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Get Paid Searching the Web [Updated for 2023]

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There’s probably a good chance that you’re already using popular search engines such as Google and Bing a few times a week, maybe even a few times a day.

Well, if you’re already searching for something, what if I told you that you could get paid to perform the same searches you were already performing?  And, you would still see the same results?

All you would need to do is log into one of the websites I’m about to mention and search as usual.  And, yes, all of the websites I’m about to mention are 100% free to join.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the many free websites you can sign up for right now that will reward you to simply search the internet as you already are.

While you won’t get rich in doing this, the points can quickly add up, especially if you perform a few searches daily.

So, if you’re not already getting rewarded for the searches you’re already making, then I highly recommend you at least sign up for one of these many reputable websites to get rewarded for the searches you’re already making.

How to Get Paid for Searching the Web

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

If you want the easiest way to earn money while doing just about anything while browsing the internet, then look no further than the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel.

This 100% free program simply asks that you register and download the software.  That’s it.

In doing this, you’re helping Nielsen Research, one of the most well-known research companies that have been around for 90 years, improve products and services you use every day, essentially building a picture of your internet behavior.

Just for letting it run in the background, Nielsen will offer you rewards every single day just for being active.  The longer you stay around, the more you can earn!

The software is secure and safe and you will get rewarded just for using the internet as you do today as long as it’s active.   Whether it’s surfing, watching YouTube or even playing games, you’re rewarded for everything.

For a limited time, the company often offers bonuses just for downloading, so feel free to follow the link below to see how much you can earn essentially doing nothing.


I recommend Swagbucks quite a bit in a lot of my posts, and frankly, it’s one of the best ways to make money right now in your free time.

While it’s not the best way to make money online out of all your options online, it’s a fantastic choice if you don’t want to invest hours of your time building something from scratch.  It’s something you can start right now.

If you’re unfamiliar with Swagbucks, it’s basically a rewards website that pays you to take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, and yes, even search the web.  There’s quite a bit to keep you busy and it’s not unheard of people making $200+ a month.

I have been doing Swagbucks for years now, usually via surveys, and easily make $150+ a month just investing a little bit of my time each day, but I will use the search engine on occasion as well.

While you won’t make a ton searching the web on Swagbucks, it can be done every time you need to search for something.  Just make it a habit to at least log in to get your credits.

For now, I at least recommend you check the whole platform out to see if it’s something of interest as you might be surprised as to how much you can actually make in your free time!

  • Website:  Swagbucks (follow this link for a $5 bonus)


Qmee is a pinch different than the rest mentioned here as it works like a browser extension rather than a website.  This is a good thing since you won’t have to worry about visiting the website before conducting your search.  Simply search and you will get rewarded.

To use Qmee, you will first be asked to download the official browser or in the case of a mobile phone, the app.  It’s 100% free and only takes seconds to do.

Once you install and it’s active, then search as you normally would to get rewarded.

Aside from getting rewards for your searches, Qmee also will reward you to take surveys and even shop online.  Be sure to check out my Qmee review to see how it works in detail.


InboxDollars is another website that works much like Swagbucks, only that it isn’t as big.

Working in the same way, I would definitely add InboxDollars to your list because a lot of these websites limit you to the number of searches you can make in a day.  So, when you cap out on one, you can move onto the next, earning even more.

Again, not only can you earn money surfing the web with InboxDollars, but you can earn money in a myriad of other ways, including watching TV, playing games, taking surveys and so much more.

Joining is 100% free and following the link below can lead to free money just for signing up!


Yet another website that works like Swagbucks and InboxDollars, MyPoints will reward you just for searching using the “search and earn” feature.

According to the FAQ, it’s hard to distinguish how much you can actually earn, but from the looks of it, points credit to your account “randomly,” so the more you search, the more you can potentially earn.  It’s hard to say how much you can earn, but it probably won’t be too much.

Regardless, MyPoints is a fantastic choice if you’re looking to take surveys, complete offers and even play games.  I wrote about them in the past, so I do recommend you check that post out to learn more about them.

For now, I would at least recommend checking it out to see what survey options are available as I have redeemed quite a few gift cards on this platform as well.

Again, it’s a great option if you don’t mind taking surveys for cash.


Gifthulk offers a wide variety of ways to earn money, one of which includes surfing the web just like you’re doing right now.

Aside from surfing the web, you can earn via surveys, games, watching videos and much more.

Earning what’s known as “Hulk” coins, you can eventually redeem them for a large selection of gift cards, including Amazon, Walmart, Paypal and so much more.

