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Free Amazon Gift Cards: 45+ Methods That Work

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Did you know there are a variety of ways to earn FREE Amazon gift card codes online?

And if you dedicate a few minutes of your time each day, you could be $5, $10 or maybe even $25 richer by the end of the week?

Yes, these methods are free, legit, and if you have been following my blog posts for a while, you will know that these methods are honest and ethical.  These methods work, I can promise you that.

It will require a pinch of work on your end, however, but I promise these methods work and you will be earning free Amazon gift cards in no time.

How to Get a Free Amazon Gift Card Code List


Now, keep in mind that you’re not going to be able to just click a link, put in your information and have a gift card sent to you.  These are often considered scams 99% of the time.

If you have seen these types of offers online, most of the time they are a scam (I will explain at the end, only designed to take your e-mail and personal information to sell it someone else.

While you’re not going to get rich with Amazon gift cards using these methods, you could find yourself $5, $10 or even $20 richer in Amazon gift cards by the end of the day.

Who knows?

Take Surveys


Ah, Swagbucks — quite possibly my FAVORITE way to make a few extra dollars on the internet.  There are other alternatives, but I find them to be one of the best.

Here, you name it, you’re going to get paid for it, whether it’s taking a survey, playing games, testing a product or even shopping, you can turn your points into Amazon gift cards pretty fast.  It is as simple as answering survey questions for an Amazon gift card.

And, in fact, if you’re fast enough, they will throw in $5 just for joining, making it that much sweeter.

A top 1,000 website in the world, Swagbucks is as legit as it gets when it comes to making a few bucks online.

I have cashed out on Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards countless times in the past, and if you don’t believe me, here’s the proof…

Joining is 100% free and you can get started in as little as one minute.  Earn enough by today and you could have a gift card in hand in as little as 72 hours.


Freecash often has thousands of offers available, many of which pay quite well.

To start earning, it’s as easy as the many mentioned here.  Choose an offer, complete the task and you can then receive coins for your effort.  Once you hit at least $0.50 in rewards, you can start the cash out process.  However, if you want a free Amazon gift card, you will need at least $5 in rewards.

Most offers only take minutes to complete and payouts are instant.  The company offers 24/7 support and is quickly becoming one of the quickest ways to make money online.

Open worldwide and 100% free to join.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is yet another one of the many companies online that will pay you in Amazon gift cards just by taking a few surveys.

Be sure to log in daily as these survey-based websites will continue to add surveys daily, earning you even more.

Just like Swagbucks, once you earn enough points, you can then cash in for Amazon gift cards if you so choose.

Remember, the more survey-type sites you add, the greater your balance can grow at the end of the day.


The QuickThoughts app lets you earn Amazon gift card claim codes just for sharing your opinions or performing local-based activities.

Ranging from quick questions to survey questionnaires, some can pay as much as $6+ per survey!  It’s one of the only survey apps I have downloaded on my phone.

With more than 70,000 reviews and a 4.1 rating, it’s a great way to get rewards for not only taking the usual surveys but sharing your thoughts with local retailers as you’re out and about.

Once you hit $10 in rewards, you’re able to get your free Amazon claim code instantly.


With instaGC, you can get paid to try out new apps, watch TV, search the Internet and more.

As the name implies, you can get your reward almost instantly.   If you want your reward fast, it’s one to consider.

Again, don’t expect to get rich, but you could make $5 or so, in which you can later cash out as an Amazon gift card.

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions was another survey-like website that would pay you up to $5 per survey, which, like most of the survey websites mentioned here could be redeemed for an gift card.

The company works with leading brands, meaning more surveys for you.


PrizeRebel is a newer name in the survey industry, and one day, I decided to check them out to see if they were worth joining.

A lot like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie mentioned above, PrizeRebel, to my surprise, had quite a few offers, including surveys, videos, tasks and so much more.

As compensation, again, an Amazon gift card was an option if you wanted to choose it as your cash-out option.

I wrote a 3,000+ word guide on why I like PrizeRebel and you can read it here.

