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How to Get Free Target Gift Cards (legitimate)

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I have talked about so many ways to get free gift cards, from Amazon to Walmart.  I try to cover many retailers since there are many ways to go about and get these free gift cards… ethically, of course.

In today’s guide, I wanted to talk about the many companies that allow you to take surveys, complete offers, snap receipts, etc, all in exchange for rewards, which, yes, includes free Target gift cards.

So, yes, it will take some of your time, but I promise it’s not much.  In most cases, you can earn a $5 to $10 Target gift card in as little as 24 hours.  And, best of all, you can have it delivered to your email inbox in a day or so.  It will depend on who you use.

If you want a free Target gift card code within the next 24 to 48 hours, then strap in, as the many companies I’m about to mention can get that done for you.  As always, I’m 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

Let’s begin!

How to Get Free Target Gift Card Codes


Let’s first start off with one of my favorites — Swagbucks.  It’s one of the leaders in the field and they offer free Target gift cards in exchange for your time.

From surveys to offers, I can assure you that it’s extremely easy to earn $5 a day, sometimes more, depending on what you sign up for.  They have paid out more than $700,000,000 in rewards and have some of the most unique offers competitors can’t offer.  All you need to do is either answer survey questions or complete an offer, simply following the instructions.  It’s incredibly easy.

It’s 100% free to join and the link below can start you off with a $5 to $10 bonus.


I like InstaGC, mainly because they pay out almost instantly, and you only need $1 to cash out, making it one of the lowest thresholds on the list.  So, if you want a gift card of almost any value in the next hour, this is, by far, your best option.  And, yes, Target is an option.

InstaGC works with a lot of third-party providers, meaning you can always keep busy, no matter your demographics.  From surveys to offers, the website makes it very easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

As a fairly popular site, take a look at the live redemption page when you first join to see how many people are cashing out.  It’s a lot!

Survey Junkie

As the name implies, Survey Junkie focuses solely on surveys, many of which pay anywhere from $0.25 to more than $5.  All you need to do is answer the questions and you get rewarded for whatever the survey amount specified.

While most people cash out using the PayPal option, they do have a Target gift card option as well, which starts at $5.

This is another powerhouse, similar to that of Swagbucks, and it can keep you busy for some time.  It’s one to keep high on your list.

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is much different than the many mentioned here if you want a break from surveys or offers.

If you’re not familiar with the program, it’s quite simple.  Ran by Microsoft, yes, that Microsoft, you can earn points by searching Bing, checking out daily offers and even taking part in quizzes.  It’s a lot of fun.

Target is one of the many reward options here, but don’t expect to earn much, maybe $5 to $10 at most per month, depending on how often you use it.


PrizeRebel is one I have mentioned many times, and it’s one I put high on my list, mainly because they work with a lot of reputable third-party offerwall companies and they have an easy-to-use interface.

Most of your money will be earned with surveys, which pay upwards of $0.25 to $5, but they have offers as well.  However, I find the surveys to cause the least amount of stress, at least on this site.

If you’re interested in a free Target gift card as your reward, then you only need 500 points, which is $5 in rewards, to cash out.  This should only take you an hour or so to do.  It’s 100% free to join and you can get started immediately.


GrabPoints rewards you for performing a variety of online activities, such as watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers, downloading apps and much more.  You won’t get rich here like the many mentioned, but I feel you can earn a few dollars a day if you log in frequently.

The company does offer Target as an option, which starts at $5, as well as many other options such as PayPal, Amazon and Visa gift cards, to name a few.

GrabPoints claims they tend to have the highest rates in the industry, which is partially true.  If you do consider, just make sure you always compare offer opportunities with other competitors to see who’s offering the best rate.


FeaturePoints is one of the better money-making apps, but you can use the desktop version as well.

Most of your money is made in downloading apps, but you can take part in surveys as well.  The unique thing about this money-making app is that you can win instant contests, up to 50,000 points.

A wide variety of reward options, including free Target gift cards codes, are an option.


ReceiptPal is different in that you get rewarded just for uploading a receipt.  And, yes, it can be almost any receipt, usually, as long as it comes from a restaurant, retailer, etc.

For every receipt you upload, you can get points, in which you can eventually cash out for rewards, including a free Target gift card.

It’s one I have reviewed in detail in the past, so I highly recommend you check it out if you want to learn more about how it works.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards works just like ReceiptPal, but the biggest difference here is that they give you a number of points back if you purchase particular items.  For example, if you were to purchase a 12 pack of soda, they may give you back 100 points, about a $1 value, on your account.  You can find all of these offers directly within the app.

To earn points, all you have to do is take a picture of a receipt whenever you receive it (or find one floating around).  After you earn about $3 in points, you can cash out for rewards, which include free Target gift cards.


PointClub is another rewards survey that will pay you in Target gift cards if that’s what you choose as your reward.  The website mainly focuses on surveys, but you can play games to win money as well.

The cool thing about the site is that they will give you a $5 bonus just for using the link below and confirming your email.  The downfall, however, is that their minimum redemption starts at $25, making it one of the highest in the industry.  I know this can be a bummer to some, but I like to include as many options as possible to give you an idea of what’s out there when it comes to finding free Target gift card codes.


Shopkick is another unique app in that you’re rewarded to scan items in a store and even “check in,” which means you simply walk into the store and earn what’s known as “kicks.”

With these kicks, you can then exchange them for a variety of rewards, including Target gift cards.  This is an app only, so if you plan on using it, you will have to play around with it while you’re out and about.

Once you earn about 500 kicks, which is around a $2 value, you can cash out.  It’s fairly quick.


iRazoo provides an innovative way to earn gift cards, mainly through surveys.  However, they have additional ways to earn such as through watching videos, completing offers and even participating in contests.

Target gift cards are a reward option but they have additional rewards as well, such as PayPal and many more retailers you have heard of.


Idle-Empire is a smaller name in comparison to the others mentioned, but it’s one to consider.  After all, I try to include as many options as possible.

From surveys to offers, videos and even referring your friends, there are a variety of ways to earn.  The company works with more than 10+ reputable third-party companies, so you shouldn’t have a hard time keeping busy.

Final Thoughts

If you want a free Target gift card with no strings attached, it can be done; however, it will take some of your time, albeit, it won’t be that long.  As long as you can answer some questions and/or complete offers as the instructions note, you won’t have a problem.

You won’t get rich with these offers, but you can earn a $5 Target gift card in one day easily, maybe much more depending on how hard you work at it.  I log into many of these sites daily and I can earn $200+ in rewards, no problem.

All of these websites are 100% legit and will pay out if you meet the minimum threshold.  Just follow the links to sign up.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on the websites mentioned and/or you want to add to what I have already written, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments section below.

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