Easy Cash Code Review: Scam Alert?

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The other day I was researching for a post and happened to come across a site called the Easy Cash Code.

And, according to the site, you could earn $500 a day on auto pilot.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to earn that?

With a claim like that, I had to dig deep and see what it was all about.  I’m always hesitant when I read such as claim as most people I respect just tell you the facts.

Like most of your marketing-like websites, it had a video with testimonials from customers who bought the program as well as screenshots with affiliate earnings in the five figures.  You could also see the founder walking around boasting about his mansion and flashy goods.  You never know what’s true or not as I could take a photoshoot in a private jet for a few dollars and lie to you.  The video was typical of that of sleazy online marketers, so it did raise a lot of red flags.

If you’re looking to purchase (or maybe you already have) the Easy Cash Code, let me do the dirty work for you to maybe save you some time.

What is the Easy Cash Code?

According to the FAQ, the Easy Cash Code is a funded proposal system that you can use to generate income and build your primary business on the backend.  It’s also said to be an educational hub to learn internet marketing and e-commerce.  The site states that a “funded proposal system” is a marketing plan where you sell an inexpensive product or system to your chosen market.  This seems to be a lot like affiliate marketing, only that you will sell your own product rather than someone else.

As an affiliate, you get resale rights to all of the products, in which you can collect up to 100% in commissions.  The entire FAQ as well as the video was very vague.  I had no idea what I was getting, aside from a few blueprints and guides.  But, with my internet background, it appeared the company would train you and then allow you to sell their products at a 100% commission rate.  This was confirmed by a few third-party reviews as well.

According to the website, the Easy Cash Code is operated by Stinson Marketing Group, LLC.  I did find a website, but when I looked at the about us page, it showed a picture of someone else not viewed in the video, so I don’t even know if it was the official website.   In the video, it was Reginald Stinson doing the talking, who was said to be the company’s CEO.  Other than that, I couldn’t find much in regards to the company’s history.

What Do You Get With the Easy Cash Code?

According to the video near the end, you’re going to get access to the sought after “Extreme Coupon Blueprint” that will help you save money and become an expert extreme couponer.   I’m not sure what this has to do with making money, but hey, I guess it’s included.

Aside from that course, they will also throw in the domain flipping course, which will teach you how to buy and flip domains for cash.  This isn’t much as you can easily learn how to flip domains on YouTube and the millions of free courses online.  Yes, you can make money in domain flipping, but it isn’t one of my favorite ways to earn money online.

You will also learn how to make to websites by building them and driving targeted traffic to earn a passive income.  They will supposedly teach you how to rake in leads, too.  This is an honest way to make money online and it can make you a ton.  However, I have been in the industry for more than 15+ years now and I have never even heard of this dude.  If you want to make websites online and make money, there are so many great guys that give away a ton of information for free such as Backlinko, Quick Sprout, Income School, Fat Stacks and so many others on YouTube.  There are a lot of great tutorials online that offer so much information at no cost.

And, finally, as a bonus, you will get immediate access to the same money-making system on the website that will help you create instant pay commissions directly to your PayPal account.  You can see everything you get in the graphic above.

How Much Does Easy Cash Code Cost?

While I was writing this review, the program cost $18, but like so many programs, there were a lot of upsells after, which ranged from $47 to more than $97.

For example, if you wanted a suite of tools, it would be another $97.  This is standard with programs like this.

The biggest red flag was they don’t offer refunds.  While many programs follow suit and don’t offer a refund, a good program backs it with a refund option.  This isn’t the case here.  I always see red flags when a refund isn’t allowed.

The Funded Proposal

I mentioned this term prior, but I want to dig deeper and let you know exactly what it means to you.

In simpler terms, this is a marketing strategy used to collect email addresses and then promoting the affiliate programs to them.  This is referred to as email marketing and is a legitimate way to make money online.  However, you don’t need the Easy Cash Code to learn how to do it.  As I stress a million times over, there are so many free resources online that can teach you do so, I promise you!

After you register with Easy Cash Code, you will have permission to push the product, in which you can blast to your email list and/or through leads driven by your website.

So, for example, let’s look at the Easy Cash Code.  You pay them $18, they make $18 and you’re now on their email list so that they can push more products to you in the future.  They now have your money and your email.

Beware! Fake Testimonials and the Red Flags

With the Easy Cash Code, I found a lot of red flags that made me angry.  A lot of these programs prey on people who want to earn an honest living and Easy Cash Code tries to take advantage of it in sleazy ways.  Here are some things I found in my research that raised a ton of flags to me.

Fake testimonials – Sadly, one of the biggest red flags that the Easy Cash Code used was that he purchased Fiverr gigs to have people boast about his product, even though he didn’t use it.  If you look at Fiverr, there are more than a thousand people who are willing to say anything on camera for a quick buck.  Not all testimonials were fake, but some were.

$500 a day is next to impossible for this program – Also, the $500 a day claim is a big one.  While it’s not to say you can’t earn $500 a day pushing multiple products, it’s going to be hard, even if you’re optimizing your website 100%.  If you were to make $500+ a day, most of the time, it’s going to come from pushing your products.  You won’t make it pushing these products as they have very little value.  If the claims are high, the BS meter is high, there’s no doubt about it.

Upsells galore – Lastly, be prepared for upsells.  Like many sleazy online “ways to make money” programs, you should be prepared to pay more than just your $18.  They lure you in with that $18 and then ask you to pay $40, $70+, etc.  It’s going to much more than this if you want to learn about the entire program.  Plus, they can snag your email address now to sell you even more in the future.

No refund – And lastly, I already mentioned it, but the no refunds really irks me.  A good program always offers a refund of sorts.  That way, you can be comfortable signing up for the program.  Easy Cash Code does not allow you to do so.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, Easy Cash Code is just selling products to have you push their products to other people via email marketing and a website.  99.9% of what’s in the program can be learned online.  Instead of promoting someone else’s program and relying on them to pay you, you’re better off pushing your product and seeing the funds deposited into your PayPal account.  It’s going to take some time to learn, but I promise you can make money doing this.  Easy Cash Code won’t do it for you, though.  While they may have simple training, it’s not worth the $18.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “How the heck do I do this?”

It’s simple.

Head to the many SEO blogs that I mentioned prior, such as Backlinko, Quick Sprout, Income School, Fat Stacks, to name a few.  Searching for “creating your own ebook/virtual product on YouTube” can yield a ton of results, too.  These resources have thousands of pages on how to rank, how to write, how to draw leads, etc.  It’s a lot to absorb, but it’s like anything.  The more you read, the more you can learn.  Just start now to learn the ropes.  You won’t regret it.

So, let me tell you this.  It’s going to take work to start your product, market it online and see a sale.  In fact, it could take months, if not a year or more, to see a sale.  It’s discouraging at first, but like a tree, it can flourish with the proper care.

In the end, skip out on Easy Cash Code and learn how to promote your products on your own.  You don’t want to partner with an unethical company anyways.  Honestly, Google and YouTube are great resources to get all of the information you need to make money, I promise you that.  Plus, you can save your $18 as these products are not worth promoting on your own.

As always, if you feel you have something to say about the Easy Cash Code, then let me know in the reviews below.

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