Inbox Dollars

If you like the idea of taking surveys (again, very easy!), then you might as well add another reputable company, Inbox Dollars.

Like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars will pay you in Amazon gift cards if you wish.

Plus, if you’re fast enough, they will even throw in $5 just for joining — you can’t beat that.  One of the best promos in the business.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost, like most of these websites, will pay you to share your opinions with surveys, but the biggest difference that makes the company unique is that they offer $10,000 every quarter via their drawing.

While not guaranteed, if you like the idea of winning big, it doesn’t hurt!

Aside from Amazon claim codes, Opinion Outpost also offers other reward redemption options, such as iTunes codes and PayPal.

Be sure to check out my Opinion Outpost review to see what I thought about them.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is an online community that assists global market research firms with data collection.

Like most research companies, it will be your job to let them know about your personal information via your profile screener.  From there, the company will use its “survey matching engine” to pair you up with the best possibilities.

The company offers a variety of rewards, which includes Amazon.  Payments are usually processed within one to two business days.


MyPoints primarily focuses on getting cash back on your purchases when shop online, but you can also make money doing surveys if you wish.

Like all of these survey-based companies, Amazon gift cards are one of the many options you can choose when it comes time to cash out.  Check out my MyPoints review as I explain it more in depth. (formerly known as Zoombucks) is yet another offer-like website that offers quite a variety of tasks to make money.

With a free account, they pay you to take surveys, watch videos, complete offers and even download apps.

As a redemption method, an Amazon gift card is available, but the company offers a variety of other options as well, such as Paypal, Walmart, and even Google Play.

Springboard America

Complete a variety of surveys every month, and Springboard America will reward you with a number of options, including Amazon gift cards once you meet the minimum threshold, said to be about $50 in rewards.

Rewarding you with what’s known as “Survey Dollars,” the company will send you surveys throughout the week, which take up to five to 20 minutes to complete, and will reward you in doing so.

These surveys, much like many of the panels I recommend, is straight forward.  Read the questions, answer honestly and that’s about it.

And while it could take you a few weeks to reach your threshold, it can be done as long as you log-in occasionally and fill out the surveys on your dashboard.

Joining is free, and in doing so, Springboard America will automatically enter you into a $1,000 sweepstakes!


If you glance at most survey review-type websites, you will see Tellwut is rated pretty highly.

They seem to offer quite the variety and pay out on time, the main reason most people like them.

With a variety of surveys, up to five pages worth on my dashboard, you can cash out for an Amazon gift card if you choose to do so.


iRazoo lets you do it all:  download apps, watch videos, complete surveys and even play games.

Joining is simple, it’s free and you can start earning free Amazon gift cards as soon as right now.


Gifthulk offers free gift cards, including Amazon, for completing offers, watching videos, and even searching the web.

While I am not a heavy user of the website, they have been featured on CBS, Yahoo! News and a few other reputable media news outlets.

If you’re having luck with these types of survey-like websites, I highly recommend you sign up for as many as possible to increase your chances of even more Amazon gift cards.


PaidViewpoint offers interesting surveys, even for those who live outside of the United States.

What makes them different is that their surveys tend to be much shorter than the ones you’re used to taking.  Most are only a few questions long.

The minimum payment threshold is $15 and the company, from what I researched, seemed to have great reviews.


Another popular research company, YouGov, lets you take surveys and earn rewards in doing so.

If you’re a news junkie, there’s a good chance you often see this company mentioned as they collect a lot of their data from their members and then provide the data within the articles.

While the minimum payment is high ($50), a lot of the surveys offered here, at least from what I witnessed when I did them, seemed to be politically oriented.

National Consumer Panel

When you join the National Consumer Panel, you will earn points and enjoy great rewards when you share your opinions.

Here’s how it works…

When you join, the company asks you to scan all of the items you purchase during your shopping trips and will provide you with a scanner in order to do so.

For every item you scan and share, they will then reward you with points, in which you can then redeem for Amazon gift cards and more.

Download an App (No Surveys Required)


If you do not want to do anything AND you do not mind sharing your mobile phone habits for a week, then MobileXpression will reward you with a FREE $5 Amazon gift card, only after you have been a member for a week.  Yes, $5 just for joining.

