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20 Apps Like Ibotta: Get Even More Cash

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I’m not sure if you know about Ibotta, but to keep things short, Ibotta is a grocery shopping app that gives you cash back on your grocery shopping trips if you purchase the items currently listed on the app and upload your receipt after you purchase.

If you download the app and buy the products listed on the app (they change all the time) at a participating store, then you all you need to do is simply upload your receipt, proving your purchase, and if you’re approved, you get cash in about 48 hours.

Yes, it’s that simple.

If you do not have Ibotta, then consider downloading it now.  If you use our link, you can get a $10 welcome bonus if you qualify!  How cool is that?

Whether you have Ibotta and are looking for a new app or you’re new to the grocery store cash back app world, did you know there’s a variety of alternatives that could save you even more cash?

Since I’m the one who loves to save money while grocery shopping, here are other apps like Ibotta you may want to check out to help you save even more:

20+ Cash Back Apps Like Ibotta


4.6 rating on Google and 4.7 rating on the App Store

Flipp will search the weekly flyer deals at your local retailer and will then match the best deals found in these flyers with the coupons readily available on the market, greatly maximizing your savings.   The company states they work with thousands of retailers, including Walmart, Walgreens, Dollar General, Home Depot and many more.

The app also allows you to link your loyalty cards, if your store offers one, automatically linking the coupon to your account whenever you clip it.

While you do not have to upload receipts after your purchase, the savings will come before your purchase, saving you the headache of meeting income thresholds.


4.5 rating on Google and 4.7 rating on the App Store

With Dosh, you do not have to upload a receipt every time you shop; rather, the app asks you to link a credit/debit card to your Dosh app.

Now, the concept is simple…

Whenever you pay with any of your linked cards with one of the approved retailers on the app, then you will get cash back, which you can transfer directly to your bank account via Paypal.

Dosh works with hundreds of popular companies such as Sam’s Club, Nike, Mobile, Walmart, CVS, and so many more.

If you’re already going to make the payment, you might as well get cash back!

The app is 100% free to download and will earn you cash back by simply swiping your card.  Truly, it’s a set it and forget it app!

4.2 rating on Google and 4.7 rating on the App Store

The app lets you save in one of two ways:  You can either submit a photo of your receipt after your purchase and then get the cash back into your PayPal account, with NO minimum requirement, or, if you do not want to upload your receipt, then you can skip the coupon clipping altogether and link your store loyalty card to your account.  Even if the store you shop at doesn’t have a card, then you can go the receipt upload route.

If you do not link your store loyalty card, you can turn on your “location enabled” option on your smartphone and the app will alert you every time you near a store with coupon offers.

Just like the newspaper, the coupons refresh every Sunday.



3 rating on Google and 2.3 rating on the App Store

ReceiptPal, just like the Receipt Hog app mentioned earlier, allows you to upload any receipt and earn great rewards, including gift cards and cash bonuses via sweepstakes.  Simply put, you can upload a receipt from anywhere right after your purchase.

Unlike a lot of apps, the company will also accept e-receipts on top of the receipt you receive at a local store, giving you a few more options.


4.0 rating on the App Store

I feel the Paribus app belongs here because it is kind of similar to that of a money saving app like Ibotta.

To use Paribus, you shop online and submit your receipt to the app, and once you do, the company will then track your receipts to see if you’re owed any money in the future.

Owed money?

Yes, it could be either due to a price drop, where the store’s policy offers a refund on the difference in a price within a particular time period or it could even be due to late deliveries.

As of today, the app works with 25+ major retailers, including Amazon, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Walmart, and Target, to name a few.

It’s free to use, so if you want some extra cash, why not?  It doesn’t hurt to join if you do use those retailers while shopping online.


4 rating on Google and 3.9 rating on the App Store

Checkout51 works a lot like Ibotta does, in which you have to browse and choose the offers (updated every Thursday, according to the company) you want to use and then scan your receipt.

Once you do, the app will automatically match the offers to the app, crediting your account.

According to the company, they work with major retailers such as Walmart, CVS and Target, with hundreds of offers available daily.

You can learn more about this company in my Checkout51 review.


3.8 rating on Google and 4.6 rating on the App Store

With Drop, you won’t have to worry about uploading your store receipts after each purchase; rather, you link a debit or credit card to the app, and every time you shop at your favorite retailer, the app credits your account with points.

Nothing else is needed after.  Just link your credit card and that’s it.

Glancing at the app, the company appeared to work with a lot of big-name retailers, ranging from Nike to Uber, Lyft, Starbucks, Amazon and so many more.

