ClipClaps Review: Get Paid Junk to Watch Videos

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The ClipClaps app has more than 10,000,000 downloads with a very poor 2.7/5 rating as I write this.

It’s said to be the “best video player” in the world that rewards you whenever you upload one of your videos.  You can also earn by uploading links to your favorite videos, watching videos and even playing games.

While it sounds promising, especially seeing it has millions of downloads, it sadly lives up to their rating and I will let you know why in this review.  Also, don’t expect to get rich, but this can be said with any of these apps.  If you have ever visited my website or checked out my YouTube channel, then you probably already know that I’m based on honesty, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

Let’s begin!

What is ClipClaps?

ClipClaps is a mobile app only that rewards you to watch videos, vote for videos, play games, upload videos as well as refer your friends.  It sounds promising and they do pay you to use the app, however, you will not make as much as you think you can.  In fact, I think you will be quite annoyed as to how much you can earn with the app.  I will explain later on as to what I mean.

For now, let it be known that the app is operated by a company named Grand Channel Entertainment, LTD, which is an app developer that started in March 2019.  I couldn’t find much, aside from the official website at, but even there, it didn’t have much about the company.  While this isn’t a red flag, I often like to look at the company running the app behind the scenes to know who I’m working with.

Earning with ClipClaps

Once you download the app, you can immediately start earning after you connect your account.  I don’t recommend the app, but some people don’t like to listen to my advice and will download it anyways.   That’s okay!  We all have different priorities.

This is what your app is going to look like…

You will have your daily rewards, which will, of course, update daily.

These tasks are going to update daily and it’s as easy as following the directions.

For instance, watch a video for one minute and earn 500 coins.  Play one game for 100 coins, etc.  If you decide to use the app, check in daily, as they always change.

Next, if you want to always earn cash, then you will want to view the “Get more Clapcoins” section, as this always remains the same.

You can see that you can earn money by completing tasks, playing games, inviting friends, watching videos as well as playing games.

Let me show you how each one works.

Badge Level

In the “Badge Level” section, you can complete tasks and get Clapcoins in doing so.

All you need to do is follow the tasks and get the rewards noted. For instance, watch 10 videos and get 65 Clapcoins or share five tasks to earn 325 Clapcoins.

Do note that these do change.

Play time

The Play time area works with a third-party offerwall, wherein you can earn coins for the games you play.  You won’t find much of value here, as they don’t focus much on it, but it is an area where you can earn money.

As you can see, you can play a game and get rewarded when you meet the goals.  For example, if you start playing Candy Crush Saga, you can earn up to 17,450 Clapcoins.

Watch Videos

This kind of ties in with the Badge Level area, as this is where you’re going to watch the videos.

Keep in mind this isn’t YouTube, where you can watch whatever you please.  Rather, you will have to choose from a variety of what I feel as lower quality videos.  It isn’t anything special and you may find it a chore to watch some of them.

Just click on the video and wait for the counter to count down to zero to get your coins.  You will see your coin jar light up with the words, “claim” to get your coins.

As you watch the video, you can see how many coins you’re earning.  It’s pretty straight-forward.

Earn Coins Quickly

Aside from playing games and watching videos, the app also has a few ways to earn Clapcoins “quickly.”

Every day, you can spin the wheel for free, in which you can win coins as well as money.  It’s not much but it’s a way to get quick coins.

The other options, such as Bounty Research, Bounty Task and BitLabs, take you to third-party offerwalls, where you can complete surveys, offers and more.  You can commonly find these third-party apps on almost all of these “make money” apps.  It’s just an easy way for developers to make more money with their apps.

While there’s nothing wrong with these options, you just won’t make much.  It’s just another way to earn on the app.

How much can you make watching videos?

It’s not going to be much.

For every video, I opened, it paid about 10 coins right away and then another 30 coins for every 30 seconds I watched.  Random coins would be added at random as well.  Mostly, though, you would earn about one coin per second watching the videos.

Plan on making no more than 60 coins per minute, which as you’re about to find out, isn’t all that much.

How much are Clapcoins worth?

I’m talking about Clapcoins, but you’re probably wondering what they are worth.

Unfortunately, the coins aren’t worth all that much.  For every 1,000 Clapcoins you earn, you can exchange them for $0.01.  Yes, only a penny.  So, if you think you’re earning a lot when you’re watching the video, it’s not as much as you think.

And, if we do the math here, you’re not even making a penny a minute.  That’s pretty pathetic.  The kicker here is that you will have to watch a lot of videos.

When you want to cash out for the first time, you only need $0.10, however after that first payout, you will need at least $10 to do so, which will take an eternity when I did the math.  This seems like some sort of trick to get you to keep using the app, which doesn’t seem to be honest.

As a warning, people do note that they had trouble getting paid.  This seemed to be a very common complaint.

Signing Up for an Account

If you like what you see (you probably don’t, of course), you may be wondering how you can sign up.

The app makes it simple as you can simply connect your Google account and then answer a few simple questions such as your gender and your interests.

Once you sign up, you can immediately start earning.

ClipClaps is available to everyone worldwide, but you do need to be at least 18+ years old to join.

The Pros:

  • nothing really

The Cons:

  • make pennies per hour
  • videos are extremely boring
  • no earning opportunity here

Final Thoughts

0/10ClipClaps isn’t going to be worth your time.

Let’s do the math here.  If you only make 60 coins per minute, that’s only 3,600 coins, which, when you do the math is THREE CENTS per hour.  C’mon.  Even if you add in some other tasks, such as voting for videos, uploading them, etc, you will MAYBE make $0.25 per hour.  These are laughable wages and won’t be worth your time, especially seeing the videos are duds.

If you value your time, you will do yourself a favor and listen to the poor reviews, as it lives up to the poor ratings.

That does it for now.

If you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so below.

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