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20+ Email Support Jobs Only (From Home)

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If you want to work from home, many people have the assumption that most entry-level jobs require talking over the phone.

And, while there’s some truth to this, there are a lot of jobs that require no talking, only typing, either via a chat box in real-time or via email.  These jobs are out there, but you just need to know where to look.

That’s where this post will help you.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the many companies and resources that you can use if you want to solely want to work from home answering emails.  These jobs require no talking over the phone nor do you have to meet face to face.  It’s 100% remote work.

As with all of my guides, all of the companies I’m about to mention are 100% legit and should be one to consider if you like the idea of an email support job.  As a quick note, not all of these companies are hiring, but if you like what you see, I would bookmark that particular page and keep coming back until a listing is active.  Also, you may find that a lot of these jobs may require you to do much more than just email support, so keep that in mind as well.

20+ Email Support Jobs from Home

NOTE:  I tried to only include the larger companies that always seem to be hiring.  There are a lot of smaller companies that hire on occasions, but I will tell you how to find these opportunities near the end of the list.


If you want an entry-level job that seems to pay quite well, then Apple is one consider.   Yes, the company responsible for making iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc.

This job is highly coveted and so popular that I wrote about the job in detail in the past.  It’s one of the best on this list.

Basically, as an “at home” advisor, you will provide tech support over the phone, via chat and even through email.  Apple provides great training, offers benefits and the pay is quite competitive.

The job isn’t always readily available as they tend to hire in sprees, usually during the holidays, but to see if there are any openings today, you can check the link below.


Concentrix, a Fortune 500 company, focuses on providing outsourced business process services, acting as a middle man of sorts.

Like a few of the staffing agencies I list, this company always has a ton of work-from-home jobs to browse through, including multiple email support jobs.  You just have to be quick as the good ones go fast.

To find these jobs, refer to the official job search link below and browse the titles to see which one may suit your needs.  If you need help, they even have a live chat agent who can help you in your job hunt.


Conduent is the “world’s largest provider of diversified business process services,” working with both government and commercial customers, primarily with the healthcare industry.

The company often posts multiple work-from-home jobs weekly, but you will have to filter them out to find email support-like jobs.

Like Concentrix, this is another staffing agency-like company.


Throughout the world, eBay almost always has hundreds of work-from-home opportunities available, including many for its subsidiary, StubHub.

With most of these jobs, you do need to live 30 miles from the city mentioned in the ad, but seeing they have locations almost everywhere, it doesn’t hurt to at least see if there’s an active listing near you.  There’s a good chance there’s a location near you.

Most of their work-at-home jobs deal with customer support, with many being email/chat support related.  Refer to the official link below to see all of the current eBay remote opportunities.


Github is basically a place where programmers go to share codes, with millions of users using it today.

With this many members, there’s a high need for customer support, an at-home position commonly posted on the company’s career website.

Email support jobs range from account support to tech support but do keep in mind that if you’re interested, experience is often necessary depending on the position.


One of the internet’s largest dating website commonly posts email support jobs on its career page.

While most of your interactions are done via email, you may be asked to perform other customer support tasks as well.

Kelly Connect

Founded in 1946, Kelly is one of the largest staffing agencies today.

Working similar to that of a job search engine, Kelly Connect will personally help you find an at-home job, including many email support-like jobs.  Out of all the staffing agencies, this is one of my favorites and is often recommended on many of the reputable work-from-home websites online.

If interested in working at home with one of the many Kelly Connect providers, refer to the link below to read what they are looking for in someone as well as browse the current listings to see what’s available at this time.


LivePerson hires a variety of customer service agents, ranging from chats to emails.  You will just need to filter through the results to find what you’re looking for via the link below.

Founded in 1994, the company works with more than 18,000 businesses and was considered the pioneer in the live chat function on websites.


In short, ModSquad provides moderation and customer support for a brand’s social media profile, message board community, etc.

The currently work with some bigger brands, such as the NFL, Warner Brothers, and PBS Kids, to name a few and their portfolio continues to grow.

On occasions, you can find email support-like gigs, but you will have to be fast as they tend to go quick.


OutPLEX has been recognized as one of the leading call centers and customer contact organizations.

Right now, the company is looking to staff professionals who want to work from home, usually assisting customers in one way or another, either via chat, email, phone or a mix of both.

There are a quite a few listings, so if you’re just looking for email support jobs only, be sure to read the job descriptions to make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with.


Progressive insurance is known to offer a ton of work-at-home opportunities, but much like eBay, you will need to live 60 miles from the local office to qualify.

