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Get it Free Reviews: False Advertising?

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Get it Free is said to be the internet’s best place to find free stuff.

Quite popular in the freebie community, I wanted to dig deep and see if the website is actually worth bookmarking and checking out.

Can you get free stuff with no strings attached?  Is it a scam?  Is it safe?

These are all of the questions I answer in all of my reviews, and I will do the same in this review as well.

If you love freebies and need a resource that helps you find them, then let’s see if Get it Free is actually worth your time.

Let’s begin!

An Get it Free Sample Review:  Scam or Not?

What is Get it Free?

Get it Free claims to be the “best place to find free stuff.”  Any website can make this claim, so it’s all hearsay for now.  For now, I will find out if that’s true in this review.

According to the company’s about us page, they don’t say anything about who runs the website, only that their goal is to help you save money as well as get the most for the money you have already earned.  There’s no face to the website nor is there much in terms of contact information.  I’m just guessing it’s a small team that posts deals daily.  Maybe even one person.   Who knows as your guess is as good as mine.

The website focuses on posting some of the best freebies, deals, coupons and money-saving strategies, updating their website multiple times a day.  Aside from posting these deals, they also have an extensive library of informative articles as well as simple tips that can help save you money.

How it Works

Get it Free is a simple blog, much like the other freebie websites I have posted in the past.  As I mentioned, it posts freebies, deals, coupons, sweepstakes and much more.  It’s laid out in a very easy-to-read way.

As I write this, this is what the website looked like on a desktop.  It was similar on a mobile phone, but it was more condensed.

Just find an offer of interest and click on it to read more as to how you can claim it.  If you’re interested, you can click on the “redeem” button to go directly to the offer in question.

The Legitimacy of These Offers

Being in the “online marketing” world for quite some time now, I know when a company links out to an affiliate offer that makes them money rather than help you.  This is quite common in the “freebie” world.  A marketer will ask for your information, claiming you get a “freebie,” only to find later that you never get it after wasting 10 minutes of your life.  The sad thing is that I saw Get it Free promoting such offers.

For example, as I was writing this, I saw that they were linking to a “Get a FREE Victoria’s Secret Sample!”

Sadly, when I clicked on the “redeem now” button, it leads me to a very popular affiliate offer operated by “samples & savings.”  The gist is the same for all of the offers.  They ask for a ton of your personal information and then will ask you to maybe complete an offer to qualify for the freebie.  Even if you finish in its entirety, there’s a good chance you won’t find that freebie in your mailbox.

Even though some offers aren’t legitimate, at least to me, there were a ton of offers that were, indeed, legit.

Not only does this company link out to third-party offers, but they link to their own internal offerings as well.

How can I make sure the offers are legit?

To make sure the offers are legit, I highly recommend you look at the URL before submitting your information.

For example, I saw a sweepstakes opportunity wherein you could win a 50-inch Hisense Roku TV.  In clicking the link, it took me directly to the iHeart radio group, a legitimate organization as seen below…

IF the link is from something like “” or the like, I would pass.  Again, look for a link to a legitimate company to ensure the deal is worth your time.   It’s pretty easy to spot 99% of the time.

I know these companies have to make money, but some websites, Get it Free included, will often include a lot of affiliate offers to pad their bank account.  This only helps them, not you.

How Many Offers Are Legit?

In my test, I went ahead and clicked on 10 offers that were listed on the front page.  I also took a look at five of the “most popular” offers advertised in the sidebar.

In my research, I found that eight out of 10 offers were 100% legit.  Only two took me to an affiliate offer.  I don’t blame the website for doing this, but since they already plaster the website with ads, I just find it unnecessary to add even more ways to make money for the website.  Just know that these affiliates do exist.

As for the “most popular” deals seen in the sidebar, ALL five went to an affiliate offer, so for now, I would recommend you at least ignore those.

What Others Are Saying

As with all of my reviews, I try to include what others are saying so it’s not just about me.   In researching online, I found a lot of reviews, both good and bad, most of which I include below.  While almost everything, even the best of the best, has negative reviews, I will leave it up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not.

The Pros

  • they do promote legitimate freebie offers (just have to find them)
  • 100% free to browse
  • lots of ads

The Cons

  • lots of complaints online about the affiliate offers I mentioned prior
  • have to fill out extensive surveys to maybe get the freebie
  • sells your information
  • tons of spam emails from partners
  • broken promises
  • promotes unethical companies
  • have to click through a few pages until you can get to the actual deal
  • F BBB rating
  • USA only

Rounding up the other reviews online, it has a 2.7/5 on, a 3.4/5 on TrustPilot and a 3.7/5 on the website, SiteJabber.  These aren’t the greatest reviews, but not the worst, either.  I feel as if you find the right deal, you will have a pleasant experience.  Howeverif you sign up for an affiliate offer, your experience won’t be as pretty.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I do recommend at least checking Get it Free out.  They do post a lot of great offers, but just be careful in which offers you sign up for as they do sprinkle in some affiliate offers.  Generally, as long as you follow the tips I mentioned above, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding  legitimate opportunities.   In short, you need to know which offers are honest.  Yes, there are some “scams,” but they can be easily avoided.

As they act as a middle man 95% of the time, they are just directing you to someone else. In some cases, however, they do ship freebies out.  So, if you have a problem with your freebie, Get it Free is only partial to blame since they referred you.  Always make sure you save the company’s name in case something were to happen if you were promised something.

For now, if you want to know of the best freebies on the internet, it’s definitely one to bookmark.  But, just let it be known that they are not the only website in town as I have researched more than 40+ websites that are just like them.

Freebies do exist online, but you just have to be fast and find the right resources to actually see the item arrive on your doorstep.  In using Get it Free, I think you should be able to snag a few freebies here and there, but don’t expect one every day.

As always, you’re more than welcome to share your thoughts on Get it Free in the comments below.  Have you had any success?  Have you tried it out?  If so, do let me know as I always love hearing from you.

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