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Best 45+ Paying Weekend Only Jobs… Guaranteed!

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For whatever the reason may be, you may be looking for a part-time weekend only job.

As this is often the busiest time of the week for a lot of industries, you may be in luck as there may be more than enough companies willing to hire you just for Saturday and Sunday work.  As you’re about to find out, there are a ton.

Whether you want to work whenever you want or you’re looking for a part-time gig, I wanted to explore the many options that could suit your needs.  And, as always, I try to include as many choices as possible that can make you a nice chunk of change.

Let’s begin…

Best 45+ Paying Weekend Only Jobs

Help Research Companies

As a fair warning, this option will not pay you a living wage, but it could add $50, $100 or even $250+ a month, all dependent upon how many companies you sign up.  Plus, you can work whenever you want.

In short, these research companies work with prominent brands that need your opinion on a variety of future service/products, etc.  You just need to answer questions; that’s it!

In exchange for your time, these research companies will pay you for your time, sometimes as much as $50+!  While the average survey pays about $0.50 to $5 each, they do add up if you’re able to complete a few in an hour.  And, if you join a few companies, you should almost always have a never-ending list of opportunities.

I personally play around with Swagbucks, LifePoints, Pinecone Research, and SurveyJunkie and easily make $200+ a month.  The great thing about all of these options is that you can work whenever you please.  Just log into your dashboard, complete the surveys and get rewarded for your time.  You can start in as little as two minutes.

Deliver Food or Groceries

This is probably my favorite option as I personally do it in my free time whenever I need a few extra dollars or even want to get out of the house.  All of the apps I about to mention work in the same way, where you can turn on the app, start working, or in some cases, you may need to sign up for a small schedule, usually lasting no more than two hours at a time.  Like a job, you will need to apply and get accepted, but seeing the qualifications are quite low, you shouldn’t have a problem as long as your background and driving record is clean.

If interested in delivering food or even groceries, I highly recommend you check out Uber, DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, Instacart and Shipt as these are the big players in the industry.  You can even view more ways to earn money with your car.  You can also check out my grocery delivery company list if interested in even more options.  Sign up for as many as you can and start playing around with them in your neighborhood to see what works best for you.  Seeing every market is different from the next, you may find one app works better another.

Once you get the hang of these apps and learn how to work them, it’s not hard to make $25+ an hour, especially on the weekends.  Again, you need to study your market as it is easy to lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.  To learn more, I do recommend you check out local Facebook groups to see what other drivers are doing.

Amazon mTurk

If you want to work on your own time from home, then you may want to look in the Amazon-owned mTurk platform.

In short, mTurk allows you to complete simple micro jobs and usually pays anywhere from $0.01 to $0.25 each.  I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, however, if you get good enough, you can easily average $8+ an hour, sometimes much more.  Like a lot of these options, it can take a while to learn about the market to truly capitalize, so don’t get too down on yourself if you don’t make a ton of money in the beginning.

To learn more about mTurk and how you can start making money, I recommend this subreddit and highly-rated and low-cost ebook, Side Hustle From Home: How To Make Money Online With Amazon Mechanical Turk.  You can also check out a few guides I have written: how to make $50 a day on mTurk and how to find HITs worth Turking for.

Besides mTurk, there are other websites that work in a similar way — Clickworker and Appen.


Parents love to take a date night often on the weekends, so there’s really no better time to offer your services as this time is almost always in demand.  This could be an awesome weekend job for college students and even teenagers.

As long as you don’t mind watching children for a few hours, it could pay upwards of $50+ for the night, all dependent upon what they are willing to pay as well as how many children they have.

And, thanks to the internet, finding babysitting jobs are easier than ever, with, SitterCity, and being some of the largest websites in the industry.  Just create a profile, apply to jobs, and as long as your profile meets their standards, there’s no reason you can’t at least get a reply.  Parents can also browse profiles, so there could be a great chance someone finds yours.


A lot of catering companies and even local bars would love to hire you as a bartender for just the weekends, seeing this one of the busiest times of the week.

While you do need knowledge in mixing drinks, you can either consider learning on your own, attend a local bartending school or even see if a local bar is willing to train you.  If they are desperate for the help, especially if you’re willing to commit to the weekends, you may be able to find someone who says yes.

To find these jobs, talk with a few caterers in your area or even use some of the most popular job boards, such as Indeed, to see what you can find.

Start a Blog

I have been in the online blogging industry since 2006, and while I’m not a guru talking about the many ways to make money in doing so, let me just say that I have made a comfortable living in blogging.  It’s my full-time job!  Yes, it’s a lot of work, but if you have the patience to succeed and don’t expect thousands on day one, it’s amazing how much you can make once get things in place.