Looking at the listings, the pay starts at $16+ per hour with a ton of room for advancement and salary increases.

To find these listings, the link below will direct you to the many openings as of today.


According to the company, Sykes provides business process outsourcing services, IT consulting and IT-enabled services, such as technical support and customer service.

The company almost always has a ton of work-at-home job opportunities available, all of which you can view via the link below.  When I was writing this, for example, there were more than 140+ active listings.

Do keep in mind that many of these jobs do require that you talk over the phone, but on occasions, you can find some that don’t.


As one of the largest ridesharing platforms, Uber often hires customer service agents responsible for both chat and email inquiries.  You will be responsible for helping both drivers and customers on the platform.

The jobs aren’t always available, but you can keep the link below bookmarked for any available opportunities.

Pay is said to start at about $10+ per hour with both part- and full-time options available.


VIPdesk helps provide customer service for businesses around the globe “however, wherever and whenever customers need it.”  Today, many brands rely on this company to help provide highly personalized service.

Many of their at-home customer support jobs include everything from inbound phone calls to social media, SMS and even email support.

Like a lot of these options, you will have to filter out your results, but I can promise you that at-home email support jobs do exist with this company.  Follow the link below for the most active job opportunities.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions partners with clients from many industries, helping connect them with experienced professionals.  Picture them like a staffing agency of sorts.

The great thing about this company is that they work mainly with at-home working gigs, so just about every job you view on their job board can be done from home.

Follow the link below, filter the customer support jobs and see what kind of opportunities are available right now.

How to Find Smaller Companies

Consider Signing up With FlexJobs

I have mentioned FlexJobs quite a bit on a lot of many make money posts, and it’s for a very good reason.

In short, this premium service finds you the most recent, legitimate work-at-home jobs that are guaranteed to be scam-free, listing them all in an easy-to-read list.  It’s always updated and there’s something for everyone, even if you don’t have any experience.

You do have to pay a small fee to access the database, however, seeing there are a ton of scams in the industry, I found it very valuable to find thousands of honest jobs I didn’t know existed.  Worst case, you can sign up for a few dollars, get a job and then cancel once your job hunt is over with.  I promise you that it’s worth the money.

Check out Upwork

If you’re serious about working online as a freelancer in any industry, then should be at the top of your list to find a job.  In short, this website is designed to help you find jobs in almost any industry, including email support.   Being one of the larger names, you can find thousands of jobs or even create a profile so that potential employers can contact you.

While you will have to pay to use the platform, it’s usually worth the investment as jobs are added by the hour.  For instance, while I was writing this, there were more than 300+ email support jobs alone that you could apply to.  This didn’t include the thousands of virtual assistant-like roles.

Almost all of these jobs are often posted by smaller companies or entrepreneurs, but nonetheless, it’s an option to earn money while working from home.

I recommend you at least check the job portal out to see what’s out there. If you like what you see, then you can decide if it’s worth signing up for.

Use Indeed to Find Companies

A lot of the companies I already mentioned often hire email support agents, but sometimes, some legitimate companies only hire on occasions.

For this reason, I recommend you check out the internet’s largest job portal,  If you’re unfamiliar with the website, it’s basically the Google of job searches.  Just type in the job you want and it pulls job listings from tens of thousands of companies worldwide, displaying the results in an easy-to-read format.

Since you’re looking for a remote job, most companies don’t care where you reside, so be sure to leave the zip code field blank to maximize your results.

In doing this, make sure you read the job description in its entirety to make sure it’s something that you’re comfortable applying for.

Final Thoughts

Today, a lot of your email support jobs are handled by staffing companies overseas, often in India or what you’re going to find out is that you have to do much more than just email.  While that shouldn’t deter you from finding this type of work, just let it be known that it’s quite hard to find something like this in the United States if you just want to email and that’s it.

Even if you find an email support role, it isn’t always just email as your company may ask you to perform other administrative duties as well, such as phone duties.  All jobs vary.

Aside from this guide, I also encourage you to check out a post I wrote in the past highlighting more than 100+ non-phone work-from-home jobs.  In this post, I give you many more ideas if you want more than just email support gigs.

There are a lot of non-talking jobs out there if that’s your thing, but you will just have to be diligent in your hunt to get something that suits your needs.  In some cases, you may have to just buckle up and do more than just email if you want to increase your chances at landing a gig.

If you found a job and/or you want to add a company to the list, then you’re more than welcome to email me via the contact form or comment below!

In the meantime, explore the many companies/websites above to hopefully find an at-home email support job that works for you.  Best of luck.

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