As long as you download the software properly and stay active for a week, the company will send you a $5 Amazon gift card for free.

Even if you decide to keep it active, the company will continue to reward you with even more points, which can lead to more Amazon gift cards in the future.


If you’re not familiar with Ibotta, it’s an awesome receipt scanning app which pays you to scan your grocery store receipts.

The service is free and can be used with more than 200+ stores, including the big names, such as Walmart, Target and so much more.

Whether it’s redeeming your points for an Amazon gift card or cash, the choice is yours.

If you like the concept of Ibotta, there are other apps which work just like it.

Check out a post I wrote in the past, discussing more than 20+ apps that give you cash or even Amazon gift cards just for scanning receipts.

This is easy money, folks!


Honey is a browser extension which will alert you about any deals which may be available when you hit the checkout at your favorite retailer and will automatically include the coupons in your purchase, helping you maximize your savings.

At the same time, Honey will also collect cash back savings for you, in which you can then redeem for an Amazon gift card if you select that option.

Even if Honey isn’t able to find you a deal, you can still earn what’s known as “Honey Gold,” which is the cashback savings you can turn into the Amazon gift card.


The Shopkick is an awesome way to earn “kicks” every time you enter a store, scan a barcode or even scan your receipt.

In most cases, you don’t even need to make a purchase to start earning rewards.  Just walk in the store and get “kicks.”

Whether it’s online or in-store, if you’re already visiting the store, you might as earn a few points in doing so.

Once you earn enough “kicks,” you can then choose the gift card code if you want that as an option.


The unique thing about GiftLoop was that they would pay you just to charge your phone and even allow them to display ads on your lock screen!

So, in theory, you didn’t even need to do anything if you wanted to earn Amazon gift cards with this app.  Just download the app and let it run on your lock screen to earn a few points.

Aside from charging your phone and browsing ads on your lock screen, the app would also reward you to browse through new offers and even memes.

Plus, you could even win prizes during the daily raffles.

Signing up is 100% free!  You can sign up here.

Receipt Hog

The Receipt Hog app (available via Android or Apple) works a lot like the Ibotta app, but the biggest difference here is that they will take ANY store, whereas Ibotta can be picky as to which stores they accept.

To use, download the free app, snap a receipt after your purchase and then redeem your coins, which you receive after each snap, for either an Amazon gift card or even Paypal.

Check out my detailed review to see how it works if interested in downloading it.


AppNana will credit you with “Nanas” whenever you download and test out an app or a game.

Even if you delete the app after the trial expires, you will still be paid, so you do not have to worry about all of these apps you download clogging your phone’s memory.

The app is always constantly adding new offers, so it doesn’t hurt to check them out daily if you do decide to download the app.

Once you gain enough points, you can then redeem it for rewards, including Amazon credits.


With appKarma, you can earn rewards while playing with apps; again, working just like the prior two mentioned on the list here.

Whether it’s testing a new game or even completing an offer, you can redeem your points for popular gift cards, including Amazon.

Just for joining, the company will credit your account with 300 points — not bad!

Even More Options


Listia is a pinch different than the survey websites I mentioned earlier and is the reason why I put this option here, but you can take surveys if you wish.

If you’re unfamiliar with Listia, it’s similar to a bidding site — think eBay, and whenever you sell stuff you do not use, you can earn “ink,” in which you can then cash out for Amazon gift cards and hundreds of other rewards.

Aside from posting items and taking surveys, the company will reward you for connecting your social media accounts, shopping and watching daily videos.  Even referring friends.

If you don’t mind getting “ink” points instead of cash for the items you sell, then it may be an option to consider as many people seem to bid on items with their points and you could get much more of a value here rather than eBay.

Amazon Trade-in Program

Whether you have some electronics, a video game or even a book laying around, did you know Amazon will instantly buy it off you via its trade-in program?

Now, while the offers will not be as high as if you were to sell it on your own, it’s a great way for those who just do not want to deal with the public and want money right away.