Fetch Rewards

4.2 rating on Google and 4.6 rating on the App Store

Fetch Rewards, according to the official website, makes it easier to save on your everyday grocery shopping by removing the limitation of other apps.  It’s a grocery app like Ibotta.

What does this mean, you may be wondering?

Well, reading into it, it appears you do not have to clip any special offers or worry about missing out on any savings as all you need to do is upload your receipt and that’s all.  This is quite appealing if you just want to snap a picture of your app and that’s it.

The Fetch Rewards app works with any grocery store receipt and they currently work with 250+ brands as of today.

Every Wednesday, the app uploads new rebates for you to take advantage of.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, be sure to use the promo code D9NF to receive 2,000 points for signing up.


4.5 rating on Google and 4.7 rating on the App Store

GetUpside is quite unique in comparison to the other apps on this list as they work with gas stations — something most apps do not offer.

Aside from working with gas stations, which, by the way, can save you up to 25 cents per gallon, the company also works with many grocery stores, car washes, restaurants and more.

To use, just open the app, find any offers near you, pay with any credit/debit card and then upload your receipt after you complete your purchase.  Like the other apps, once confirmed, you will receive the bonus listed on the offer.

For example, at the time I was writing this, one local Mobil gas station was offering a 19 cent per gallon rebate — not bad!

At the moment, the app is limited to some areas, so do not be surprised if you do not see a lot of offers in your area.

Krazy Coupon Lady

4.7 rating on Google and 4.9 rating on the App Store

The Krazy Coupon Lady doesn’t require you to upload receipts to your phone after purchase, but instead, it can help you save money before you head to the checkout.

I liked the Krazy Coupon Lady app because they allow you to search coupons from thousands of sources on the Internet, including and Checkout 51, all in a matter of seconds.

With this app, you’re going to save at the check out rather than see your savings in the form of a credit.   In a way, this option could be better for some if you do not want to meet the minimum threshold on many of these apps.

Another app, just like the Krazy Coupon Lady, is Coupon Sherpa, yet another app you may want to consider if you want to search for coupons at checkout.

Checkout 51

4.4 rating on Google and 4.1 rating on the App Store

After you download the Checkout 51 app, you can choose an offer of interest to you and then take a picture of your receipt to receive cash back to your account.

Every Thursday, the company update its offers, so you will find a consistent supply of offers weekly.  Once you hit $20 in rewards you can require a paper check.  Unfortunately, there’s no PayPal or other digital gift card options, but you will get paid, nonetheless.

I did write about Checkout 51 in depth in the past, so be sure to check out my review to see how it works in detail.

Receipt Hog

4 rating on Google and 4.6 rating on the App Store

Unlike Ibotta, Receipt Hog allows you to upload any receipt and you’re not limited to the offers currently listing in the app, but reading reviews online, it appears the app may only pay out for specific industries, such as gas stations, grocery stores, and convenience stores.  Also, the payouts are quite low, with some reporting it’s very hard to make more than a few dollars a month.

Whenever you upload a receipt, the app then allows you to earn rewards, which can range from a spin on the virtual slot machine and/or the chance to win a sweepstake prize.

Once you earn enough coins, you can cash out either via PayPal or an gift card.

At the moment, the app has a 4.5 rating, with more than 75,000 reviews on Google Play and a 4.7 rating with 39,000 ratings on the App Store.

Here’s a detailed review I created to let you know how it works in detail.


4 rating on Google and 4.1 rating on the App Store

Yet another free and easy-to-use app, SavingStar works just like Ibotta — find the offer you like, clip it and then upload your receipt.

Unlike a lot of the grocery apps I looked at, I really liked that this app allowed you to save on some healthier items, such as bananas, apples, and tomatoes.   This is a feature you don’t find too often on other related apps since the product usually needs a barcode.

The app claims to have more than 7 million members and works with major retailers such as Safeway, Walmart, Target, CVS, Food Lion, Walgreens and 100+ grocery chains located around the United States.


4.3 rating on Google and 4.7 rating on the App Store

The Shopkick app is pretty cool because, while you can purchase and submit a receipt, just like the rest of these apps, you can also get paid simply for walking into stores (no purchase required!), scanning barcodes on products or even if you purchase an item with a linked credit card.

The app also pays you to visit online stores, make online purchases and even watch videos, making it much more diversified than the other apps listed here.

Once you earn enough “kicks,” you can then redeem it for gift cards or products offered by the company.

500 kicks equal about $2, whereas 6,250 kicks equal about $25 to give you an idea as to how a “kick” is worth.

