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Envelope Stuffing Jobs from Home? Does it Work?

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As a kid, I remember the first “at home” job ad I ever saw was on a bulletin board inside my local grocery store.

Intrigued about this opportunity, the advertisement said I could make hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars from home simply stuffing envelopes from home.  Thinking to myself, I thought it would be awesome to start up a little enterprise, maybe hiring some friends and making more money than any teenager ever would.  It sounded great, but again, I was only 15, I think.

Well, being naive at that age, I soon found out that the company I contacted wanted money from me to start working to buy a “so-called” kit.  I soon found out this job wasn’t what I expected.  It was more of pay a fee and then stuff the envelopes in hopes someone buys what I’m mailing to them.  I will talk about the technique later on in this post.

This brings me to the post I’m creating today.

The other day I was researching for the website and happened to come across someone who asked about envelope stuffing jobs.  I was shocked to see such an opportunity still exist!

Again, interested about this opportunity and how it works today, I figured I would save you the trouble and talk about the scams, and sometimes, the legitimate opportunities I researched in this field.  As always, may posts are always 100% honest and will never con you in any way.

In this post, I will talk about how you will not make money and how it works in general.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, you will have a better idea as to why you shouldn’t even consider this option.

How Does Envelope Stuffing Work?

If you happened to come across an envelope stuffing job, it usually works in one of a few ways, all of which I will explain below…

Upfront Fees for a List

Generally, the most popular way these companies make money is simply via upfront fees.  Someone will tell you to pay $X, and in exchange, they will offer you a list of companies in which you can apply to.  Basically, they are giving you a list of companies that want to hire envelope stuffers, many of which are scams in itself or simply don’t exist!

In short, NONE of these companies will want to hire you.

Refer Your Friends and Make Money!

Just like the company list, another popular way is via what’s known as a starter kit.  This is the very method I was presented with and is very common in the envelope stuffing world.

How this works is that a company/individual will ask you to pay for a kit, and in exchange, this kit may tell you which companies are hiring or how the industry works.  It doesn’t pay you at all.  Rather, it will emphasize that you should push this very kit to your friends and family to become rich.  So, if you paid $30, why not tell your parents to pay $30 for the same information that doesn’t help you whatsoever!?

Stuff for Cash

In some cases, you may find a job that actually pays you to stuff envelopes, but here’s the thing.  You will have to print out the material, stuff and pay out of pocket for the stamps.  In exchange, you will then have to mail out these advertisements to either a targeted list or people you know in hopes they sign up for what’s inside your ad.

Much like commission made online if you clicked on a special link, this would work in a similar way.

For example, let’s say you were asked to promote a “make money eBook.”  You would get a special link, and if anyone clicked on it and signed up, you would get a chunk of that sale.  If you made, let’s say $10 per sale, you better hope that every 5 to 10 envelopes you send out make you a sale or else you won’t make any cash.  Instead, you can count on losing hundreds just in stamps and time.  Chances are no one will sign up, but maybe one in 10,000.  It’s not worth it!

Some Legit Companies Exist, But…

You may be able to find a company that does pay you to stuff envelopes from home, but you will often find that your job isn’t good enough or they will nit pick your work. After you spend your money on shipping in the hopes they reimburse you, you’re left with nothing but a negative balance.

This is their end game, no matter how great you think you are.

Envelope Stuffing Jobs Don’t Exist!

In conclusion, I hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to find an envelope stuffing job.  I have searched forever and have yet to find one that’s even remotely legit.  And, if you do, you’re only making that person/company richer if you were to sign up.

Think about it.  Today, technology allows companies to mass mail with a push of a button.  Do you think those credit card applications are sent out manually?  NO!

These scams are so prevalent that the FTC created a warning on its website.  Now, that’s telling you something.

If you like the idea of stuffing envelopes, I suppose you may be able to find a legitimate job via Indeed or such, but you will have to show up and work a nine to five.  This may not be something you’re looking for.

For example, I searched some job postings and did find some administrative work where you were asked to stuff envelopes with promotional material, etc, but you had to perform other duties as well.  Again, it’s a typical job that you probably can’t do from home.

Final Thoughts

If you want to work from home, start with the “make money” category in the menu above.   Here, you will find so many legitimate ways to make money from home and won’t scam you like the envelope stuffing industry does.

Some of my favorites include these 20+ email support jobs, 100+ part-time remote jobs, and the more than 200+ stay at home mom jobs.  There are many more, whether you want to make $10 a day or $1,000 a month, it can be done.

In the meantime, if you ever see an envelope stuffing opportunity, it’s best to run, no matter how great it sounds.  Remember as that old saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true…”  Well, I think you know the rest.

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