The art of blogging isn’t that hard to understand, but it’s just that many people don’t take action.  If you have the determination to learn and work hard, then blogging is probably one of the best weekend jobs to consider.

I would love to teach you how to blog, but for now, I’m going to direct you to some of my favorites such as the blog, Authority Hacker and the guys over at Income School.  All of these options offer a ton of free advice to help you start succeeding online right now.

Craigslist is a Gold Mine

Check out Craigslist, particularly the “Gigs” section to see if any of these jobs appeal to you.  While most of them will be a one-time deal, you may find something that you could do more than once.

From helping someone move to a household project, there’s something for everyone.  When I took a look while writing this, I saw 100s for just today.  Of course, it’s going to be market-dependent, but I can assure you there are a few jobs no matter where you live.

Cook Dinners for Others

This is a unique idea if you love to cook and feel like you could entertain a group of random strangers.

Known as, this cool website allows you to become a host, wherein you can create a profile and basically create your own food experience.  Looking at the website, it appears that homemade meals, just as you would make from home, would be quite the hit.

Most options range from $20 to $50+ per person, but of course, you need to factor in the food expenses to figure out what you could make.

Customer Service from Home

If you want a true part-time job that assigns you to a schedule, then you may want to consider one of the many at-home customer service job options.

As long as you don’t mind talking on the phone or even dealing with the public via e-mail and/or chat boxes, then it could be something to consider.  There are a ton of companies that hire from home, so it’s hard to list them all here, but one of the most popular companies you can check out is Liveops.  Thankfully, I did write about the major players in the industry in my 101+ non-phone work-from-home post, and I also talked about Apple, one of the largest companies in the world that hire at-home advisors who want to work from home.

Most of the jobs work no different than a part- or full-time job, wherein you will have to abide by a schedule and in some cases, even receive benefits.

Become a DJ

Good with music?  Have the right equipment?

As long as you have an outgoing personality and can play the right hits, you shouldn’t have a hard time playing music at a gig.  The only hard part is finding the people who want to hire you.  Like many of these ideas, it will take work to get off your feet, but seeing a DJ job is the perfect opportunity for weekend work, it’s yet another one to consider.

To become a DJ or even market an already existing DJ business, I highly recommend a few of these very low-cost eBooks on Amazon.

Become a Freelancer in Almost Anything

Freelance work is a wonderful way to work on your own and from the comforts of your home, or anywhere for that matter.

As there are so many ways to make money online, check out Upwork or even Fiverr to see what kind of jobs are being posted.  If you feel you have the talents to complete the job, create a profile and start bidding.  It could be hard at first if you have no reviews, but as you prove yourself, you could soon have a ton of work as your reviews start to rise!

To learn how to succeed at freelancing, I highly recommend the highly-rated books, 7 Steps to High-Income Freelancing: Get the clients you deserve and The Fiverr Master Class.

Graphic Design

There’s no doubt that graphic design is on the rise.  From creating website logos to Instagram infographics, the work seems to be never-ending.

Out of all the options I list, this will be a tough market to crack as you will need to market yourself, but if you do it the right way, you could turn this into a full-time gig.  I haven’t written about this career in-depth just yet, but for now, I would recommend checking out and Fiverr to at least get started.  This highly-rated book, How to Be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul, can also teach you the in’s and out’s of the industry to help you succeed.

House Sitting

Don’t want to watch pets or even children?  No problem as there are homeowners who often need their house watched.

From checking in for a few minutes while someone is away to staying overnight, this could quite possibly be one of the easiest weekend gigs on the list.  While not all of these house sitting jobs will require just watching a home, some may ask you to watch after a small pet or even tend to a garden, etc.  All jobs will be different but expect to make $40+ per visit.

To find a house sitting job, I recommend,, and  You can also refer to my house sitting guide, where I talk about even more options.

Flip Stuff

This could be a fun job if you like visiting garage sales or even your local thrift store.

Known as flipping, this is the process of finding something that you can buy and essentially turn around right away and sell online.  From selling books on Amazon to finding hidden gems at a garage sale, you can do this will just about anything, including cars and houses.  You just need to know what you’re doing.

In the past, I have dabbled with book flipping and did quite well.  It doesn’t take much to learn, but for now, I would recommend the many flipping courses on Udemy to help you succeed.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is an awesome way to get paid to shop and get free products/services as well.

In short, as a mystery shopper, you will be asked to visit a store undercover and rate your experience, from talking with an employee to judging the cleanliness of the store.  All of the jobs vary, but as the name implies, you will be a mystery.

