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NOTE:  It appears FlashRewards is no longer active.  This post is left up for archive purposes. is unique in that you can complete five deals on the website and earn $100 in gift cards.  You can also take it one step further and complete 25 deals to earn $1,000.  The claims don’t seem to be all that crazy, but it can sound too good to be true to some, I get it.  If you need $1,000 in less than 30 days, it may be something to consider.  However, don’t get too excited just yet.  Free money is always great, but there are risks as well as rewards.

You may have seen the popular ads before, where they claim you could get a $750 gift card, etc.  It seems sleazy and spammy at first, but it isn’t as bad as it may seem to be.

If you have come across the website or want to know of other ways to earn online, I wanted to tell you how the website works and if it’s worth your time.  If you have ever read any of my reviews, you should know that I’m 100% honest, in letting you know how it is.  I will never promote something that I don’t believe in.

What is is different than most GPT-like websites as they just tell you to complete X amount of offers and you will get paid X.  For example, when I was writing this, you could earn $100 if you were to complete five offers.  However, if you were to complete 25 offers, then you could earn a $1,000 gift card reward.

The company notes that most sponsored deals take up to five to seven days to complete and you can often receive your reward (once you confirm your identity) within seven days.  The type of speed is why they were named Flash Rewards.

This company is operated by Deliver Technology, LLC, which operates both and the very popular Flash Rewards app, which is only available to Android users.

How works

The premise is very simple and only involves four steps.

You will sign up for an account, take an optional survey and then complete the deals to earn your reward.  How much you earn will greatly depend on how many offers you complete.  Remember, when you complete X, you will earn X.

For example, this is a cheat sheet of sorts if you want to see how much you can earn…

If you were to complete 25 level 5 rewards, you would earn $1,000 in gift cards.  However, if you were to only complete two level two rewards, you would only get $5 in gift cards.

What Kind of Offers Are We Talking About?

So, you’re probably wondering what these offers are.  I get it.

Like most GPT-like sites, they will vary, anywhere from signing up for a free trial to signing up for a service.  When I signed up, for example, these were a few of the offers I was able to see on my dashboard.  These were the level one rewards…

Level one rewards included signing up for a SiriusXM trial or investing $5 into an Acorns account.  The nice thing was that the company would tell you how much you would have to invest.  Keep in mind, however, if you were to sign up for a free trial, you would want to cancel it before you get charged.

Other offers included signing up for Disney+, downloading a browser extension as well as trying Ancestry for free.  Most were free, but you had to complete at least one of these offers to continue.  If you were to so, then you would finish level one, which, according to the table above, would give you nothing.  You would have more offers once you complete that offer.

As a warning, whenever you view the offer, make sure you read the fine print to make sure you get compensated accordingly.  They will let you know everything you need to know about what’s expected of you to get your reward.

After that first offer, I was then presented with level two rewards…

This would then continue as you complete the rewards.  You can eventually reach level five.

As you can see in level two, the rewards were similar.  Try out trials, such as IdentityIQ or download the free Rakuten cash back extension.  Again, they let you know how much you need to invest to get that reward.

As the levels progressed, I still saw a bunch of freebies, but most were in free trial form.  Just make sure, again, you cancel these trials to avoid getting charged.

Throughout the levels, I did see a bunch of the same offers, so don’t be surprised if you see repeats.  Again, you will have to complete X number of these offers to earn the reward specified.

If you’re shooting for that $1,000, you may have to invest some money to get that reward.  Keep that in mind.

NOTE:  Make sure you document any reward that you complete in case they don’t reward you.  A screenshot or even video of you completing the offer is a great way to have evidence in case of a dispute.

Cashing Out

When you choose your reward, you can click on the “my reward” tab and figure out what you need to do to fully cash out.

For example, I chose the $100 Amazon gift card and it said I had to complete one deal from level 1, one Deal from level 2 and three Deals from level 3, and I could always check my progress on the “My Deals” tab. 

As I note in the sign-up section below, you can choose from a few rewards, which include:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Visa gift card

Keep in mind that just because you do a deal, it doesn’t mean it will pop up instantly.  Sometimes, you have to wait days before the credit arrives.  This is very standard for the industry.

To cash out, you do upload your government ID as well as take a selfie in most cases to confirm your identity.

Once you complete your reward, you can start the process all over again after 60 days.  Most of the time, however, you cannot complete the same offers you did before.

Signing Up

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking it’s worth your time, then let me show you how the sign-up process works.

To get started, it’s fairly quick.

First, you will let the company know which gift card you want.  I could choose between an Amazon, eBay, Walmart or Visa gift card.

Then, you will answer a few simple questions, such as how often you shop, etc.  You will then enter your email so that you keep track of your progress as well as keep in the loop if new offers were to come about.

Once you enter your email, they will ask for your personal information as well as your phone number to keep you updated in regard to your rewards.  You can then complete a quick survey to start seeing the offers I mentioned above.

What the Internet Says

The app has more than 1,000,000 downloads with a tad more than 25,000 reviews.  With an okay 3.9/5 rating, many complained about the verification process and how slow it was to update points.

TrustPilot users gave it a 4.1/5, with some saying it was a legitimate site that pays while others stated some of the offers didn’t credit.

The Pros:

  • decent number offers
  • you can earn up to $1,000
  • free to join and browse
  • a mobile app

The Cons:

  • may have to pay for some rewards
  • weird reward system
  • limited rewards (no PayPal)
  • need to verify ID
  • some sleazy offers

Final Thoughts

4/ seems to be okay and it’s 100% legit; however, I wouldn’t say it’s the site I would use.  The one thing that I don’t like is that you have to complete a certain number of rewards to earn your cash reward.  You can do much better with other sites, such as Swagbucks, which pays you X right after you complete the reward.  It’s a much easier process to understand and it’s easier to keep track of your rewards.  PLUS, there are so many more rewards.

While there’s nothing wrong with, I would rather use one of the many other sites that have similar offers and get paid a certain value with better rewards such as PayPal.

If you want to sign up, keep in mind it may take some time to reach your reward levels.  That’s if you ever reach it.  Remember that there are a lot of sleazy rewards as well as free trials you have to sign up for.  This can make it frustrating.

That does it for now.

If you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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