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Search Engine Evaluator Jobs: Earn $14+/hr Searching

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One of the more popular jobs online that many recommend is what’s known as a search engine evaluator.  It’s a lucrative job to many as it’s steady work and doesn’t require a lot of experience.  Plus, it’s flexible, and best of all, you don’t have to talk to people over the phone!  That’s a win-win to some.

However, these jobs are often hard to come by because so many apply and some jobs only open up so many times a year.

In this post, I wanted to talk about what a search engine evaluator job entails as well as where you can find this type of job.  I will also talk about the pay expectations as well as when you should apply to increase your chances of landing this gig.  If you want a real work-at-home gig, then this is one to put on your list, especially if you don’t have a ton of experience.

As always, I try to be as in-depth as possible and honest to ensure you learn everything you need to know before trying it out.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the search engine evaluator world and see if it’s something you want to consider.

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

What Is a Search Engine Evaluator?

As you probably already know (or may not know), a search engine is operated by very complex algorithms that can answer your queries within nanoseconds.  And, while these search engines are primarily run by these said computer algorithms, they need help from human beings as well to ensure the results are up to par.

In this position, you will be responsible for searching for a query and then offering your feedback, as explained in your training, as to how the results looked.  In gathering this data, the search engines can then use your feedback to better improve the results.  For example, if someone searched for a local restaurant, does it show up near the top?  What about a recent news story or picture?  What is searched should always match the user’s intent.

Raters will closely examine the accuracy, timing as well as if any spam shows up in the results.  You will learn everything you need to look out for before you even begin as every company will put you through training before you’re able to start.

Aside from judging the search results, you may also be asked to judge the advertisements seen or even the content presented on some of the web pages.  Some jobs require that you analyze social media results.  In the end, it will be your sole duty to grade some sort of result ensuring that all results offer a great user experience.

Aside from being known as a “search engine evaluator,” this position goes by many other names as well, including ads quality rater, search evaluator or internet assessor.  No matter the name, they all involve the same amount of work essentially.  However, if you want to work with the biggest name in the industry, Google, then you will want to specifically look for the “ads quality rater” position as this is what it’s known as.

What Are the Requirements to Apply?

What’s expected of you really depends on the company you apply to.  In my next section, I will talk about the many companies that will hire you as well as what they expect out of an applicant.  It does vary.

Mostly, be prepared with how a search engine operates as well as have the ability to explore all of a search engine’s features with ease.  You should also be very comfortable surfing the internet as well as be up to date with current events and pop culture as many projects revolve around this.

In some cases, you may be asked to have a college degree and/or be bilingual.   If you’re bilingual and have a college degree, then you can consider your application near the top, but other than that, you may have more competition if you have very few skills or the lack of a college degree.

Most search engine evaluator jobs are part-time, with most positions considered as an independent contractor.  And, 99% of the time, no benefits are offered as you’re on your own like any other independent contractor gig.

In the section below, I will talk about the many companies hiring search evaluators as well as what you can do to apply.

Search Engine Evaluator Salary

Almost all search evaluator providers will hire you as an independent contractor.  What this means is that you can work whenever you please, but some companies may ask that you work so many hours in a month in order to stay active on the platform.  So how much you make in total will be dependent on how much you work.

If you were to apply to one of the few companies mentioned below, you should expect an hourly wage ranging from $12 to $15+ an hour to start, but this can rise to as much as $22+ an hour as you gain experience and seniority with the company.  Some companies even throw in bonuses if you meet certain milestones.

Like most jobs, you will know exactly how much you will make before you even commit to the job.

Where to Find Legitimate Search Evaluator Jobs Online


If you do any research in regards to this position, you will almost see the name, Appen.  They have gobbled up quite a few competitors, including Leapforce and RaterLabs, to name a few, and to me, this is the king of them all.  It’s one of the biggest “search engine evaluator” job providers and is almost always hiring part-time, home-based work.

The nice thing about Appen is that they hire from more than just the United States, so if you’re reading this outside of the states, then let it be known that you may be able to apply.  As I write this they work in more than 150 languages, with the starting pay said to be an average of $14 an hour, according to  You will just want to follow the link below to see which countries they are accepting at this time.

To apply, all they ask is that you fill out a quick registration form and will then screen you for eligibility purposes.  In general, they are looking for applicants who have experience in social media, search engines, mobile devices as well as transcription.  It’s also noted that you should be self-motivated” and “internet savvy” to be considered.

Aside from search media evaluation, they offer other jobs as well, such as social media evaluation, translation, transcription and even speech evaluation, to name a few.

Appen has a 3.4/5 rating on Glassdoor, with many praising the excellent pay and flexible schedule.  They do ask that you work a minimum of 20 hours a week, about four hours a day at average, five days a week.  This can change, however.  Just let it be known that you can choose your schedule as projects arise.

If interested in applying, you can follow the link below to be taken to the official application page.