Most mystery shopping jobs pay anywhere from $5 to $50+ each, and since you’re an independent contractor, you get to choose which jobs you want and when you want to work.  There are a ton of mystery shopping companies out there, most of which I covered in this post, but for now, I would start with Bestmark and IntelliShop if interested.

Pet Sitter

Whether it’s walking a dog or even babysitting someone’s pet at their home, there are hundreds of people who need your help, especially on the weekends when many leave town for a few days.

The great thing about the internet is that it’s very easy to find people who need help.  It’s just up to you to offer aggressive rates and do good work so that people keep coming back.  As long as you do a good job and your clients leave great reviews, you could soon have more work than imagined.

To find pet sitting jobs, I highly recommend,, and  Here you can create a profile, bid on jobs and see who needs help in your area.  There are many more as well, many of which I covered in my 11+ dog sitting websites.


Weddings, birthday parties, and even graduation photos are often scheduled for the weekend, making for a great weekend job opportunity.

Sure, while you need the skill to take video and pictures, it can be an art that can be learned like many others.  Like any freelancing business, it can be hard to get started, but there are quite a few low-cost books that can jumpstart your career as well as websites that will pay you for your pictures.


If you’re the type who has the skill to find errors, then you may want to consider a freelancing proofreading gig.  Much like freelance writers, there’s quite the demand for proofreaders as well.

From freelancing gigs to working with companies, I encourage you to check out these 60+ companies that may be hiring proofreaders at this moment.


Many youth sports games are played on Saturday morning/afternoons, making for a great opportunity to make up to $100 for the day.

You won’t make a ton, but it could be a great choice if you want to stay active and you love sports in general.  To find these types of jobs, you can check with your local Parks and Recreation department or even email a few local third-party sports leagues.  You will find that they are almost always looking for a referee, even without any certifications or training.

Rent Out a Room or Your Home

If you don’t mind sharing your space with strangers or even renting out your entire home for the weekend, then Airbnb could easily make you a few hundred dollars a week.  As you probably know, Airbnb is the go-to travel booking website for those who are looking for a place to stay aside from the typical hotels.  Almost everyone you rent from on this platform will be a homeowner who’s willing to let you stay for the time being.

The nice thing about this platform is that you can choose when you want to rent out your room/house and also pick and choose who you want to stay with you.   Just list your room/home and see who wants to stay.  Where you live and how much you list your room for will greatly determine how much money you can make.

Retail Work

You won’t make much in the retail field, but these types of companies are almost always looking for help, even if you can work on the weekends only.

Seeing this is almost always the busiest time of the week, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a retailer that’s willing to hire you (as long as you’re hireable, of course).  To find a retail job, I highly recommend search Indeed or even asking on a local Facebook group to see what companies are looking for weekend help.


I’m not a fan of driving strangers around, but there are many of you who don’t mind.  That’s fine.  If you don’t mind driving around people in your car, I would highly recommend looking into either Uber or Lyft as these are really the bigger players in the industry.   There are other smaller companies out there, but frankly, they aren’t worth your time, at least not yet.

Like the food delivery apps mentioned above, it’s so important to learn how your market works as each one is very different.  If you can learn how your market works, it’s not hard to earn at least $25+ per hour, sometimes much more if you work the later weekend nights.  Again, it takes some time to learn, so don’t expect to be a money-making pro on day one.

Rent out Your Background for Dogs to Roam

I found this option to be pretty cool, only if you love dogs and have a backyard to roam.

Known as Sniffpsot, the company lets you rent out your backyard to dog owners, who essentially come to your home and allows their dogs to run freely.  Looking at the listings, rate range from $5 to $20+ per hour, and as an owner, you really don’t have to do anything but let the owner in.

With this app, you can meet new dogs and people, earn a passive income and it’s free to list.  Not only that, but the company will also include a $1 million host protection insurance policy.

Rent Out Your Car

I have talked about this method in the past, particularly in my make money with your pickup truck and best passive income apps posts, but did you know you can rent out your car to earn some money in your free time?

Like Airbnb, it works in a similar way, only that you will connect renters with your car.  And, depending on where you live and what kind of car you’re offering, it’s no unheard of making $40+ a day in doing so.

If interested, be sure to check out the two bigger names in the industry, Turo and GetAround.  Both of these options have high reviews and even provide insurance to protect your assets while your car isn’t in your possession.

Search Engine Evaluator

This very popular online job requires you to rate search engine queries and is ideal for someone who is looking for a part-time job, including those who only want a job for the weekend.  I talked about these opportunities for a bit in my get paid to search the web post.

Depending on which company you work with, you may have to commit to a certain number of hours, but it’s often not much.  If interested, consider checking out some of the bigger names such as Appen.  You can also refer to this post to learn more about what this position has to offer.

