Fulldive Browser: a Rewards Browser? (review)

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The Fulldive Browser, known as the FD Browser, is a Web3 browser that provides you with a secure and private way to surf the internet with the latest cutting-edge technology.  Picture it as a safer alternative to Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.

If you’re concerned about your privacy and want to ensure no one is tracking you, then this is an app to maybe consider.  It blocks ads, mining scripts, malware downloads and even those annoying autoplay videos.  It’s about as safe as you can surf online with your mobile phone or even desktop.

Now, you’re probably wondering, what does this have to do with making money?

Well, the unique thing about this browser is that they reward you for browsing the internet as you usually would.

Whether you’re looking for a way to make a passive income or you want to learn more about the Fulldive Browser, let’s take a look at if it’s worth your time.

Earning Money with Full Dive

To earn money with the app, you will just have to treat it as you would any other browser app, such as Chrome, etc.  As long as you can go to the website URL, you can use the browser and earn “coins,” which is the app’s in-house currency.  Whenever you use the app, you will get rewarded for your activity as well as completing other quests.

Now, to start earning “coins,” you will have to connect your Google account so that it can track your progress.  You can use the browser without signing up, however, if you want to earn coins, you need to connect an account to do so.

Once you connect your account, you can open your news feed, where you can find quests, in which you can earn coins.

For example, you can see that I can earn coins in a variety of ways.  From opening three news stories to joining the Discord channel.  These are always updating, but you can see the quests are relatively easy.  As long as you follow the directions, you will earn the coins and “XP” specified.

How can you earn money?

  • browsing websites and reading the news
  • completing different quests that appear every day
  • leave feedback on a webpage
  • share your feedback
  • invite your friens
  • create chats

Also, aside from coins, you can earn XP points by updating your levels as well as unlocking achievements.

Earning coins seems to be easy to do and is straight forward, however, as you start to complete the quests initially, they slowly disappear and you won’t see as many.

How Much Are Coins Worth? (rewards)

When it comes time to cash out, you can so in a variety of ways.

Mainly, you can donate your coins to charity, but you can choose the cryptocurrency BUSD or an Amazon gift card.  Those are the only options at the moment.

Since 99% will choose the Amazon option, it will take about 49,750 coins to earn $5, which means every 10,000 coins is worth $1 in value. 

Looking at the quests and what you need to do, it’s going to take some time to earn this, as you will need at least $5 in coins to cash out.  The app doesn’t tell you how much you can earn, but trust me, when I played around with it, you won’t earn much.

The reviews I read state that you can only average about 20~ coins a day after you complete the main quests.  You won’t earn much, so definitely do expect to get rich.

The Pros:

  • can earn money while surfing the internet
  • it’s a safe, secure browser that blocks ads

The Cons:

  • very low pay rate
  • it will take a long time to cash out
  • lots of glitches were reported with the browser
  • in-house ads are all over but you can turn them off

Final Thoughts

3/10While the premise is great, I don’t think you will earn much.  The browser is frustrating and I found the entire app hard to use.  For instance, it took me more than two minutes to find out how you can even cash out your coins.

Yes, the company is legit and they will pay out, but it will take you quite some time to cash out at 50,000 coins.  Even if you use it daily, it could take you weeks, even if you’re aggressive with the quests.  I just don’t think it’s worth your time.

That’s going to do it for now.

If you want to comment on your experience, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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