Opinion Outpost Review: Take a Look at my Earnings

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I love taking surveys to make some money on the side, so much so I created this website to help you make money in ethical ways.  With so much garbage promoted online, I only offer my honest opinion and promote products I personally have tried and LOVE, hopefully saving you time as you hunt for great ways to make money line.

Opinion Outpost Review

In today’s survey review, I wanted to dig in and try out a very popular survey website that has been around for more than a decade, Opinion Outpost, a free survey portal that helps connects with businesses that need your input.

Like most survey websites, the process is simple.

See if you qualify for the survey, take the survey if you do and get rewarded if you complete it.

What is Opinion Outpost?

According to the company’s website, a successful company’s most important consultant is you, the consumer, and so many companies rely on your feedback to create new products and services.

This is where they come in.

From online surveys about a new product to sports, appliances, and politics, you will find that the surveys will vary topic-wise, and the qualification rate, much like other survey websites, greatly depends on your demographic.

Opinion Outpost only focuses on surveys, connecting you with some of the world’s leading brands, rewarding you in cash or gift card vouchers as you help these businesses learn more about your habits and thoughts.

Joining is 100% FREE and creating an account will take you a few minutes.

Is Opinion Outpost Safe?

As it’s backed by a reputable company, you can be rest assured that it’s safe, I promise you 110%.

Now, remember, just because a company is safe, it doesn’t always mean it’s worth joining.  Those are two separate things to consider.

How to Join Opinion Outpost

Signing Up

To sign up with Opinion Outpost, the company will first ask you for a few details, including your gender, first name, last name and email, or if you prefer, you can join with three social media accounts, including Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn.  Signing up with a social media profile, however, is 100% optional.

Filling out this form or even connecting your social media accounts take a matter of seconds, and once you confirm your email or account, you can immediately access your dashboard.

As of right now, the company is only accepting applications from those who reside in the United States.

All in all, it took me about 60 seconds to complete my profile and get started.

Your Dashboard

Once on your dashboard, here’s what mine looked like on a desktop setting:

And, as you can see, it’s pretty self-explanatory, wherein you can start taking surveys, view your points balance, browse rewards and much more.

When you sign up, however, I do recommend you complete your profile so that you can maximize your survey opportunities.  This can be said with any survey company because the more they know about you, the more they can send you in terms of offers.

The dashboard is pretty simple, albeit a bit dated, but hey, it gets the job done and is quite easy to find what you’re looking for.


Looking at the badge icons, it doesn’t look like anything fancy as all it does is post a badge whenever you hit a milestone.  For example, if you’re active for three months, your badge upgrades to a “3 Months Lifetime” badge.

With quite a few badges, I included all of the badges that were on my dashboard below as well as what you would need to do in order to get one.  For the most part, it doesn’t appear you can earn bonus points, so instead, picture it as a video game-like achievement, only offering you some sort of satisfaction.

Personally, I wouldn’t focus so much on badges as they will pop up the more you do, but if you’re curious, you can click on the badges details to see what’s available for your account and what you need to do in order to upgrade to the next badge.

As of this review, here were all of the badges I could qualify for:

  • 1 Month Lifetime (badge represents the number of months you have been active)
  • All Profile Completed (updating all of your personal profiles)
  • 10 Surveys Completed (number of surveys you complete)
  • 100 Points Earned (how many points you earned)
  • Big Winner (if you win the company’s quarterly draw)
  • Culture Badge Earned (if you complete the cultural demographic profile)
  • Donate to the Red Cross  (redeem your points and donate to the Red Cross)
  • First Redemption (when you cash out for the first time)
  • Redeem with Alawar (redeem your points with Alawar)
  • Redeem with Amazon (redeem your points with Amazon)
  • Redeem with PayPal (redeem your points with PayPal)
  • Valued Professional (if you “qualify” as a Valued Professional)

Again, don’t place a large emphasis on badges as it just seems like a personal achievement more than anything else.