Lionbridge, much like Appen, is another popular search engine evaluator provider.  In your research, you will also find this name pop up quite a bit.  Like Appen, the average pay starts at $14 an hour.

As I write this, the company employs thousands of workers, many of which include a search engine evaluator/assessor role.  They also offer opportunities for translators, testers and many other positions as well.

The cool thing about Lionbridge is that they are always hiring work from home assessors.  And, not only do they hire United States residents, but they often have multiple jobs for people who can speak a foreign language as well.  As I write this, for instance, they were looking for people who could spake and write German, Japanese and French, to name a few.

As a rater, Lionbridge offers a variety of different jobs, from comparing content side by side to assessing ads in the search results.  It won’t always be a job where you’re asked to explore a search result.  Be sure to follow the link below as it will take you directly to the USA job opportunities as of right now.  Even if you don’t live in the states, they have opportunities for our friends overseas as well.  Take a gander at the many positions as well as what’s expected of you as an applicant.

Generally, the company is looking for someone familiar with the internet as well as the ability to work independently.   They also ask that you have a bachelor’s degree, but this is preferred.

Most positions are part-time, and you can work whenever you please.

Lionbridge has an average 3.2/5 review on Glassdoor, with many complaining about no benefits and the lack of work sometimes.  On the positive side, however, many did praise the unique work and the flexible schedule.

  • Website:  Lionbridge


Google does hire search evaluators, but a lot of the times, you won’t find the listing on the official Google careers website.  Instead, you will have to look for these opportunities via Appen as they often work with Google, as mentioned prior, or even through the premium remote job search engine, FlexJobs.  They post jobs throughout the year, but it’s hard to tell you when the jobs are active as it’s very random.  These third-party websites can often alert you as to when the job is available.

According to the qualifications posted in the past, Google is looking for someone who can review online content, rate search results, and use Google’s online tool to help improve its search results.  The work, as I mentioned in the intro, generally involves providing feedback on everything from the results to the actual websites found on the search result page.  It will be your duty to let Google know how the results ranked in terms of relevance, from relevant to spam.  You will learn everything you need to know through your training if hired.

There’s not much in terms of how much you can make, but looking at some third-party information, it appears the starting wage starts at $15 an hour.

To qualify, applicants appear to need a bachelor’s degree, however, no specified area of study is noted.  Other than that, Google will provide all training if hired through its online training portal.

If hired, you can set your own hours, but you will need to commit at a specified minimum, said to be about 10~ hours a week. is yet another company that hires search engine evaluators, but the only downfall is that most jobs require that you speak another language, aside from English.  Some even require that you live in that country.  It could be a great option if you live outside of the United States.

Like Lionbridge, has a variety of “evaulator-like” roles, from analyzing web results to grading advertisements.

According to the official job description, they ask that you’re fluent in the language you’re applying to as well as have a high awareness of current events and culture.   It’s also obvious, but you should have a stable internet connection, personal computer and the ability to work a flexible schedule.

For more information as to what positions are open at this moment, refer to the link below to be taken directly to the official job search results page.


I just wanted to throw this option out there as I often find many “search engine evaluator” jobs on the mTurk platform.

If you’re unfamiliar with this platform, it’s an on-demand job board, where you can work any job you choose.  Most jobs only take seconds to complete and many can earn upwards of $8+ an hour, sometimes much more once you get good at choosing which “HITs” pay the best.

The only difference with mTurk, in comparison to the others, is that you’re not really working with a company.  Instead, you will be working with providers who post a job.  It’s up to them to accept your work if you do decide to do so.  If a search engine evaluation job is what you want, then you may be able to find it.  If not, there are thousands of other jobs you can take a stab at.

For instance, as I was writing this, I found more than 500+ jobs, with the top result pay $0.25 each.  Again, these jobs take seconds to do, so don’t be turned off by the payout.

I have mentioned mTurk a hundred times before, but if you want money now and don’t mind doing random online jobs, I highly recommend you check out the platform.  It’s 100% free to join and is operated by one of the world’s largest websites, Amazon.

Final Thoughts

If you like the idea of searching for something and then offering your opinion as to whether or not those results are relevant or not, then this job may be something to consider.

Most of these jobs start at $14+ per hour and offer you the opportunity to work from home, often working whenever you please.

As mentioned, it can be hard to get into one of these companies, so don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back and/or never see an opening.  It’s quite competitive!  Even if you get the invite, the qualification test can be rough for some.

For now, I think I have listed most of your reputable search engine evaluator providers.  Take a look at the official job pages to see if there are any openings at the moment.  If so, consider applying (as long as you qualify) and only hope they contact you back.  If they do, be prepared to take a qualification test to prove that you have what it takes to succeed on their platform.

As always, I love to hear from you in the comments.  If you have ever worked for one of these companies and/or want to ask a question, then you’re more than welcome to do so below.

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