If you haven’t joined yet, use the promo code NICE645299 for 250 kicks after your first walk-in or scan!


Shopmium, while catering to the UK crowd, may be of interested if you’re looking for another alternative as you will find this app on many lists if you search online.

Working just like Ibotta, Shopmium has a ton of coupons that you can use right inside of the store.

While it’s not cash back, per se, it can help save a few dollars on your purchase, if not more.

Shop Savvy

4.1 rating on Google and 4.3 rating on the App Store

I had to contemplate adding this app to the list, but I decided to do it since most of us want to save money on our shopping trips, right?

With ShopSavvy, the app allows you to scan the barcode of any product, and once you do, it will show you the lowest price offered by retailers in your area as well as online.  From the looks of it, while it works with technology products, a lot of people, reading the reviews of the app, seem to do quite well at local retailers like CVS, Walgreens, etc.

If you’re the type, like me, that just HATES buying something and finding out it’s 5% cheaper up the road, then this could help prevent that scenario in the future.

Snap by Groupon

4.5 rating on Google and 4.8 rating on the App Store

Yes, the Groupon we all know has an app that helps you save “thousands of dollars” at the places you already shop via the “Snap by Groupon” app.

To use, you download the snap app, find coupons at your favorite store and then click the link to use the digital offer.

Unlike Ibotta and a lot of grocery store apps, however, Snap by Groupon appears to work with a lot of non-grocery store chains, such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, Under Armour and Express, to name a few and you do not have to upload your receipt.  Rather, you show the coupon in person to save.

To see the current offered being offered by the app, you can do so by visiting the official offer page.

Walmart Savings Catcher

4.5 rating on Google and 4.7 rating on the App Store

If you shop at Walmart, then this an app I highly recommend as it takes very little work on your part.

Here’s how it works…

Sign up for an account on — it’s free!

Once you create an account, you will then submit your Walmart receipt every time you shop within seven days via your phone, either via a scan or manual entry.

Then, with this receipt information, Walmart will refund you, in the form of a Savings Catcher eGift card, if they find a lower price at a competitor on any of the items you purchased.

For example, if you spent $25 on an item and Walmart found that same item at a nearby competitor for $23, then they would add $2 to your Savings Catcher gift card.

According to the FAQ, it only works on eligible items from top retailers in your area, and if the Savings Catcher finds a lower advertised price, then they will notify you within 72 hours.

This is an extremely easy app to use and requires no effort on your part.  Make it a habit to upload your receipt and hopefully watch a few dollars roll in.

Now, whenever you shop at Walmart, you do not have to worry if you’re overpaying or not.


Using these apps, a few questions came to mind, which I try to answer below based on my research I did on the web.

What needs to be on the receipt?

To play it safe, all of the apps want you to take a full picture of the entire receipt and it’s so important that the receipt is crystal clear.  Even the slightest blur could cause a hiccup as this was the case reported with many of the negative reviews for most of the apps I noted.  As long as your entire receipt is uploaded and it’s easy to read, you shouldn’t have a problem getting it accepted.

Can I use more than one app?

Since none of these apps work together with one another, I tested it out and found that every app gave me credit for the receipt as long as I followed the rules.  For example, on the and Ibotta app, I found a pasta sauce offer that was almost identical.  I submitted the receipt to both and was credited.  Just do not submit the same receipt more than once to the same app.

As for the linked credit card-type apps, be careful with this one as your credit card company may flag your account for fraudulent activity.  If you do decide to use an app where you need to link your card, then I would recommend choosing one.

Are there referral bonuses?

Most of these apps, unfortunately, do not have referral bonuses at the moment, with the exception of Ibotta,  Fetch Rewards and Sidekick.  This could change in the future, however.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, Ibotta, hands down, is one of the best receipt scanning apps on the Internet.  They seem to have the most offers, best customer service, and the best reviews. If you just want to download Ibotta and that’s it, I really do not think you’re making a bad choice.

While most of these apps can be a great alternative, you have to keep in mind that some, such as ReceiptHog, may only net you a few dollars a month, meaning you will NOT get rich doing this (unless you feel $5 is wealth to you, ha!).  Adding all of these apps can also bog down your memory and space, another downfall.

In the end, it doesn’t hurt to try them out as they are all free to download just to test them out.  We all have different shopping habits, so my recommendations may not be the best for you.

If you have a favorite or one that makes you mad, let me know in the comments below.

If I’m missing one, let me know as I would love to add it if it makes sense.

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  • Walmart got rid of savings catcher quite awhile ago. It was definitely great while it lasted, but sadly, it’s no longer around