Easy Wall App Pays You to Play? (review)

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The Easy Wall app is one of the many apps on the market that pays you to play games.  The more you play, the more “tokens” you can earn, in which you can exchange for rewards.

Now, the premise in itself sounds great, but I have to tell you right away that all of these apps don’t pay much at all, even the best ones in the industry.  I’m talking a few dollars a month.  The only reason I would ever push these apps is if you wanted to test a game and get rewarded in doing so.

So, in today’s app review, let’s take a gander at the Easy Wall app and see if it’s worth your time.

Getting Started

As I write this review, the Easy Wall app is only available on the Google Play Store and isn’t available for Apple or desktop devices.  As long as you have an Android device, you can download it.  The minute you do, you can immediately start playing the games.

It’s open to users worldwide and you only need to be 18+ years old to start using it.

Making Money with the Easy Wall App

After you install it, you will have to allow it certain permissions so that it can track your app downloading progress.  If you don’t allow it to track your progress, you will not get rewarded.  Keep in mind that this is standard among most games like this because it’s the only way to figure out how long you’re playing it.

Once you’re in, this is what your dashboard is going to look like:

If you have ever played an app such as this, then you will notice that most work in the same way.

You will see a list of games, you can choose the ones you like and you can earn tokens for every minute you play.  In this case, you would want to choose from a game on the list that’s of interest to you to see how you can earn tokens.  When I was doing this review, I didn’t see that many options.  I would say there were maybe six at most.

Now, if you were to stick it out and use this app, you would have to click on an app to see what you need to do to start earning.

For example, if you clicked on “Cash Prizes Carnival,” you would see the following:

It’s not too specific, but you will see that if you play for 600 seconds, you will get rewarded and then again at 1200 seconds.  Every 600 seconds, you will earn tokens, however, it doesn’t say how much.  As mentioned, it’s usually not as much as you think, but when I played, it was about one token per second.

Your Rewards

To start the cash out process, you will need at least $10 in tokens, which is equal to 1,000,000 tokens.  That means every 100,000 tokens will equal $1 in value.  This threshold is quite high in comparison to competitors, so it’s going to take you some time to get here.

Keep in mind that since there aren’t a ton of games, it will take forever to get to this payout threshold.

If we go back and do the math, you will earn about one token per second and that means 1,000,000 seconds would equate to 277 hours.  You do the math and see if it makes sense.  Even if it pays slightly more, you’re investing HOURS to earn next to nothing.  It’s the reason I don’t recommend most of these apps.

If you were to reach the threshold, and I don’t recommend it, you can choose from a variety of payout options such as PayPal and Coinbase, to name a few.


  • nothing


  • high threshold
  • takes 250+ hours of playing to earn $10
  • limited games

Final Thoughts

0/10In the end, you will never reach the threshold, as it will take you more than 200+ hours to earn $10.  The app knows this and it’s only them that will be making money.  You will get excited at first, but once you do the math, you will realize it’s a waste of time.  Let me do the dirty work for you.

So, if you’re reading this, steer clear as you won’t make much.  It’s a waste of time, there are very few games and you will never see that cash out as it will be next to impossible.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so below.

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  • I played easy wall and I only got payed 30 cents. Then I got up to $400 dollars. They had me play games then now I gotta wait 6 days to get paid. What’s going on?

  • Excellent review better and more informative than most. What about the PAYPAL rewards I’ve accumulated that are supposed to be paid after a 7 day “Checking” process.As of 5-17-2023 I am to be expecting $166 in 2days 10hours and $500 in 4days 6hours.

  • I have been playing a game, and although I’m not sure what I did differently, I now have several payouts pending, each exceeding $100. However, it seems that the payouts are being processed in the order they were requested, following a first-come, first-served approach. Initially, after redeeming my first payout of approximately $200, I had to complete an additional 10 tasks to become eligible for payment. After fulfilling those requirements, I discovered that I was around the 3,000th person in the payment “queue.” It has now been a month and a half, and I’ve moved up to position 917. Progress is slow, but I remain patient. I will provide an update if I actually receive the payment. Interestingly, despite not using the app since then and not actively participating in any games or completing tasks, I am accumulating more pending payments ranging from $5 to $300. I’m unsure why this is happening, but if the initial $200 payment goes through, I assume the other payments will follow suit. I certainly won’t complain about receiving free money, especially in such substantial amounts exceeding $100.

    • Hi Kaila, are you playing on easywall? I have several payouts waiting as well but don’t know what missions they are referring to that I have to complete before payout. Please advise, and also have you gotten paid yet?

  • So the app payed me $1.40
    But like others I’m waiting on the big payout.
    But now that I know I have to be queue after the 6day wait we shall see

    Anybody received they big money please update. As I will do the same

  • I tried to view Easy Wall, its from India, been waiting 6 days on $199.98 my queue #2044, I have 888.08bin queue at 4203. have more that could send, but it wants me to complete other approved cashouts, but I’m done downloading and watching videos until I get my previous cashouts. I time stamped pictures and videos…I will post it, I don’t care about their disclaimer, they don’t care about my cashout.