Enroll App Review: Simple Questions for Cash?

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According to the company, the Enroll app lets you take quick usability tests to help “make the web a better place.”   In short, you will be asked to answer some very simple questions, and for your time, they will then reward you with cash, in which you can cash out via PayPal.

If you like the idea of answering super short surveys and love sharing your feedback, then it may be an app to consider.

In today’s review, I download it, play with it and let you know everything you need to know on how you can succeed and make the most money possible.  As with all of my reviews, I’m always 100% honest and would never recommend something I wouldn’t use.

With that out of the way, let’s jump in and see if the Enroll app is worthy of taking up space on your phone.

What is the Enroll App?

The Enroll app was designed to help companies make better choices when interacting with their customers.  Before releasing a logo, article, app, or even a website, for instance, they will turn to a consumer, such as yourself, and ask for your feedback.  Does the logo look nice?  What don’t you like? These are some of the questions you may see, which you are expected to answer honestly.

In using your feedback, they can then apply it and hopefully make their product that much better.  It’s a win-win.  You get paid for your time and the company releases a product that makes them more money.

As mentioned in my intro, it’s one of the many companies out there that helps in this regard, but not all of them are honest, unfortunately.  This can be said about any industry, however.

Is it Legitimate?

Yes!  The website is 100% legitimate and won’t scam you in the slightest.  They do pay and don’t appear to signal any spam red flags online.

While it’s legitimate, it doesn’t mean it’s worth your time, however.  That’s the main reason I like to do these reviews!

Signing Up for the Enroll App

To sign up, you can do so right on the official website.  While I wrote this, I didn’t see an app, so it appears you can only sign up via the website, at least for now.

At first, it will ask for your email and a password, as well as to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.  It’s pretty standard stuff.

After you confirm your email, you will then have to log in and complete your personal profile, most of which asks for your name, your PayPal address, the languages you speak and a few other questions.  Completing this profile only takes about five minutes at most.

To qualify as a participant, you only need to be 13+ years old.  Unlike most sites that have country restrictions, anyone, from anywhere, can join.  It’s 100% free.

Enroll App Dashboard

Immediately after you complete your profile, you can then access your dashboard, which will look something like this:

On you this dashboard, you can start answering poll questions as well as see if there are any available tests.  You can also see which mission you’re on, the badges you have earned as well as your point total.  There’s not much to it and most of it is self-explanatory.

Usually, when you first start out, there will not be any available tests, simply due to the fact that you haven’t answered any poll questions yet.  The more poll questions you answer, the better your chances are of getting a test.  Plus, you can make some “serious” progress toward your next mission, too.

When you do get a test, however, you will see a notification on your dashboard that looks something like this:

Just click on that link and take the quick test.  It only takes a minute or so to do.

For now, start answering a few of the poll questions and continue to do so to see if you can see any tests pop up as well as gain progress toward your next mission.

The Missions

Enroll uses a “mission” approach that allows you to earn badges as you use the site.  The more points you earn, the more badges you can earn as well as move up the ranks.

And, to earn points, you can do so by answering poll questions, simply signing into your account and/or completing a test.

Whenever you reach 1,000 points, you can move onto the next mission.

Granted, while the points are not worth money, it’s considered to be a “fun” way to add to your experience.  Picture it no differently than earning a badge in a video game.  The only perk in gaining points is that you have a greater chance at earning more tests, at least according to the FAQ.

How Much Can I Earn?

Every test you take will last no longer than two minutes.  This is much quicker than most tests you’re probably used to taking on many of the survey sites I have talked about.  While this is a huge perk, the biggest downfall is that you only get paid $0.10+ per test, according to the website FAQ.

Yes, it’s not much, but how many tests you receive will greatly depend on your demographics as well as how active you are on the site.  If you never log in and take advantage of the badges as mentioned prior, then you could receive fewer tests than someone who logs in daily and contributes to the poll questions.

The lesson here is to at least play around with the site and see how many surveys you can get.  Remember, you will only get paid for tests, not polls.  To know if it’s a test, simply check beneath the “Available Tests” tab to see if anything is available.

In the end, I have no answer, but from digging around online, it appears most people get a few tests a month, maybe five to 10~ at most.

TIP:  Enable your email notifications so that you know when a test is available.

When Will I Get Paid?

The great thing about Enroll is that you only need $1 to meet the minimum threshold.  This is one of the lowest thresholds in the industry.  The only downfall, however, if that payments are only released once a month on the 11th, for all work that was completed in the previous month.

So, if you did $10 in tests in March and it’s now April, your April 11th payment would be $10.

Since the company has a $1 minimum threshold, all payments are not sent until you reach this payout.

To know your total balance, you can do so via the “financials” tab found in the dashboard.

Here, you can see your total balance, the payout balance as well as the payout date.  It will also show your PayPal address that’s on file.

The Pros and Cons

And, lastly, like in most of my reviews, I always scour the web and see what other people have to say about the app.  Below, you will see that I broke down both the pros and cons, making for easy skimming.

The Pros

  • $1 minimum payment
  • very simple tests
  • easy to use

The Cons

  • few tests/invites to take
  • won’t make a ton

Final Thoughts

5/10I don’t think you will make much with the Enroll app, but you can at least sign up and see if you get any tests.  It’s very demographic dependent.  How much you use the site can affect how many surveys you get as well.  I didn’t get many tests, and when I did, they only took a minute to complete, so that was nice.  These tests, sadly, only paid me a total of $0.20.  It’s not much, as you can imagine.

If you’re a fan of the very simple survey-like sites, then this is one to test out, but don’t expect to get rich.  In fact, you may be lucky enough to make $5 a month.  As long as you have that mindset, it won’t be nearly as bad, I suppose.

Now, I will open the podium to you.

Have you ever tried this website?

What did you like about it?  Are you still doing it?

Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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