EZ Bucks: Steer Clear of This Scam

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If you want to earn money with your social media account, then EZ Bucks may be an option to consider.  If you have come across this name online, you may be doing some research right now.  I did, and it’s the reason I’m writing this review.

Known as the “#1 Influencer Network,” you can use your social media account to generate real income with payouts via PayPal, Cash app, Bitcoin and more.  They even claim you can earn a $35 bonus just for signing up.

At first glance, it sounds like a great income earning opportunity, but as with anything online, you have to be hesitant.  Hence, the reason I’m writing this review.

So, in this EZ Bucks review, I sign up for the EZ Bucks platform to see how it works, what you can get paid, and if you can really make money with your social media account.

What Is EZ Bucks?

On the main site, I couldn’t find much in terms of who runs EZ Bucks.  In fact, I couldn’t find much at all.  I do come across circumstances such as this, but I can sometimes find more information inside the terms/conditions or privacy policy page.  The only thing is that they didn’t have these pages.

To me, this raises a red flag, but it doesn’t mean it’s a scam, at least not yet.  The website looked professional, they had a contact section, in which was only available via Instagram and the address was listed only as Silicon Valley.

In all of my reviews, I like to see who’s running the site, just to get an idea of who I’m dealing with.  Sadly, I was unable to do this here, a rarity in the “legitimate” make-money world.

Signing Up for EZ Bucks

To sign up for a new account, the company asks for the usual, such as your name, email as well as a password.  What they asked for was nothing out of the ordinary.

The thing that stuck out to me, however, was two things when signing up.  For one, I couldn’t click on the “terms and conditions.”  The link was dead, taking me nowhere.  Yet another red flag.

Another thing that seemed odd were the pop-ups that constantly showed up, saying people were cashing out for thousands of dollars.  For example, this little snippet popped up when I was signing up…

They continued to pop up, with some saying they cashed out for “$2,000+.”  Any time I see these higher-than-average claims, it raises my red flag senses greatly.  So far, I don’t know who runs it, I can’t check the terms and conditions and people are cashing out for thousands.   I probably don’t need to go much further to know this isn’t a company I don’t want to deal with.  But, as with all of my reviews, I continue until the end so that I can save you time.


After you sign-up, you can immediately access your dashboard, which will look something like this on your desktop…

The menu consists of a few options, including:

  • Refer & Earn
  • $40 Task Wall
  • Paid To Post
  • Rewards
  • Payments
  • Cash Out

I will get into this later, but first, let’s look at the main page.

On the main page, it will track your clicks, your referrals as well as the tasks you completed.  Also, since they said I would get a $35 bonus for signing up, it shows that I have $35 in earnings.

Slightly below, you can find a unique URL in which you can share to earn $2 every time a person clicks on this and an additional $30 when they sign up.  That’s quite high for just a click.  While affiliate linkswill pay you any time someone signs up, it’s very rare to find a program that accepts you right away that will pay you a flat $2 for clicking on a link.

So, what happens if you click on that link?

Well, when I clicked on it, the link took me back to where I started —  It then added $2 to my account.  I have never seen something so easy.  What I found out is that they want you to share this link in hopes you can lure in other suckers.

Aside from this, you can scroll down and see a list of other ways to make money, which looks something like this:

All of these links, with the exception of the “earn $40…” links will take you directly to your referral link, which is via that “Refer & Earn” link mentioned above.

The $40 Task Wall

The other option via your task bar, as well as that cluster of links mentioned above, the “$40 Task Wall” takes you directly to a page that looks something like this:

And, on this page, it has a variety of spammy-like surveys that you can take in which you can earn $40.  These are your typical junk surveys that ask you 100+ questions and then asks you to provide your personal information so that they can sell it off.  It’s unethical and they never pay out the prizes.

In this case, the provider, EZBucks, will make the commission off you in hopes you think you will make all of this money.  This is how they are making their money.  They promise you a high payout out, thinking you will complete it and they will never pay out the money they say they will.  And, being in this affiliate world for so long, these surveys never pay the website $40+.  In fact, you’re lucky to make $2 in commission on most of these.

NOTE:  If you complete the surveys, you’re just helping fund this spammy enterprise, so please do not do so.

Paid to Post

Aside from paying you “$40” to complete spammy surveys, they will also pay you $50 to post a video on YouTube or a social media post on Facebook.  In this case, you will follow their prompts, submit your information and then get rewarded for your time.

Now, it may seem too good to be true.  And, guess what?  It is.

No company will pay you $40 to fill out a simple survey nor will they pay you $50 to post a YouTube video.  If this were the case, it would spread like wild fire, and everyone would be making easy money.  Again, all you are doing is promoting this garbage to others.  Not cool.

Don’t buy into the system thinking you will get paid $50 to complete a five-minute project.  It’s not going to happen, sorry.

Simply Put, It’s a Scam

In the end, steer clear of EZ Bucks.  They don’t pay out, they make it seem too easy to make money and you have no idea who’s running the site.  These are all red flags in the online money-making world.  I hate websites like this that take advantage of others.

Sure, while you can make money online via surveys, you sure as heck won’t make $40 most of the time.  Yes, it can be done, but it won’t be via a “free iPhone survey” page.

The $40 surveys, the $2 refer-a-friend clicks and the $50 paid to post opportunities are all shams.  It just promotes their garbage and you’re only funding their scam when you complete a survey.

I won’t even get into the cash out portion because it just leads to server errors.

Final Thoughts

0/10EZ Bucks is the definition of an online scam.  They make it sound easy to make money in hopes you will bite and complete offers to make them money.  Don’t fall for it!  I know it may be tempting to make some money, but this isn’t going to be worth your time.  It’s not even worth going to the website.

If you want to make money online, it can be done, but it’s not going to be here.  As with earning any money online, it will take some work and it definitely won’t come easy.

For now, check out my many guides as ways to make legitimate money in the online world.

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