Drojob Review: Is it Real? No. Let Me Explain.

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Drojob is a site that says you can make some extra cash by doing simple tasks, with no special skills needed.

I’ve looked into a lot of sites like this before, so I know it’s crucial to test things out. Just because a site says something doesn’t mean it’s true. I did some digging into Drojob to find out whether it’s a scam or a legitimate way to make money. If you read this review, you’ll get the full picture.

How Can You Earn Money on Drojob?

Drojob is categorized as a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site, claiming you’ll be rewarded for easy tasks. It’s important to understand how the earning process works here to gauge if it’s worth your time.

Watching Videos

The main way they say you can make money is by watching videos.

You go to your dashboard, hit “Start Work,” and then click to watch a video. They let you watch up to six YouTube videos per day, each around 30 seconds long. When the video ends, you can claim about $0.15 or so. That’s a hefty reward, and I was curious why they could afford to pay that much. I’ll get to that in a bit.

But here’s the catch…

Drojob’s website is super spammy. You’ll find that almost every click on their platform opens up a pop-up ad. And it gets worse—some of these ads can be harmful to your computer. If you have good antivirus software, it’ll likely block the threat. This was a major red flag for me. I usually steer clear of sites that trigger my antivirus alerts.

Another thing to consider is that the site gives you badges for daily participation, which unlock more ways to earn. This was also a concern for me, and I’ll discuss the problems in detail later.


Drojob says you can earn more by doing simple tasks, but here’s the kicker: you need to earn badges first to unlock these tasks.

For example, you need 150 badges to rate products, 300 to do survey tasks, and 500 to validate captchas. Watching those six daily videos will net you 72 badges, so you’ll need to be patient. It could take a few days to unlock your first task and even longer for the others. I personally never got to the point where I unlocked all the tasks, and I’ll get into the reasons for that later.

Referring a Friend

Drojob also has a way for you to earn by referring people to the site.

Basically, you share a link, and if someone signs up through it, you get $1, and your friend gets a $10 joining bonus. Sounds simple, right?

Most other GPT sites make you jump through hoops to get referral rewards, but not Drojob. Now you may think that’s great, but there’s a reason they’re so generous with these rewards.

Let me just say I wouldn’t personally recommend inviting others to join Drojob.

Getting Paid

Drojob claims you can earn money by doing tasks or referring people, but let’s cut to the chase: you’re not going to see a cent from this platform.


Because their payout threshold is super high at $100. Plus, they keep adding new hoops for you to jump through before you can actually withdraw your money.

Some people even say that as you get close to meeting the payout threshold, your account gets banned for some random reason. If you’re looking for legitimate earning sites, I’d recommend you look elsewhere.

The Red Flags

Red Flag #1 – Suspicious Pop-Up Ads: If a website’s pop-up ads set off your anti-virus software, steer clear. These ads usually have malware or adware that can harm your computer. Trust me, it’s not worth the risk.

Red Flag #2 – Unusually High Payout Threshold: A super high payout threshold like Drojob’s $100 is a clear signal that you’re not going to get your earnings. You’ll either lose interest or they’ll make it impossible for you to meet their ever-changing requirements.

Red Flag #3 – Shifting Requirements: Drojob keeps changing the game. Just when you think you’ve hit their payout threshold, they add a new requirement, like referring more people. In my experience, legit sites don’t do this. They’re upfront about how you can get your earnings.

Red Flag #4 – Too-Good-To-Be-True Rewards: Drojob offers 18 cents per video you watch, which is way higher than legit sites that offer around 1 cent per video. This is a sneaky way to get you to spend more time on their site, but remember, they have no intention of paying you.

Final Thoughts

0/10To sum it up, Drojob claims you can make money by doing easy tasks. But, honestly, I can’t recommend this site.


Where do I start?

First, the site is packed with spammy ads that could set off your antivirus software. Second, their payout threshold is sky-high, making it nearly impossible for you to actually get your earnings. Third, just when you think you’ve met their high payout conditions, they’ll add more hidden requirements.

So, if it’s not clear yet, steer clear of Drojob. It’s a waste of time, and you’re not going to see any money from it. Worse, you could be putting your computer at risk because of the site’s sketchy ads. You’re much better off using other legitimate sites that actually pay you for your time and effort such as Swagbucks or, to name a few.

In the end, I wouldn’t suggest putting your time and effort into Drojob. Trust me, even if you reach their sky-high minimum payout, getting your money out is pretty much impossible. There are better options out there.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to sound off, you can do so below.  Thanks for stopping by.

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