My Account

On the desktop version, after you log in, the center of your screen will automatically default to the “my account” tab, where you can view the points you have earned and the “chances to win,” which is the number entries you have to win the company’s quarterly $10,000 cash giveaway

Opinion Outpost gives away $10,000 every quarter, which doing the math, is $40,000 a year!

To earn an entry ticket, the company will give you a ticket whenever you’re disqualified from a survey, participate in a survey or if you choose to redeem your points for an additional entry.  According to the rewards page, it appears one entry will cost you one point, but honestly, I think you will get more than enough points completing the surveys, so buying them really doesn’t make much sense.

Basically, regardless of your survey outcome, Opinion Outpost will always give you one point per survey attempted/completed.  So, if you completed 10 surveys and disqualified from 35, you would receive 45 entries.

Lastly, as you scroll down the page, you can also view the mini-poll results from the latest poll if you’re interested near the bottom of your screen.

These just seem to be simple questions that revolve around the website itself, such as “Did you know the company had a prize draw?”  Some questions, however, relate to current events, too.

Taking the Surveys

To start taking surveys, it can easily be done just by clicking on the survey you’re interested.

Clicking this will automatically take you to a survey, if one is available, and from there, you can start to answer the questions.

Also, be sure to keep your eyes peeled inside of your email inbox as Opinion Outpost will email you every time a survey is available as well.

I know these survey companies can email you quite a bit, but for me personally, I filter out my survey companies on a separate tab so that I can just browse through them very quickly and figure out which companies are offering surveys for the day.

Now, remember, in the world of surveys, you WON’T qualify for every survey as it will greatly depend on your profile.  Some may find much more success than others, so don’t be discouraged if you’re finding yourself with a lot of qualifications.

At best, you can at least receive an entry for every survey you disqualify from.

How much should I expect to make?

I’ve mentioned it already, but I’m going to mention it again.

It’s going to GREATLY depend on your demographic, so an 18-year-old female in college could disqualify from a lot more surveys than a 39-year-old executive making $100,000 a year.

For me, however, I dabbled with the website for about a week and was presented with about 30 surveys if I had to guess, and out of these 30, I’d say I qualified for about 9-10, about a 30% success rate.

This seems to be slightly above average, at least for my demographic.

I can’t stress it enough and even the FAQ states it.

The number of surveys you receive will depend on your demographic, and since each survey is customized around particular research goals, you could receive a lot more surveys than I do.

And as far redemption went, it seemed the surveys could range anywhere from as little as three to 30+ points per survey, with each point worth $0.10 in redemption value.  On average, expect to make at least three points or about $0.30 in survey value for about 10 minutes of your time.  This is just an average, however!

For example, here were some of my random survey offers when I clicked on the survey link mentioned above:




As you can see, Opinion Outpost will let you know how much you can earn if you qualify and how long it could take you to complete it.  Just remember that you will get an entry into the $10,000 cash sweepstakes, regardless of your qualification status.

In some cases, however, clicking on the link will take you to a screener that doesn’t reward you in any way, but rather, it may present you with another survey if you meet the qualifications.

These screeners often take a minute or so, but like many other survey companies (check out these 80+ survey companies), I recommend at least completing them to see if you can partake in even more surveys.

My Thoughts on the Surveys

While the redemption rates were okay, I did like that they sent me a lot of survey offers, similar to that of my favorites, such as Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.  I really felt like I could earn $5 or even $10 in a day if I had enough surveys to complete.

They were constantly adding surveys throughout the day, keeping me quite busy if I want to take a few surveys for the day.   There’s nothing worse than a survey company that sends out a survey once a week or even month.

Personally, whenever I’m looking at a survey company, I just want to make sure I’m constantly getting survey requests, at least 10+ a week and qualify for 30% or so.  I also want at least $0.50+ in value for a few minutes of my time if I qualify.

You’re not going to make a ton with ANY survey company, of course, but combining a website such as this one along with other big-name survey companies can easily net you $100 to $250+ a month if you’re active, so adding Opinion Outpost could be an option.

For now, I would say Opinion Outpost fits the bill here.


