Gener8 Ads Review: Passive Income or Dud?

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Gener8 Ads is a browser extension that allows you to control your data and get paid for it.  In the age of privacy, this rewarding app may be a solution

As you know many websites track you online, which allows them to showcase ads that cater to your demographic.   Using this extension, you can not only be rewarded, but you can also limit your data tracking.

If you like the idea of controlling your data and getting rewarded in doing so, this may be an option to consider.

What is Gener8?

Gener8in will allow you to be in control of your data, letting you receive rewards any time you let the extension use it.  The more you browse, the more you can earn.

However, after I used the extension, what I found is that you’re more than likely going to make money when you view/click on the company’s ads.  I will get into this later.

Signing up for Gener8

In the case you’re interested, Gener8 offers a browser extension for either Firefox or Microsoft Edge.  Simply download the browse and then follow the prompts to register.  It used to be available for Google Chrome, but it doesn’t appear to be anymore, likely due to unethical business practices.

During the registration process, you can either connect your Facebook, Google or Twitter account, or you can sign up with an email.  Whichever way you choose, it will take you to the same dashboard.

The registration takes a minute to complete and you can start to make money almost immediately.

It seems the company is open to all countries, but your results will vary.  The company is based in the UK, so you will find UK residents will have much more luck than others.  The same can be same about redeeming rewards, as some countries will see different rewards than others.

How Gener8 Works

Now, what is odd about Gener8 is that they claim that you can make money when you share your data.  However, this doesn’t appear to be true once you download the app.  Instead, they push ads based on your “preferences,” which is similar to that of a survey profiler.  The more they know about you, the more ads they can push to you.

For example, when I was on a website that I knew had ads, it looked something like this:

The ads you see will come from companies that partnered with them and will replace the ads that would have been shown on that website.  So, not only are taking away from that webmaster’s income, the extension is keeping some of the ad portions for themselves.  You can see how uncool this is.

While you can disable the ads, they do have a privacy mode, but this doesn’t seem to do much.

All this extension is doing is blocking the ad tracking on any website you visit and inserting their unethical ads.  If you were to use the browser extension, it will mess with your tracking, which means it can be hard to complete surveys, etc, because of it.

Aside from the ads being plastered on websites, you can also earn through the Gener8 tabs, which is an entirely different extension.  This works together with the main extension and will display an ad whenever you open a new tab.

The Rewards

Every time you view an ad or you open a new tab, you’re going to gain “Gener8 points,” in which you can redeem for a variety of gift cards, products or coupon-like offers.  And, when if you read the reviews online, you will find that are always a limited quantity of rewards available and they are available at random times.

From my experience, you can only earn up to 15 points a day, so don’t expect to earn an unlimited amount; it isn’t possible.  To put that in perspective, every 10 points is worth about $1, however, earning that 15 points in a day can be tough.

The rewards seem to be at random, but I saw a few coupons and other offers.  It wasn’t much and didn’t seem to be anything special.  If you were to redeem a reward, then they would send you a code, whether it’s a gift card or coupon.  It can take up to 48 hours to receive your rewards.

At the moment, the company doesn’t offer a PayPal option.  In fact, you may find that in some cases, gift cards are very limited.

The Pros:

  • can be a passive income opportunity
  • easy to use
  • open globally

The Cons:

  • limited to number of points you can earn a day
  • no PayPal
  • takes ad revenue from website owners (unethical practice)
  • bad support

Final Thoughts

4/10In the end, it’s a passive income opportunity, but I don’t think it will earn you much.  The thing I don’t like is the random rewards system, as you never know what you’re going to get.  Plus, I don’t like that the ads are taking over ads that a publisher should make.  This is a very unethical practice and it’s probably the reason you won’t see it on the Google Chrome extension store.

You can earn maybe $10 to $15 a month if you’re in the right country, but I don’t think that’s even doable.

For now, skip out on this opportunity and think of another way to earn that’s much better.  You can find those in my make money section above.

That’s going to wrap it up.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, you’re more than welcome to use the comments section below.

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