CVS Advisor Panel Review: Earn Free CVS Extra Bucks

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The CVS Advisor Panel is a group of CVS customers who have agreed to share their opinions and feedback such as you.  And, according to CVS, you can earn a few online surveys a year, most of which will come in as an email invite after you registered.

The panel is operated by the pharmacy chain, CVS, and was designed to gather market data in the form of surveys.  You answer questions, they reward you with CVS ExtraBucks.

Whether you have heard of this program or maybe you’re thinking about joining, let’s see if this panel is worth your time.

What Is the CVS Advisor Panel?

The CVS Advisor Panel is like a survey panel, but the key difference is that the surveys revolve around CVS and that’s about it.  For example, you may be asked about a future CVS product or maybe about your shopping habits.  It will vary, but it was designed so that CVS can gather feedback from its valued customers.  In exchange for your time, they will reward you with CVS ExtraBucks, which is similar to that of a gift card.

According to the CVS, the propose was to solicit our customers’ input through online surveys about the stores, products, services as well as suggestions to help improve the stores.

If you’re a loyal shopper at CVS and want to make the shopping experience as best as it can be, then the company states that their panel is one to consider.

How to Sign Up

If interested in signing up, you can do so via the official site by clicking on the “Join Today” link.

During the sign-up process, the company will ask you to fill out a short profile, and this will take a few minutes to fill out in order to join.  If you have ever participated with a survey panel before, it’s similar to that of a demographic profile where you will be asked your name, gender, household income, etc.   It’s standard practice and is mandatory to get started.  When I signed up, they wanted to know more about my CVS shopping habits.

These companies ask about this information so that they can target you specifically.  After all, you wouldn’t want a cat survey if you never owned a cat.

The entire signing up process is lengthy, taking up to 15 minutes to complete, but again, the panel will use this information so that they can match you with appropriate surveys.

As a last note, you will need an ExtraCare card so that you can link it.

The Surveys

When you finish signing up, CVS will start sending out invites at varying times to your email.  You can also log into your account’s dashboard to see which surveys are active at the moment.  And, the number of surveys you receive will greatly depend on your demographics, but on average, it will only be a few a year, if that.  Some report that they never receive an invite as well.

I did read that, even if you get an invite, it doesn’t mean you will qualify as you will have to pass the pre-screener before you start taking the survey.

Before each survey, they will ask you to answer a set of pre-screener questions to see if you can proceed.  If you don’t qualify, you can’t take the survey and you will not be rewarded for your time.  Most surveys take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Getting Paid

Now, the downfall to the CVS Advisor Panel is that you won’t get paid cash.  Instead, you get rewarded in ExtraBucks coupons, which, if you’re familiar with CVS, this is the in-house currency of sorts.  Picture it like a CVS gift card.

Every time you complete a survey in its entirety, CVS will let you print out your reward immediately after completing the survey.  You can then take this printable coupon to a local CVS and shop.

At the moment, this is the only redemption option, so if you’re looking for PayPal or any other option, this isn’t the opportunity to do so, unfortunately.

How Much Can You Make?

I haven’t been with the panel all that long, but in my research online, it appeared you could make anywhere from $2 to more than $10+ per survey, with some people reporting making as much as $15 in rewards.

Again, I can’t stress it enough.  The longer the survey takes, the more you can make, and this can be said about any survey panel.

Before you take any survey, CVS will let you know how much it’s worth before agreeing.

The Pros

  • higher than average payouts ($2-$10+)
  • surveys are simpler than most
  • free to sign up

The Cons

  • only one reward option
  • not many surveys (only a few invites per YEAR)
  • if you get screened out, they won’t reward you in any way

Final Thoughts

6/10If you shop at CVS and want a small ExtraBucks reward each time you complete a survey, then go ahead. I wouldn’t expect to make much, maybe a few dollars here and there.  In some cases, it may be nothing.  Worst case, I just say you should add your name to the database and see what kind of survey invites you can get.  It doesn’t hurt, right?

It is a legitimate platform and can earn you some cash at your local CVS, but that’s about it.  On the other hand, if you’re not a CVS shopper, then you may want to skip out on it as this is the only reward you can get.

That does it for now.

If you do decide to sign up, remember it’s free!  Just make sure you fill out your profile and keep your eyes open for any survey email invite.  You can also access your dashboard if you want to see if any surveys are available at the moment.

As always, if you want to comment on the panel, you’re more than welcome to do so below.

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