Probably the only reason you’re completing the surveys relies upon the rewards, of course, and Opinion Outpost, in comparison to other survey companies, offers very few options but they are probably the best options you want.

Remember, as stated, every point is worth $0.10, and depending on what you want to redeem, the minimum redemption value varies, but to make things easier, I created a nifty table to help you understand what rewards are available and how much you need to start earning to claim your reward.

RewardMinimum Required
Paypal$10 (100 points)
MileagePlus300 Award Miles (105 points)
Prize Draw1 point
Alawar Games$3 (30 points)
Amazon$5 (50 points)
iTunes$10 (100 points)
American Red Cross$0.50 (5 points)

Most people in the online survey world often want either Paypal cash or an Amazon gift card as a redemption offer, all of which they offer, as you can see.

While the other rewards are nice, I personally would just focus on the PayPal and Amazon options as this is where you will get the best value for your time.

The other nice thing that I did like was that the redemption rates were very low, with all options less than $10 in order to qualify for your reward.

And as I mentioned, with the number of surveys they send out, I couldn’t see why it wouldn’t be hard to earn at least $10 in a week if you’re aggressive enough with your survey offers.

What Are Others Saying?

As with all of my reviews, it’s not all about me, so I went ahead and researched the web to see what others were saying, both good and bad.

In my findings, I did find a lot of good, but some bad as well, all of which I include below here.

The Good

  • high paying surveys when compared to competitors
  • lots of survey options
  • rewarded for disqualifications
  • fast payments
  • active for more than a decade
  • $10,000 quarterly giveaway
  • PayPal and Amazon cashout options

The Bad

  • slow support answers (big complaint on Reddit)
  • some surveys eat up 10+ minutes of your time, only to disqualify you
  • accounts closed accused of fraud
  • not getting credit for some surveys
  • many feel the good days are behind them

Is Opinion Outpost a Scam?

Without question, Opinion Outpost IS NOT a scam.

While you will read a lot about people getting their accounts suspended, you have to realize that a lot of these people are breaking the rules, often lying during the survey or creating multiple accounts, for example.

Since these survey companies often have quality control questions inside of each survey, failing to pay attention and answer honestly can often lead to a lifetime ban.

As long as you pay close attention to your survey, answer honestly and play by the rules, there’s NO reason you won’t get rewarded for your time.

Final Thoughts

Playing around with Opinion Outpost, I must say that I kind of like them and will continue to take surveys if I feel it’s worth my time.  It’s not my all-time favorite, but it’s not a bad one to add to your arsenal if you need more money making opportunities.

While I am a little worried about the many accounts I read about on multiple review websites that were banned, I often see this a lot with other survey websites as well.  From what I know, as long as you’re honest in your surveys, you’re not creating multiple accounts and basically not trying to game the system, you should be fine.   Just BE HONEST, and there will be nothing to worry about.

Remember, you’re helping big brands and they are rewarding you for your opinion, so don’t lie to try and get points.  You will get caught sooner or later.

7/10In the end, I give Opinion Outpost a 7/10, and the reason I knocked off three points was for a few reasons.

For one, I did notice that some surveys are really LONG, only to boot you and say you’re not qualified.  I didn’t like wasting 10 minutes on a survey to make nothing.

And secondly, the dashboard and the website itself could be buggy, sometimes not rewarding you when you should be.  For instance, when I was trying to take screenshots, I couldn’t log into my account with my Chrome browser and had to try a different browser to access my account.

I can’t comment on customer service as I haven’t tried to get ahold of them just yet.   Maybe, in the future, if I do contact them, I will let you know here.

Ultimately, I do recommend the company and encourage you to at least sample the surveys for a week to see what you can make.  I think that as long as you’re active enough, you should be able to make up to $10+ a week pretty easily, if not more.

I know, it’s not much, but if you add this website with others, such as Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, to name a few, could really increase your monthly earnings.  Don’t forget to check out these 80+ survey companies as well to see which ones may work best for you.

As always, let me know your thoughts below if you have joined or have anything you want to vent about.  I’d love to hear about it.

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