Going this route, Amazon will pay you in the form of an Amazon gift card once they receive your items.

Consider the Amazon Visa Card

I have the Amazon Visa credit card, and I do recommend it, but only if you have Amazon Prime and you make thousands of dollars of purchases a year on Amazon as the credit card will reward you 5% back on all and Whole Foods purchases as long as you have a Prime membership.

So, for instance, let’s say you spend $2,400 a year.  This is about $200 a month, on average, right?

This could turn into about $120 a year in Amazon credits, which are just as good as a gift card.  All for just making purchases!

Even if you do not use the credit card on Amazon exclusively, you can earn 2% cash back at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores, and 1% cash back on all other purchases.  Plus, there’s no annual fee, making it even better.

As long as you pay your credit card in full every month to avoid the interest and use Amazon quite frequently with your Prime account, then it may be something to check out.

It’s like getting free Amazon gift cards with the purchases you were going to make anyway!

You can sign up for the card by following this official Amazon link.

Sell on Amazon

Don’t want to trade-in your items to Amazon for cash?

Again, I understand as the payments from Amazon, usually, are not the best, and you’re better off selling the items yourself.

Aside from eBay, you can sell on Amazon, whether it’s flipping an item you found at a local thrift store or something you had in the closet.  Keep in mind, however, that Amazon does have restrictions as to what you sell.

Like the trade-in program, if your item sells, you can choose an Amazon gift card as your payment option.

Reload Your Amazon Gift Card

If you’re going to purchase on Amazon, I always highly recommend reloading and purchasing an Amazon gift card and use it as your payment method.


In most cases, Amazon will always reward you for reloading your gift card, often up to 5%.  For example, while I was writing this, they were offering me a 3% bonus, your results could vary.

So if you purchased a $100 gift card, Amazon will sometimes offer up to a $5 gift card for free.  This isn’t always the case, however, as they may, sometimes, only offer 1, 2 or 3%.

Regardless, I recommend checking out the reload page to see how much you can get in terms of bonus money as Amazon will show you how much they will credit your account if you were to reload your card.

Credit Card Rewards

Like the Amazon Visa credit card I mentioned a few points above, there are a TON of reward-based credit cards on the market that gives you points for simply using your card.

Now, if you’re going to use this strategy, it’s imperative that you pay off your bill IN FULL every month to take full advantage of your rewards and get charged no interest.   And if you feel you do not have the discipline to do so, that’s fine, you’re not the only one, and I simply suggest you skip to the next step!

However, if you are telling yourself, “You know what?  I can use a credit card like cash, no problemo,” then you pay all of the bills you already do and earn cash back or even gift cards as your reward.

To put everything in perspective, here’s how it could work:

Let’s say your credit card pays a flat 1% cash back in points (this is the average in the industry, but you can expect more in other categories, such as gas, food, etc).

If you spend $2,500 a month in bills, grocery shopping and gasoline, then you’re essentially getting, at a minimum, a $25 Amazon gift card for the spending you’re already doing.

As you can see, it will take NO WORK on your part, but remember, you need to pay the bill off in full each month and it doesn’t hurt to get a no annual fee card to maximize your savings.

Search Bing and Earn an Amazon Gift Card

Did you know that the second most popular search engine, Bing, will pay you just to search as you normally would via its Microsoft Rewards program?

Yes, I know you’re probably loyal to Google, and that’s fine, but if you’re going to search, why not get rewarded in doing so?

Aside from searching, Bing will also reward you for taking fun quizzes, playing games and even checking out a special story/picture.

Earn enough points and you can cash in for a cool Amazon gift card.  Simple and 100% free!

If you want to learn more about the program, I did write an in-depth review talking much more about this cool program.

Work With Amazon Mechanical Turk

Are you familiar with Amazon Mechanical Turk?

If not, it’s a free website, owned by Amazon, where you can sign up for and then complete microtasks, ranging from offering feedback on a picture to finding information online.

Each task can pay anywhere from $0.01 to $0.25 per job, but if you get good at it, some can earn up to $10 to $20+ in an hour.  Some can even make as much as $50+ per day if you play your cards right.

