GamerMine Review: A Pretty Average Site

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GamerMine is a platform designed with gamers in mind, offering them a chance to earn rewards. Users can make money by participating in surveys, watching videos, playing games, altering their Steam username, among other activities. While it launched in 2017, it’s intriguing that the company operating it remains under wraps.

In my research, GamerMine caters to those who want a bit of extra pocket money without the urgency to make a significant amount immediately. If you’re hoping to earn more than roughly $5 a day in your free time, this might not be your best bet.  Instead, consider it as a way to maybe earn $1 to $2 a day.

Despite its gamer-focused branding, you don’t need to be an avid gamer to hop on board. GamerMine embraces all, evident in its inclusive community vibe. There’s even a chat function that lets you mingle with fellow members.

Once you join GamerMine, you can start earning with their tasks to earn what they term as “gold’,” which is their version of reward points. Activities such as completing surveys, indulging in videos, gaming, or even enhancing GamerMine’s presence on Steam can fetch you these points.

In this review, let’s dive deeper as to what you can do as well as what you can earn.  Let’s even discuss if it’s worth your time.  As always, my reviews are 100% honest.


GamerMine, like many GPT platforms, offers paid surveys as a way to earn rewards.

Now, the thing with GamerMine is that it doesn’t generate its own surveys, as it collaborates with external third-party survey platforms such as YourSurveys and CPX Research.

If you’ve dabbled in other survey platforms before, this works in a similar way.

First, you will attempt to qualify for a survey, and if you do qualify, you can then proceed to the main survey. Upon completion, you get your reward.  The thing I noticed is that qualifying seems to be a bit tough here, with many users facing rejection.  This seemed to be brought up often in the reviews.

Given this, while the survey avenue is quite rewarding, it might not be the most consistent or straightforward way to earn on this platform, however, it’s a way that’s worth exploring due to its potential payouts.


If the term ‘offerwall’ seems unfamiliar, let me explain.

It’s essentially an advertising space within a site or app, promoting various other platforms, apps, and more. GamerMine employs offerwalls just like this. When you engage with the activities on their offerwalls, you can expect tasks like answering surveys, downloading apps, registering on specific websites, and watching videos, etc. Completing any of these promises certain rewards.

However, after examining GamerMine’s offerwalls and comparing them to other GPT platforms, I noticed a distinct difference. The variety of offerwalls on GamerMine is somewhat limited.

During my exploration, I only found eight active offerwalls. In contrast, leading GPT sites sometimes present over 20 active offerwalls simultaneously. Hence, when it comes to these opportunities, GamerMine doesn’t quite measure up to its peers.  I just want to throw that out there.

Earning with Steam Gaming

One unique way to earn rewards on GamerMine is its passive gaming feature, something I haven’t seen on other platforms.

So, how does this work? It’s quite straightforward.

To tap into this, you need to link your Steam account to GamerMine.

Following that, modify your Steam username to include ‘’ and set their official avatar as your profile picture. Once you’ve got these prerequisites down, your task is to indulge in any of their listed games for at least a fortnight. Based on the hours you commit to these games, which include popular titles like PUBG Battlegrounds, and GTA 5, GamerMine credits rewards to your account.

This passive earning method can be appealing if you’re already engrossed in some of their listed games. However, if you aren’t an avid gamer, the rewards might not justify the time invested.

The compensation for this feature isn’t extravagant. Plus, on a personal note, tagging their name onto my Steam username might come off as spammy, especially given the modest rewards. But, preferences vary, and this might resonate with some.

As you can see above, you make up to 125 coins per day, which, as I will get into, is about $0.10 in value.

Referring Friends

GamerMine also introduces a referral system, which is commonplace in many GPT platforms. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s how it functions.

Simply share your unique GamerMine referral link with potential users. When someone clicks on your link and joins GamerMine, they become your referred member. Not only do they get exclusive tools to enhance their earning potential, but you also benefit from a 5% commission every time your referral wraps up an offer.

Although a 5% commission might appear nominal, especially compared to other platforms’ referral programs, it can be a decent passive income stream if you can rally a significant number of people to the platform.

How Much Can I Make?

In my eyes, the earning potential is quite low. The rewards for most activities are minimal, and considering the low qualifying rate for surveys, it might take quite a while to amass any significant earnings.

And, since most of these offerwalls are found elsewhere, their rates aren’t nearly as competitive.  If you’re going to invest your time, I’d recommend much better options such as Swagbucks and, for instance.

If you were to focus on earning here, however, I would expect to make maybe $2 a day at most.

Getting Paid

On GamerMine, everything you do will earn you coins. If accumulate enough,  you can redeem them for a plethora of rewards.

GamerMine mainly offers cash payouts via PayPal but they also offer cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Alternatively, you can even choose Amazon gift cards, BitSkins, or OPSkins credits.  You can see all of the payments as of this publishing below:

However, the amount required to cash out varies depending on your chosen reward. Notably, some deductions, such as processing fees, need to be factored in.

For example, a PayPal withdrawal needs a minimum of 500 coins (equivalent to $0.5), but a fee of 250 coins ($0.25) applies. The fees for other options, like Ethereum, can be notably higher.

For maximizing your returns, I would suggest the PayPal option due to its minimal threshold and comparatively lower fees. If rapid payouts are your priority, exploring sites known for swift transactions might be beneficial.


  • Interactive Community Features: The offer ticker and chat allow users to interact and see the activities of others. This could foster a sense of community.
  • Daily Bonus: A small bonus, but consistent. Users receive 2 points ($0.002) per level daily.
  • Transparent Value: Hovering over your points shows the dollar worth, ensuring clarity.
  • Easier to Win on Leaderboard: Due to a lesser number of active users, there’s a higher chance of topping the leaderboard.
  • Whitelist for Instant Withdrawals: Dedicated users who prove their authenticity can avail of instant withdrawals.
  • Occasional Bonus Events: Events can boost earning potential temporarily by providing items that enhance offer earnings.


  • Manual Transfer for Referral Earnings: This process is not intuitive and could discourage new users from referring others.
  • Misleading Level System: The system promises XP for referrals, but it doesn’t always seem to deliver.
  • Cluttered Balance Page: The page lacks a user-friendly design and comes with limited visibility and a lack of sorting or filtering capabilities.
  • Comparatively Lower Pay: Even with the 20% bonus items, many of their offers pay less than competing platforms like Swagbucks.
  • Glitches & Maintenance Issues: Various glitches, from not being able to close the book icon without refreshing to theme restrictions and many sections being under “maintenance”, affect user experience.
  • Sparse FAQ: The FAQ section lacks comprehensive information, leaving users with unanswered questions.

Final Thoughts

4/10GamerMine falls short in many respects when compared to other leading GPT sites.

From its underwhelming rewards to the steep transaction fees for many of its redemption options, it’s not the best platform for those hoping to earn a decent amount for their efforts. If you’re seeking GPT platforms, there are more lucrative and user-friendly options available as noted.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to sound off below.

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