the United States.

Tips for Getting Your Capterra Review Approved

First off, it’s crucial to understand that your review needs to be approved by Capterra before you can get any gift cards. I’ve never had a review turned down, and if you follow some basic guidelines, your chances of approval should be pretty high.

Firstly, it’s a good idea to use correct grammar and check your spelling. I personally use Grammarly, which is a free tool that helps a lot with this. It’s definitely worth signing up for.

Secondly, try to fill out as much information as you can when you’re writing your review. Answer all the questions that apply to you. If you own a business, go ahead and answer the questions geared towards business owners even though they’re not mandatory.

Third, aim to be detailed in your answers. Writing just one sentence won’t provide much insight for others who might be considering using that software. Remember, the whole point is to help people make informed decisions, so if your review isn’t helpful, why would Capterra want to reward you for it?

Fourth, only review software that you’ve actually used. It should go without saying but don’t make stuff up. They can usually tell if you’re not being honest, and there are plenty of software options to review anyway. They even have common platforms like Gmail on their list, so you do have choices.

Lastly, if you’re going to write multiple reviews, use the auto-fill function for basic information like your name and email address. It saves time, and the quicker you can write reviews, the more gift cards you can earn.

Final Thoughts

7/10To wrap things up, Capterra is a valuable platform where you can share your thoughts on various software programs and earn gift cards in return.

The process is straightforward: you write a review, wait for approval, and then choose your preferred gift card once you get the email confirmation. The cards are typically worth $5 but can go up to $15 in special promotions. You can even earn up to $50 a month if you max out the 10-review limit.

However, it’s essential to focus on quality when you’re writing your reviews to ensure they get approved. Good grammar, detailed answers, and honest feedback are your keys to success.

Following these strategies has helped me earn a few bucks, and it can hopefully help you too.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, feel free to comment on your experience below.

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