Yes, it is kind of like a side hustle-like job, but once you hit $1, you can be paid in an Amazon gift card if you so choose.

By far, this is one of the quickest ways to get a free Amazon gift card and doesn’t take much to earn $10 to $20 today.

Gift Card Granny

No, you do not have to purchase any gift cards with Gift Card Granny in order to get a free Amazon gift card.

Instead, the company simply asks you to join the Granny Rewards program, and they will reward you by reading the newsletters, referring friends, rating your experiences, and if you so choose, purchase a gift card.

You can join in seconds and Gift Card Granny will give you 200 points just to get started!


I am a big fan of recycling and saving the environment in general, but did you know that Recyclebank will reward you for recycling?

Yes, the company will reward you in the form of rewards, including an gift card.

Here’s how it works…

To earn points, you simply register for an account and then perform simple tasks, such as a reading an article on composting, to earn points.

I tried it and I earned more than 50 points in less than one minute.

Once you earn enough points, you can then cash out for a reward of your choice.  It’s a great way to live green and learn at the same time, and it’s incredibly easy to earn.


Want to test your luck?

This one could work, but like the lotto, your odds are slim.

On either Twitter or Instagram, consider searching for hashtags (#contests or #giveaway) or even keywords such as “free Amazon gift card” to see what comes up.

For example, look at what came up right away when I glanced at Twitter:

free amazon gift cards

Keep in mind that if you do this, there are a lot of scams out there, so just make sure you’re dealing with an account that’s reputable.  This can often be done by looking at the number of followers they have as well as how many people interact with their posts.

Your chances are slim in doing so, but I just wanted to add it to the list if you really want to expand your choices.

If you like the idea of contests, the Dice app seemed to be a popular “test your luck” app as well.

Scam Warning RE: Free Amazon Gift Card Generator and YouTube

I’m not going to link to them, but if you search for “free Amazon gift cards” on Youtube or even Google in general, there are quite a few videos that show you how to get a $50 or $100 gift card fast.

Sadly, most of these are scams and you shouldn’t even waste your time watching them.

In fact, some go as far to show how they received an Amazon code after completing an offer when in reality, all they did was purchase the gift card themselves and insert it to make it legit.

Here’s how these Amazon gift card scams work on YouTube:

Almost all of the time, the creator will tell you to go to a website, which will then redirect you to an offer where you will fill out a survey to get a free Amazon gift card.  This will include inputting your personal information, such as your name, address, etc.  Some may direct you to a “generator” that gets you a free code.

Now, in the video, they make it appear as if it works, but it doesn’t!

When you complete these surveys, the only person benefiting is the video creator since his or her affiliate marketing company will pay them $1 to $2 per survey filled out.

So, you will fill out the survey, he or she will get their dollar and YOU get nothing but spam in your e-mail and mailbox.  As you can imagine, if 10, 20 or 100 people do this in a day, they are starting to make some nice extra side cash.

Please understand that you cannot get a free $50 or $100 Amazon gift card in less than a few seconds via these Youtube strategies and most of the legit ways are mentioned above.

Again, making $5 to $10 in a day can be feasible, but $50 in 10 seconds?  Not so much.

Final Thoughts

Free Amazon gift cards are not going to come that easy as you can see.

And if you ever see free Amazon gift cards without any efforts, you have to remember this just isn’t possible.

Never add your email to these lists and NEVER provide any personal information since it isn’t worth the spam.  And NO, you’re not getting that free $500 or $1,000 Amazon gift card, sorry.

It’s going to take a pinch of work, but if you do a few surveys every day and maybe even use your credit card for all of your bills, then I wouldn’t see why you couldn’t earn a $50 to $100 Amazon gift card each month.  It is possible, but again, it will take a bit of work.  As another piece of reading material, be sure to check out the many ways you can snag freebies on Amazon.

If you’re always on the hunt for free gift cards, I want to know how you do it!

Did I miss any options?  If so, let me know as I would love to add it to the list.

Want $5 free?

Try out Swagbucks, the most popular reward program I make the most money with. Simply answer survey questions and get paid!

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