Review: Will I Join? Probably Not.

Some of the links may be from a sponsor. Advertising Disclosure is a genuine GPT (Get-Paid-To) platform where you can earn rewards, such as crypto and cash, by doing specific tasks. While there are many tasks available, the pay isn’t the most generous. Think of it as a decent backup option, but probably not the top pick, at least in my opinion.

If you’re considering joining a GPT site to make some quick money online, it’s an okay choice.  From my experience, they typically have loads of offers, and you can begin earning without much hassle.

But you might be wondering: is it really legit and worth the effort?

To determine that, there are various factors to consider.

Here’s a peek into to help you understand if joining is right for you.  As in all of my reviews, I’m always 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.

What is is a platform where you can earn rewards just by completing tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, and the like. The site popped up around 2018 and has been making quite the name for itself.

When I was writing this review, the site had more than 334,000 users with more than 4,000,000+ tasks completed.

Now, you might be thinking, “Isn’t this just like other GPT sites?

And you’re right. shares its vibe with platforms like Prizerebel, Timebucks, and a slew of others.  It’s not much different in terms of uniqueness, but if you know my reviews by now, I try to review as much as possible.

Is a Scam?

From what I see, it’s a solid “no”. seems on the up and up, but, as with most GPT platforms, they’ve got rules. Cross the line – think using a VPN, setting up a bunch of accounts, or rushing through heaps of offers in a flash – and they might just give you the boot.

And, let’s be honest, it’s a bit of a downer when you wrap up a task and don’t see those reward credits. Just a heads up, sometimes might keep those credits on a leash for up to 90 days. It’s at their discretion, so it’s part of the game.

Signing Up

To sign up (if interested), the process is simple.  All you have to do is connect your Google account and agree to the terms.  At the moment, this is the only way you can join. is only open to a few countries, but they don’t note which ones.  From what I can tell, if you live in the U.S., UK or Canada, you will have the most luck.  Signing up, as with all legitimate GPT sites, is 100% free.

Once you sign up, you will immediately be able to access your dashboard, which will include the earning opportunities as noted below.

Paid Offers / Offer Walls

Standard for GPT sites, these are tasks you can perform to earn rewards.

At, a significant portion of what you earn will come from these offers, mostly through what’s known as offer walls. Once you’re in the member’s area, you’ll see all the offers up for grabs, as seen here:

They not only have their unique offers but also pull in offers from other GPT platforms, giving you more ways to earn.  These are some of the most common ways to earn:

  • Free Sign-up Offers: Mainly consists of registrations for other GPT sites or survey panels. Generally, they pay a minimal amount.
  • Sweepstakes Offers: Enter a chance to win various prizes, from gift cards to iPhones. These often require you to provide contact details, resulting in a ton of sleazy marketing emails and calls.
  • Mobile App Offers: Available mainly for mobile users. This could mean downloading apps or playing games.
  • Free Trial Offers: Entice you to try out services. Always be cautious and read terms before considering these.

Each offer will clearly state what’s expected and the points you’d gain. Whether it’s signing up on a website, taking a survey, or playing a game, ensure you follow the instructions to the T to secure your reward.

Of all the ways to earn on, this is the most consistent, especially since they’ve expanded their offer list over time.  As I write this, for example, you could choose from more than six reputable third-party providers.

Taking Surveys

Another feature is the opportunity to earn through surveys. Many of these surveys aren’t directly from but from partnering survey platforms much like the offer walls mentioned above. So, if you’re redirected to another website when you select a survey, don’t fret—it’s part of the process.

Clicking on a survey offer, you’ll face a couple of preliminary questions. It’s just a way for these survey sites to ensure that they’re getting the right audience for their specific survey.  You’ll proceed to the main survey if you qualify. If not, you’ll simply hop over to another available survey.

After finishing a survey, you’ll receive the promised points. But a heads-up: sometimes there’s a bit of a wait before those points show up in your account. They need time to confirm things on their end.

Something to be aware of is that you need to accumulate 3,000 points before unlocking the surveys on Personally, I find it a tad unusual, as many other platforms let you dive into surveys straight away.  This is the only site I have ever reviewed that had this requirement.

Watching Videos offers you a chance to earn rewards by simply watching videos, some of which are ads and some more on the fun and informative side.  Most, however, are quite boring to watch.

For every three videos you watch, you earn 8 coins. And you can keep this up as long as there are videos to view.

Honestly, considering the points aren’t super high for this activity, I would avoid this section, and this can be said about any video watching for that matter. It’s all about optimizing your time for the best returns.  By the time you add your time up, you will find that you earned pennies per hour.

Referring People

If someone signs up using your referral link, you will earn 5% of their earnings.

It sounds good, but 5% is a tad on the low side compared to other GPT sites I’ve come across. So, you’d probably have to get a whole bunch of people on board to see substantial gains.

All you need to do is share your link (in a non-spammy way) and wait for people to sign up.  However, as mentioned, the referral program isn’t the best nor is it going to make you rich.

Getting Paid

Every task you complete earns you points, which are essentially your ticket to various rewards.  Every coin you earn is worth $0.001 in value or to make it easier, every 1,000 coins equals $1.  So 7,500 coins is worth $7.50. offers a bunch of cash-out options like Bitcoin, Litecoin, PayPal, Dogecoin, Dash, Bitskins, and even Visa gift cards. They’ve got a bit of a tilt towards cryptocurrency, but they’ve reintroduced PayPal if you’re more into good old cash.  They even have a select number of gift card options such as Amazon, Domino’s, Google Play, Uber, Doordash, Walmart and Taco Bell.

But if PayPal’s your thing, you might want to also explore other top-notch GPT sites that pay via PayPal as there are much better than this.  While the reward opportunities are fine,

Cash-out thresholds differ: for Litecoin, you need just $0.50; Bitcoin requires $5, and for PayPal, it’s $7.50.  Gift cards start at $5.

Once you cash out, it will take up to three hours to receive your reward if your account is unverified. However, if you’re verified, you can receive your payment instantly.  After you earn at least $50 in offers, their staff will automatically verify your account.

The Pros

  • Minimal withdrawal threshold
  • User-friendly platform
  • Engaging chat feature
  • Quick withdrawal process
  • Large variety of offers available
  • Regular giveaways and active chat community
  • Positive experiences with getting paid

The Cons

  • Many bugs encountered
  • Pressing the back button during a survey kicks users out of the app
  • Difficulties in sending proof for uncredited offers
  • Some offer walls and surveys are not user-friendly
  • Account flagged or banned for seemingly no reason
  • Issues with offers not paying out
  • Inconsistent customer service experiences
  • Repetitive survey questions

Final Thoughts

5/10In the end, can serve as an okay source of income. Just manage your expectations. For those seeking more lucrative opportunities, it might be worthwhile to explore top-tier GPT platforms, known for their robust earning potential and diverse payout methods, including popular options like PayPal., unfortunately, isn’t a top-tier program.  I would say it’s more toward the middle/bottom.

While there are some pros, such as a great number of offers and a friendly payout, it doesn’t offer all that much more.  As mentioned, most of what you will see comes from third party companies, which you can find on so many other sites such as Swagbucks and Freecash, to name a few.  Those, in my opinion, are much better.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so below.

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