Fetch Rewards App Review: Earn Gift Cards for Receipts

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Fetch Rewards is an app that I have mentioned a few times, such as in my free Walmart gift cards and how to make PayPal money online posts.  It’s one that pays you to scan your grocery receipt, that’s it.

Now, you won’t make a ton using this app, but if you have a second to snap a receipt pic, then why not?  It could earn you a reward here and there.

With more than 250,000 reviews on the Google Play Store and 5,000,000+ downloads, let’s jump in and see why this app is so popular.

In today’s Fetch Rewards review, I will discuss how it works, how much you can make as well as what the internet thinks of it.  As in all of my reviews, I’m 100% honest and will never promote what doesn’t work for me.

What is Fetch Rewards?

As mentioned quickly above, Fetch Rewards will give you points for any receipt you scan, and this receipt can come from almost any store or restaurant.  And, in exchange for these points, you can redeem them for a variety of gift cards and rewards.  I will get into this later on.

The company is privately held, based in Chicago, IL, with more than 200+ employees.  Just a year ago, the company boasted its billionth receipt scan.  And, as I write this, the company has more than eight million active users, making it one of the more popular receipt scanning apps.

So, you may be wondering why they pay you for your receipts?

Well, it’s simple.  They take your shopping habits and sell this data to interested brands.  They also work with brands that want to be featured on the app.  In exchange for purchasing a particular item, you can earn bonus points.  I won’t bore you with these details, but you can find out more in how they work here.

Is Fetch Rewards legitimate?

There’s no doubt that the app is legitimate, but the primary question is if it’s worth your time?  We’re about to find out…

Signing Up

If you’re interested in signing up with Fetch Rewards, you have three options when it comes time to sign up.

You can either connect your Google or Facebook account, or you can sign up with an email, whichever you prefer.  If you were to sign up with an email, they will ask for your name as well as a password so that you can continue to log into your account.

Signing up is 100% free and open to U.S. residents only.

NOTE:  If you want to earn 2,000 points just for signing up, use the referral code MKXT5D.

Your Dashboard

Immediately after signing up, you can access your dashboard, which will look something like this on your phone:

Remember, this app is only available for your phone since you need to take receipt pictures with your camera.

Now, what you will see immediately is a list of items beneath the “special offers” section.  In this section, you can earn a certain number of points if you complete an action.

So, for example, if you take screenshot here…

You could earn 2,250 points if you were to buy a 6-pack of KIND Energy Bars.  You would just have to upload a receipt proving that you purchased it on the receipts dated according to the description.  I recommend you click on the description to see what’s expected of you to ensure you get the points.

Looking at that offer, my receipt would have to be dated between 8/24 and 8/25 and I’m limited to two offer submissions.  There’s not much to it.  As long as you follow the rules, you will get the bonus points.

Uploading Receipts for Points

99% of the time, you’re just going to upload receipts any time you get one, and this can be done via the camera icon seen at the bottom.  It will look something like this…

All you will have to do is snap a picture of the entire receipt and ensure it abides by the program’s guidelines.   The app does not care where the receipt comes from retailer/restaurant wise.

To ensure your receipt gets accepted, it must be snapped within 14 days of the checkout date and it must be a physical receipt from a cash register, only from stores located in the United States or Puerto Rico.  As long as you abide by these rules, you won’t have a problem getting it accepted.

Uploading takes a few seconds and you get points almost immediately in 99% of the cases.

How Much Are the Points Worth?

For every eligible receipt you upload, you will always get points.   How many points will greatly determine on the receipt and what you purchased.

So, remember the bonuses mentioned prior?  If you were to buy those KIND bars and it showed up on your receipt, then you would get a 2,250 bonus in that case.  However, if you purchase nothing on the bonus list, then you will receive at least 25 points.

From my experience, all of my receipts net me about 25~ points, however, I have seen some as high as 150~ without any items on the lists mentioned within the app.

With that being said, there is a limit to uploading 35 receipts per 7-day period.  If you were to get at least 25 points, that means you can earn at least  875 points per week.  Again, it depends on what you purchase, as you can earn much more if you were to buy items on the offers list.


So, what can you earn with your points?

Gift cards!

The company offers a ton of options, all of which you can break down by the category of your choosing.  So, for example, if you wanted a restaurant, you could choose from Applebee’s,  Chili’s, IHOP, etc.  There were a ton of options, mostly from popular chains.  I’m sure there’s something you can use, I promise you that.

As for the most popular options, Fetch Rewards notes that Amazon, CVS, Domino’s and Starbucks tends to be the most popular redemptions.

How Many Points Do I Need?

Depending on which option you choose, you will need at least 3,500 points for a $3 gift card and at least 5,000 points for a $5 gift card.  With most sites that work like this, you’re better off waiting for the $5 gift card to get more for your money.  There’s only a difference between the $3 and $5 options.

Aside from gift cards, you can also purchase sweepstakes entries, which can win you pretty big cash prizes, up to $1,000+.  Usually, it will cost about 2,500 points for 100 entries, but this can change.

It’s up to you to determine what you want, but redemptions start at $3 (3,500 points).  Doing the math, you would need to max out your receipts for four weeks to earn a $3 gift card using my math scenario above. However, if you were to purchase an offer item, say, those KIND bars, then you could earn the $3 gift card much quicker.

Final Thoughts

8/10Fetch Rewards is 100% legit and it’s a decent way to earn a few dollars here and there simply by uploading your receipt.  As long as it’s printed from a cash register and it’s older than 14 days, then you should be good.  Just make it a habit to check out those offers to maximize your earnings.  There could be a good chance you’re already purchasing what’s on that list.

Also, don’t forget to download the other receipt scanning apps to maximize your points.  Yes, you can upload to as many apps as you want!

That does it for now!

As always, if you want to comment on what I have mentioned or you want to add your own words, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments section below.

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