Crowdology Paid Surveys Review: What I Think

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Crowdology will pay you up to $10 for every survey you complete to “spend on the things you love.”  The company works with leading brands that want to know what you think about their products and services.  In exchange for your time, you get rewarded.  It’s no different than the many other survey panels out there if you’re part of any I have mentioned before.

The company is based in London, operating under the Savanta umbrella, which is a B2B & B2C marketing research firm.

How to Sign up for Crowdology

To sign up for Crowdology, you can do so via the official website.  At the moment, they do not have an app, so you will have to use the desktop version, but you can use your phone if you choose to do so as the website is mobile friendly.

When you sign up, the company asks for the usual information, such as your name, email address as well as your birthday and zip code.  It’s not much and will take you two minutes at most to sign up.

After you sign up and confirm your email address, you can immediately access your dashboard, which brings me to my next subject.

Your Crowdology Dashboard

Once you register and confirm your email, you will be able to log in and access your dashboard.  Your dashboard will look something like this:

As you can see, it’s fairly straight-forward.  You can view the surveys available to you, your profile percentage, rewards as well as your account settings.  On the left-hand side, you can view your Crowdology level (I will get into this later), and on the right side, you can view the current minimums to cash out.  Right now, you will need at least $8 to cash out via PayPal or $10 to cash out for an Amazon gift card.

As in all of my reviews, I like to break down each section, helping explain how each one works.


Let’s start with the surveys.

Almost every panel you work with, no matter what they offer in regards to how you can make money, most of your money will be found in the surveys.  If you’re not familiar with the process, it’s as easy as opening a survey, answering a few questions, and then getting rewarded for your time.  Surveys can range anywhere from a few pennies to as much as $10+, sometimes more if you qualify for an online focus group.

In the beginning, you won’t see many surveys and that’s because you haven’t filled out your profile in detail.  As with most survey panels, they encourage you to fill out your profile so that they can learn more about you.  In doing so, they can then send you more targeted surveys so that you can make more money.

For now, all of the surveys you do qualify for can be found directly on your main dashboard page or via the surveys link.


I just touched upon the profile briefly, and this brings me to my next point, the profile tab.

In this tab, the company will want to know more about you, such as your occupation, education, etc.  Again, it’s standard stuff.  The more they get to know about you, the more surveys they can send you.

While there’s no incentive like some websites that offer you cash to complete this section, it’s highly recommend you start filling these sections out.  It will only take a few seconds per section, and usually, you can complete the entire questionnaire in less than 10 minutes.

As you complete these profile surveys, your percentage will go up, with the end goal, as you imagined, being 100%.

The Rewards

Crowdology makes rewards easy as they simply pay you in cash for every survey you complete.  There’s no point system nor is there a wacky math formula, where you have to figure out how much your points are worth.  Once you earn at least $8 in cash, you can then take this balance and choose from three fantastic rewards:  PayPal, Amazon or a GCode.

If you want your cash sent to you via PayPal, it’s $8, but an Amazon and GCodes voucher will cost $10.

Once you redeem your rewards, it can take up to four days if you’re using PayPal or up to four weeks if you choose Amazon or the GCodes option.

How Much Do the Surveys Pay?

Crowdology surveys can pay anywhere from as little as $0.20 to more than $2, on average.  In some rare circumstances, you can see surveys as high as $5, with focus groups paying more than $45.  They do pop up, but most of your surveys will be less than $2.

What I didn’t like about Crowdology is that they don’t send as many survey invites as most, so you may only make a few dollars a month, if that.  Even if you have a great demographic profile that the companies are looking for, their inventory seemed to be lacking in comparison to other sites I reviewed.

The Pros

  • PayPal and Amazon options
  • free to join
  • very easy to use

The Cons and Complaints

  • not a lot of survey invites
  • unknown company
  • a lot of complaints of non payment (higher than most)
  • won’t get rich

Final Thoughts

3/10Crowdology isn’t a big name in the space, and I can see why.  They don’t offer a lot of surveys, and the ones that do show up, don’t pay that much.  While the minimum payout threshold is okay, I probably won’t be using the company.  It doesn’t mean it’s one you need to avoid, however.  I just wouldn’t recommend it as there are much better options out there like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie, to name a few.

As always, I welcome you to comment on your Crowdology experience.  Have you used the company and want to sound off?  Or, do you have a question?  Whatever it may be, feel free to leave a comment below.

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