Cash Empire Review: Why I Won’t Download

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The Cash Empire app is one of the many apps on the Google Play Store that will reward you to play games.

Now, I’m going to use the word “reward” lightly because most of these apps will not pay you.  Instead, they will give you the impression as if you will earn.  They will reward you like crazy when you first start out, but when you get so close to the minimum threshold, the rewards disappear.  They just want you to think that you can eventually cash out, but in reality, they just want you to stick around so that you watch ads and earn THEM money.

In today’s review, let me show you how the Cash Empire app works and why it isn’t worth your time.

What is the Cash Empire App?

The Cash Empire app is a coin push game where you push coins off the ledge to earn coins and cash.  The more you push off, the more it appears that you can earn.  If you have ever been to the arcade, I’m sure you have seen this type of game before.

As you play the game, you can spin the wheel whenever you finish a level as well as play bonus games to earn even more.  But, remember, you’re going to think you can earn rewards, but this isn’t always the case.  I’m going to explain in a few here.

Playing the Game

Whenever you start playing the game, it’s simple.  They will drop coins onto the belt and then they will fall off as you “collect” them.  You will be asked to push the coins off the ledge and collect them.

Whenever the coins fall off the ledge, the coins will then be added to your balance.  If they fall to the side, you won’t get the credit.

Whenever the game starts, you will get about 40 coins in which you can drop onto the belt.  Like the arcade, you can drop coins as fast as you want, so if you want to drop all 40 in a matter of seconds, you will just click the screen aggressively.  The app will always let you know how many coins you’re dropping at any given time.

As you play, you will see two types of coins:  green and gold coins.

The green coins will be the money you earned playing the game whereas the gold coins go to your gold coin balance.  These gold coins can then be converted into gift cards.

Like most puzzle games (if you played them before), you can unlock additional features, such as bonuses and even refills where you can regenerate more tokens.  These bonuses will pop up as you play the game, but they are always optional.

Whenever you run out of coins, you can always receive more if you watch video ads.  This is how the app is going to make its money.

Daily Missions

To entice you to use the app as much as you can, they will reward you with bonus coins if you complete the daily missions.

This can include collecting so many coins, watching ad or even completing all of the missions.  In doing so, this can add additional coins to your balance.

Usually, every day, you will see about three missions you can complete, and if you complete them all, you can earn even more.  You will be able to see your daily missions right on your dashboard.

Getting Paid

As you play, you will earn both green and gold coins, as I mentioned.  The green coins can be exchanged for cash, whereas the gold coins can be exchanged for rewards as well, including cash.  You will notice that when you start to play, you will earn a ton of money in minutes, making it seem like you’re going to get close to a cash out.  This is done by design, sadly.

Once you earn at least $100 in green coins (yes, a very HIGH threshold), you will be able to cash out via PayPal.  As for gold coins, you will need to collect at least 300,000 coins to cash out for $0.20 in PayPal cash, on average.

As I have seen in most apps, it’s going to be close to impossible to hit that $100 threshold.  What these apps do is get you close and then the money dries up.  If you don’t believe me, check out all of the reviews that the app has.  The threshold is high so that it feels like you’re earning a ton of money.  You will be motivated to cash out if your balance is at $95, right?  They know how to play the game so that you come back and continue to watch ads to earn them money.

Final Thoughts

0/10In the end, Cash Empire is another app to put on the dud list.  You will never reach the $100 threshold, and even if you came close, you would have to waste so much time watching ads.  Trust me when I say this in that it isn’t worth it.

The app is riddled with ads, the game isn’t all that fun and you’re just going to get annoyed playing it, trust me.

If you want to waste your time, sure, go ahead.  If you want to make money, I highly recommend you go elsewhere and find something that works for you as there are so many better options to consider.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, feel free to comment below on your experience if you want.

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