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9+ Companies That Pay You to Text (Legit)

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For a second, think of the many text messages you have sent in the past day, week or even month.

If I had to guess, it’s quite a few, right?

And, if you think about texting for a second, it doesn’t take that much effort to send one, either.  Gather your thoughts, type it out and send it on its way.

Now, what if I told you could you there were a few services that pay you to simply text just as you would a family member or friend?

Or, what about receiving a text from somebody?

Whether it’s texting others or even viewing a text ad, there are quite a few legitimate opportunities that could earn you a few dollars a month.  And, yes, all legit, I promise!

Don’t expect to quit your day job just yet, however, as most of these opportunities, much like the many other money making opportunities I talk about here, won’t make you rich.

So, if you love to text and like the idea of making a few dollars in doing so, then I encourage you to keep reading to see if any of these services make sense for you.

Let’s begin!

Get Paid to Text (Chat, Answer, Flirt and More!)


If you truly want to make money via a text message doing absolutely nothing, then the free McMoney app is one to consider.

And, all you need to do on your part is let the app send you text messages throughout the day.

Basically, from what I’m reading, it appears that the app works with mobile operators and will use your phone and others to test and improve mobile operations.

You will get paid for every text message received, about $0.05 each, from what I read, and you can delete the message the second you receive it.  You can also set up settings as well if you don’t want to receive messages during certain parts of the day.

Simply let the app send you text messages and get paid, that’s it.

Don’t expect to get rich when using this app.  Instead, plan on making a few dollars, if that.

Regardless, it’s a very simple way to earn money by doing absolutely nothing.

The Free Eats Network

The Free Eats Network works just like McMoney, in which you register your mobile number and let them text you random ads as they come available.  Another great option if you don’t want to do anything.

As each text message is sent, you’re automatically credited and can eventually cash out via PayPal.

The official website has said to have worked with prominent brands, such as Progressive and Verizon, but I don’t know how many companies they work with.

Again, don’t expect to get rich, just a few bucks a month, if that.

To date, the company has claimed to send out more than 1.1 million payments, with the amount keep growing.


Fibler is another app that works just like Hummr, so if you like the idea of offering your expertise to others via a text message, this could be yet another option to consider.

Add yourself as an expert in anything, set your rates and earn money instantly as you chat with customers.

Aside from text messages, just like Hummr, you can also chat over the phone or via video if you so choose.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, accounting expert or even a foodie, the app wants you to join so that you can help the community.  Honestly, it can be anything.

To date, the app has more than 100,000 downloads and continues to grow by the day.


1Q is similar to the many survey websites I talk about here, but instead of answering hundreds of questions via your browser, you will answer very simple questions via text, getting paid $0.50 per answer.

Here’s how it works.

Sign up for a 1Q account here.  It’s 100% free and only takes minutes to do.

Then, if the company feels your profile is a match for one of their marketing partners, they will send your phone an alert, asking you to answer a very simple question.

If you’re looking for a very simplistic way to make cash via text and not have to jump through hundreds of pages via a survey to earn a few cents, this is one to highly consider.

As I write this, the company has more than one million members and continues to grow.

  • Website:  1Q


IMGR is a powerful messaging technology that is said to “dynamically enhance mobile texting communication.”

And to earn money while texting with IMGR, here’s how it works.

First, the company asks that you download IMGR, all of which you can do here.  It’s 100% free and is available via iTunes and Google Play.

Then, once downloaded, the company asks that you invite your friends to join in as well.  The more friends that join, the more you can make.

Now, do keep in mind that you need your friends to be on this platform in order to get rewarded as you send text messages to one another.

Once you’re ready to start texting your friends/family via the app, the company will then pay you one point for every branded message sent or received, with the rewards value greatly dependent upon the total number of points per month.

For instance, 90 to 199 points would be worth $1 in rewards value, whereas 10,000+ points would be worth $40.  You can view a point value chart here as, again, it does vary.

Basically, send a message, get a point.  Receive a message, get a point.

Points do not carry over each month, and you can only earn a $5 maximum per unique contact, with the exception of premium members, who are said to earn up to $40 per month.

For basic members, rewards are capped at $20 a month, whereas premium members can earn up to $40.  Not too bad just for texting.

In the end, as long as your contacts have the app, you get paid to text as you normall would.  Not bad.

Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit is geared more towards women who are looking to chat with men and may not be everyone’s cup of tea as the conversations can get racy.  You’re able to set your own hours and be your own boss, essentially working when you want.

In a sense, women are asked to chat with men, and it’s really up to you as to where the conversation goes.  The longer you chat, the more you can make.

Aside from texting, women can also make money via webcam chats or even calls over the phone.

As a U.K. based company, it appears to be open to U.S. residents looking for this sort of opportunity.

  • Website:


FlirtBucks is another website that’s a lot like ChatRecruit, wherein women have control of the conversation and can chat about whatever they wish.

This is not an adult website nor is it considered to be a dating website.  It’s simply a platform to connect people with women who want to chat.

Just a lot of these websites where you’re paid by the minute/message, it appears FlirtBucks offers incentives the longer you stay with the company itself.    Payments appear to start at $0.10 per minute if you choose to chat only.

Designed for women over 18, again, you’re in control as to what you want to talk about, so if you’re comfortable with the idea of chatting with men via text messages, it could be one to consider.  Aside from texting, voice calls are available as well.

For more information in regards to requirements and how to sign up, follow the link below.

  • Website:  FlirtBucks


I found Text121, even though the company didn’t have the greatest reviews, but it seemed as if they at least paid their members.

And, while the main focus is often adult-oriented, they do hire text chat operators in other categories as well, including trivia, tarot readings, etc.

Paying about $0.07 per message, the company does ask that you commit to a certain amount of messages, said to be 2,000+, so if you have no problem with that, you may want to investigate further.

Again, I didn’t read a lot of great things about the company, solely due to the fact that you had to commit to hours, but again, if you don’t mind, it could be another get paid to text opportunity.

  • Website:  Text121


Final Thoughts

If you love to text, there are some ways to make money, but as you can see, it’s not going to be much.

Personally, I don’t find any of these opportunities to be all that great, with the slight exception of the McMoney app, seeing you have to do nothing.  Again, if you do decide to download it, expect a few dollars in your bank account at the end of the month.

In the world of making money, there are so many better ways to make cash, but being the non-biased person I try to be, I’m trying my best to create a guide on all the ways you can make money online, both good and bad.

While I may see it as a bad opportunity, you may actually like the idea since it suits your lifestyle and/or you find the time worth it.

As always, I always love to hear from you.

If you feel I’m missing any great text messaging opportunities and/or you want to comment on what has worked for you, be certain to talk about it in the comments below!

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  • I applied to Chatrecruit for a texting job but they do not offer text only. You have to do webcam or phone chat which is not really my thing.