Complete Tasks with TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit works like the delivery/ridesharing apps I mentioned earlier, wherein you can basically turn on an app and start working.

As a “Tasker,” you can browse a job board in your local city, with jobs ranging from picking up groceries to mounting a TV.  You will find jobs for almost anything.  And, like these other apps, you can browse the jobs and select the ones you like.  If the person who posted the job likes your profile, then you can agree upon a time via the chat and start the job.

Depending on what you do, jobs range anywhere from $30 to $100s, making for a great weekend gig that you can perform on your own time.

Teach English Online

As a note here, you will need a bachelor’s degree to be considered for a fair majority of these job opportunities.  If you want to earn $22+ an hour and don’t mind teaching children overseas, then this could be a job for you.  It’s a flexible gig that only requires a few hours of your time, most of which can be done on the weekends.  In fact, this is when most of your work will be done as it tends to be the busiest times.

I wrote about the many legitimate companies currently hiring, but some of the most popular include VIPKid and SayABC.  Again, these companies do require a bachelor’s degree, so if you have one, consider researching this opportunity more as it’s a wonderful way to make $22+ an hour on the weekends.

Become a Transcriptionist

Can you type fast?  Can you type what you hear?

If so, you may want to consider become a transcriptionist as there are a ton of online companies that allow you to work at your own pace whenever you want.  Most of the time, they don’t even require experience.  They just ask that you pass a skills test.

Kind of like writing, which I mention later on, this is a bit different as you won’t have to think of what to write; rather, you will just type what you hear.  There are a ton of transcriptions online, most of which I covered here.  I highly recommend you check out my in-depth list if interested.


Don’t want to teach the English language to Chinese children?  That’s fine as you could consider tutoring instead, either online or in person.  Some popular topics include statistics, economics, computer science, math, biology and any other school subject you can think of.

Most of these options will require a degree and experience, but if you feel you’re a master of the subject and meet the criteria, then I would recommend looking into, or even  All of these jobs can pay hundreds a week, all of which can be done on the weekends inside the comfort of your home.

But if you want to tutor outside of the house, that can be done as well.  In this case, you could contact local schools, tutoring companies or even agencies to see what kind of work is available.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs are aplenty online, and as long as you don’t mind being a “secretary” to someone in a virtual way, then it could be a job to consider.

I wrote about how to become a virtual assistant in the past, but in short, you will be responsible for anything your boss needs help with.  From answering emails to managing social media accounts, you could be wearing many hats.

If you want to become a virtual assistant, I can’t really recommend a large company, however, the guide I linked to prior can get you on the right path, helping you find a potential job that pays more than $10+ per hour.

Website Testing

This job may not make you rich, but if you don’t mind making anywhere from $5 to $50+ per job, then this could be one to consider.

As a website tester, you will be asked to visit a website or app and share your feedback, usually out loud for a few minutes.  In exchange for your time, these companies will then pay you up to $50, with the payment greatly dependent on who you’re working with and how long the test lasts.

There are quite a few website testing opportunities, but some of my favorites include User Testing and Userfeel, as these three seem to have the most work.

Freelance Writer

You don’t have to be an amazing writer to make money online.  I mean, look at me and this website.  It’s not the greatest work, but I feel my grammar and spelling is doable, right?

If you love to write, there are a ton of people online who want to hire you to write 500+ word pieces, sometimes even much more depending on the work.   You can find these clients on your own, or if you don’t want to do this, that’s fine as there are some great starting points such as Textbroker and iWriter.  These platforms don’t pay the greatest, usually no more than $0.014 per word, but it’s a great way to get your feet wet in the industry.  After you build a portfolio, then you can go onto much better gigs, often pay more than $0.10 per word.

For now, I recommend testing out the two platforms mentioned prior or even checking out of my favorite books online, Make Money As A Freelance Writer: 7 Simple Steps to Start Your Freelance Writing Business and Earn Your First $1,000.  If you take action, there’s no reason you can’t make $50-$150+ during the weekend.

Find a Flexible Work-From-Home Job

I tried to list some of the most popular weekend jobs, but there are so many more than the ones I list here.

To find a somewhat flexible job in your area, I highly recommend FlexJobs (only searches LEGIT at-home jobs), Indeed, SimplyHired and ZipRecruiter, to name a few.  All of these jobs boards work in the same way, wherein you can search for either a job of interest or browse available remote jobs in your area.  As some remote jobs are only available to certain geographical regions, this could be a great way to find a great at-home job in your area.  Be sure to check it out to see what you can find.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to make some money on the side, there are a ton of options, even if you can only want to work on the weekends.

I hope one of these options work for you.  If not, remember that you can use one of the many job search engines, such as Indeed and FlexJobs, to find a job that works for you.

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