With a ton of ways to earn and even win, Gifthulk is one of the few rewards platforms that gift your gift cards almost immediately.

Microsoft Rewards (Bing Search Engine)

Microsoft Rewards, yes, operated by Microsoft, actually rewards you to use the Bing search engine.  The more you use it, the more points you can earn, in which you can then cash out for a variety of great prizes, such as Amazon gift cards.

As long as you’re logged into your Microsoft account and use Bing, you will automatically earn points as you search.

And, aside from earning points while searching, you can also earn a ton of points by answering trivia questions, participating in polls, viewing search results and much more.  There are a lot of ways to earn!  It’s not too hard to earn a few dollars every month.

I wrote about the program in depth in the past, so to learn more about how you can earn some great rewards, all while searching Bing, then I highly recommend you check it out.  It’s free to join!

Ask Wonder

Ask Wonder is a platform that allows you to research questions that other people are asking and posting the answers via the Wonder platform.

What’s known as a Research Assistant, you would be responsible for answering questions that are hard to find, sometimes not even found online.  Some of the most popular requests, at least according to the website include recommending a service, explaining a trend or even gathering statistics.

In short, your end goal is to simply find a relevant answer that’s backed up with credible sources.

So, essentially, you are getting paid to search the web, but it’s one of the highest-paying opportunities online.  Most people report payments anywhere between $7 to $20+ per answer, but this payment depends on the kind of answers you provide.

If you feel you’re good at researching online, then asks you to fill out a five-minute application to potentially get hired.


iRazoo reminds me a lot like Swagbucks, wherein you can get rewarded to answer surveys, play games, download apps and much more.

And, just like the many GPT-like websites I recommended above, iRazoo will reward you to use its “search and earn” portal, which essentially earns you iRazoo Points every time you make a search.

In doing so, members have the chance to earn up to 25 points per search, but according to the FAQ, they are rewarded randomly, so it’s hard to determine the exact value for each search.  All they ask, like all of these websites, is that you make an honest and unique search when using it

Amazon mTurk

In short, Amazon mTurk is a “micro job” platform in which you will complete very short tasks for a bit of money.  While you won’t make much for each task, you can earn $10+ per hour once you get good enough at it.

mTurk has a ton of jobs, and I’m talking tens of thousands at any given time, but the great thing about it is that you can actually search for the type of jobs you want to complete.

So, for example, if you wanted to search Google/Bing and get rewarded for your time, then you could search for “search” and see what comes up.  For example, this is what I saw when I did that:

As you can see, I could technically get paid to search the web and get rewarded for finding information, usually about $0.01 to $0.40.  Again these jobs won’t pay much, but they will pay a lot more than most of the websites mentioned here.   Plan on spending a few seconds on each task.

mTurk can be a bit intimidating at first, but I promise it’s not that hard to use.  To learn more about the platform, I do recommend the highly rated book, Side Hustle From Home: How To Make Money Online With Amazon Mechanical Turk to learn how to make a decent income.

Search Engine Evaluator

This section is rather broad, but one way to make money via searching is actually through a part- or full-time job, wherein you will actually search the web all day.

Known as a search engine evaluator, your job is essentially to search Google and Bing for predefined terms and report back as to how accurate/relevant they are.  It’s similar to that of completing a survey.  Just answer a few questions for every query and that’s about it.

Like most jobs, however, you do need to apply and abide by a schedule, but if you’re interested in this kind of work, I recommend you at least start with some of the most well-known companies listed below:

Again, only consider these options if you don’t mind committing to an actual job and committing to a schedule.  This is an at-home position, however!

Review the links above for more information in regards to current opportunities.  You can also refer to my in-depth guide, where I let you know what the position entails.

Of course, there’s much more to this job title than mentioned so I will be sure to create an in-depth post in the near future, explaining exactly how the entire process works.

Final Thoughts

Yes, there are many ways to make money searching as you normally do, but the downfall is that you won’t make much.  I’m talking maybe $1 a month.

However, if you combine your searches along with doing a survey or two, then it’s entirely possible to make $25, $50 or $100 per month.  It’s not life-changing money, I know, but it’s enough to buy dinner or two.  Maybe even pay a bill.

For now, if you’re already searching the web and even completing surveys, then I at least recommend you make it a habit to conduct your searches on these websites to help your balances grow even more.

While I listed quite a few, I do recommend you stick to one or two programs, such as Swagbucks, so that you can build up a larger balance to meet the cashout minimum.

The next time you search, try out one of these websites and see how much you can earn.  Best of luck!

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