ExtremeRebate Review: Free Amazon Products?!

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ExtremeRebate is yet another site that claims to get you free products on Amazon.  It’s highly unethical, but I wanted to show you how the website works as well as how it benefits everyone.

While it’s true that yes, you can get free Amazon products, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it.

So, in today’s review, I wanted to talk about and how you can potentially get Amazon products at no cost.

What is Extreme Rebate?

ExtremeRebate is operated by Merchants Global Limited, an import and export company based on out of in England in the United Kingdom.  There’s not much in regards to the company’s history, and that’s fine, but usually, an honest company will at least you know about who’s behind the scene.

The company features featured Amazon products in which you can get for free or sometimes at a steep discount.  In exchange for your product, you will be asked to leave a review on Amazon to get your money back.

How Does it Work?

So, if you’re interested in a product, the company will first let you browse the many products available the time.  Usually, you will want to start at the “Top Rebate” section and see what you can get for free, but you can look at the new arrivals or even sort by category if need be.

While I was writing this review, for instance, there were more than 160+ pages of freebies.  There’s a lot to sort through.

This is what your listings will look like…

If you don’t want to sort through the listings, that’s fine as you can search for items as well if you have something in mind.  Depending on what you want, you may be able to find it, but it will depend on the value.  Generally, most of the items found on this website will be valued at $20~ or less.

Getting Free Stuff on Amazon

So, now, let’s say that you see something that you want for free.  Let’s take that webcam with a microphone in my picture above.

According to the company, I could get that $55 webcam for free, but is it too good to be true?  Not really.  You will get it, but it will take some effort on your part.

So, the first thing that you will want to do is click on the listing and then the “request now” button.  As long as there are testers needed, you may get it.

After you request your item, you won’t get approved right away.  Rather, you will have to wait for the seller to approve your account.  As every seller is different in their qualifications, some may approve you, some may not.  It just depends on the seller you’re working with.  A lot of times, you will see something like this:

ExtremeRebate works on a “tier and limit” system.  The more reviews you have, the higher your level can be, which can increase your chances of getting approved.  So, if you’re just starting, you may have a harder time getting approved as you will be looked as a new member and won’t have as much trust.

Getting Approved

So, let’s say the seller approves your request.  If that were the case, it’s now your job to purchase the Amazon item and submit your order ID to the seller on the ExtremeRebate platform.  Yes, you will have to purchase it with your own funds and get a rebate once your order and review is approved.  You won’t get approved right away as you will have to wait for a seller confirmation.  In some rare cases, they will give you a voucher code that works like a coupon, which will make it almost free.

Now, the kicker here is that the seller will want you to write a review after you purchase it.  This isn’t always the case, however. Since reviews can increase sales significantly, sellers often turn to these platforms to give away their products for free in exchange for a positive review.  You get the product, they get the review, ExtremeRebates gets a commission from the seller.  It’s a win-win for all.

The problem here is that the seller will want a positive review.  If you fail to leave a positive review, then guess what?  The seller won’t approve your request and you’re out your cash.  But, don’t worry as Amazon will usually give you a refund 99% of the time, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.  In many cases, the seller will give you a bonus on top of your purchase if you leave a five-star review.

Why ExtremeRebate is Unethical

As you can imagine, this setup seems highly unethical, and it is.  For one, you probably never intended on purchasing this item, and the only reason you’re doing so is that it’s free.

Secondly, this is against Amazon’s TOS.  Since the seller won’t approve your review unless it’s positive, you’re only adding to the fake review problem and you should be ashamed.  Just think if you went to buy a “highly rated” item and found out they came from a site like this.  I don’t think you would be happy.   Let’s not even mention if Amazon catches on, you can risk getting banned for life.  Amazon’s technology gets better by the day.

Lastly, most of the products are garbage found on AliExpress, only to be sold on Amazon with special branding by the seller.  This is a very popular tactic in the Amazon FBA community, and most of the time, these are products you wouldn’t want anyway.

Final Thoughts

ExtremeRebate can work, but it’s not something I recommend.  I just don’t believe in adding fake positive reviews in exchange for a cheap product.  You’re just adding to the toxicity of fake reviews on Amazon, and I know I wouldn’t feel good doing this.

If you do go this route, only leave a positive review if you feel it’s well deserved.  If not, leave an honest review and expect a decline from the seller.  In this case, again, you can request a refund from Amazon and be done with ExtremeRebate.  This is the only way I can see it works.

Now, as always, I like to leave the podium open to you.

If you have ever used this site and/or have any additional comments you want to add, then you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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  • Not true! You do NOT have to write reviews! First of all, there are usually 3-10 pages of no review items . Secondly, Your rebate is NOT dependent upon a review. They confirm the purchase within a couple of days of you submitting your order number (to insure that you purchased the correct item from the proper seller). Then they generally rebate you within 5 days after that –no review needed. You are given a number of ‘picks’. If you get an item, it uses up a pick. If you review it, you are awarded your ‘pick’ back. If you don’t review it, you just lose a ‘pick’. As is self explanatory, if you click on an item labeled ‘no review needed’, it doesn’t affect your tier or number of picks you have.

  • In the photo you added to this post, you can clearly see the ‘free of review’ button to the right of where it says ‘all categories’. When you click on that , many items that change daily pop up.

  • Amazon sued this company last year and shut them down to protect their customers from fake reviews. Looks like your ethical concerns were quite legitimate.