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Enjeo is a company that states you can “earn money in your spare time through referring others to enroll in products by simply sending them your unique product links.”

Recently, someone left a comment on the site, asking me if I have ever heard of this company.  As there are a ton of companies that claim you can make money, many of which are not worth your time, I have never even come across this company name.  Plugging in the company name in my favorite keyword research tool, it appeared to have a lot of interest, so people must be advertising these links.

So, the question today is if it’s worth it?

Is it as easy as getting a link and making money?  Is it as easy as it sounds?

We’re about to find out.

What is Enjeo?

According to the official website, Enjeo allows you to refer anyone, from friends to family, with products they are already familiar with.  You share a link, you get paid if they make the purchase.   You can also get paid if you refer people to promote the same links you do. The claims are quite vague, not really letting you know what you’re going to promote.  But, hey, that’s what this review is for, right?

I couldn’t find much in terms of who operates their website, only that the website was started in 2011.  This is usually a red flag but not always.  In this case, red flags are already being raised, between the vagueness of what’s expected of you and who operates this company.  You never know, though.

Signing up for Enjeo

If you were to sign up for Enjeo, they first ask you to create an account, which is said to be free.

At first, everything sounds great, but in the end, they ask for your checking/savings account information to pay you?  

Let me tell you that I have reviewed quite a few platforms and I have never witnessed something like this.  While they may be saying the truth and want it for payment purposes, 99.9% of the legitimate companies out there will ask you for this information later on.  In fact, most will pay you via PayPal or a physical check and won’t ask for this information at all.  I didn’t like it as all, but hey, I added my account number to see what happens.

To sign up, you must reside in the United States and be at least 18+ years old.

For the purpose of this review, I signed up to let you know what happens next.

NOTE:  It let me right in and didn’t take out any money.  I just found it fishy to ask for it.

How Enjeo Works

After you complete the sign-up process, you can continue to your portal, which will look something like this…

At first glance, it looks quite professional.  It’s clean and fairly easy to manage.   Most of it is straight forward.

On your dashboard, you can view your customers, which are the ones you sign up, the affiliate link, which you will share to make money, as well as your downline.  Similar to that of an MLM, the more people you refer and the more people they refer, you can make money from that strategy as well.  Just take a look at the screenshot above to see how a downline works.

You can also check out your earnings report as you earn money as well as your commission rates for various products.

How Do You Make Money With Enjeo?

This is the most important question.  How the heck do you make money with Enjeo?

Well, looking at the site, you can refer other people to promote products for you and you can refer customers as well.

For example, if you look at that dashboard, I could promote a roadside assistance mini plan.  If I were to send that offer to potential customers using my special link, I would get a cut of the sale, about $1.25 for every person that signs up.  As long as they used my link, I would get credit.

Aside from the roadside assistant plan, they had other plans as well, including a realty listing plan, a credit monitor plan and public records mini plan, all of which cost about $1 per week.  These plans also pay you a $1~ commission rate.

If I were to get someone else to promote it as well, I would get a referral bonus, usually about $5~, but they will have to meet certain requirements.  What you promote is greatly dependent on what you make.

This is well-known as affiliate marketing and it’s 100% legitimate.  The only thing that Enjeo adds into the mix is that you refer people and make money from them and their downline as well.

If you were to use Enjeo links, you could share them on social media accounts, run ads, share with friends or even create a blog/video targeting the products you’re promoting.   This strategy can be used for any affiliate marketing strategy, however.

Is Enjeo a Scam?

No.  Enjeo isn’t a scam as they do pay.  I can see what they are trying to do, and it’s not new to the internet world.  It’s just not a platform I would recommend.

While it’s not a scam per se, I feel the platform isn’t worth your time.  Just think of it.  How many people would you have to refer to make a comfortable living?  50,000 customers a year?  It’s just not plausible using this strategy.  How many people could you refer who would want to do the same thing?  It’s not going to be many.

Instead, what I recommend you do is consider affiliate marketing, taking the same approach, but building your own brand.  It can work, but it will take a lot of work.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the concept is fine and you could make money, but I wouldn’t put Enjeo high on the list, simply because they don’t have a lot of offers available.  I feel you can make much more money elsewhere using the same strategy.

As mentioned, this is known as affiliate marketing, and it’s 100% legitimate.  Hundreds of thousands of websites make money using special links.  Heck, I even do.  I just don’t use a platform like this one.

If you’re interested in promoting companies using a special link, then I would highly recommend you go an entirely another route and highly consider promoting your own website, focused on a niche.  This deserves its own book, but you can find so much on the topic on YouTube and Udemy.  Just be prepared to spend hours learning the system as well what seems like months to see results.  Hey, money doesn’t come easy!

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