Giftloop App Reviews: Is It a Scam Now?

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NOTE:  It appears Giftloop is no longer active.  This post is left up for archive purposes.

The Giftloop Charge Screen app is one of the many mobile apps that pay you to essentially do nothing.  This app will pay you to charge your phone, play games, answer questions and even shop.  There seems to be a lot you can do.

But, while this sounds all fine and dandy, the true question is if it’s worth the download?

Can you make money with this app?  Is it a lot of money?

Is it worth your time?  Is it legit?

There are a lot of questions that need answers.

As in all of my reviews, I like to test these apps out so that you don’t have to.  And, if you have read the more than 500+ posts I have written, you should know by now that I post for the sake of informing you, not making thousands of dollars like most YouTubers/bloggers.  I just tell you how it is.  You can be assured that this review is as honest as it should be.

So, with that being said, let’s jump in and review the Giftloop app.

What Is the Giftloop App?

The Giftloop app is one of the many money-making apps online, and they pay you to watch videos, try out new apps, play games, and even charge your phone if you don’t feel like doing anything.  In exchange for your time, they will reward you with coins, which you can redeem for a variety of prizes, including gift cards and even PayPal.  To date, they have more than one million downloads with a subpar 3.9/5 rating and members have redeemed more than $18 million.

The app is operated by Current Media, LLC, which, is the same company that runs the very popular Current app.  This is a very legitimate reward-based streaming ecosystem backed by some of the most notable investors.

There’s no doubt the company is legitimate, but the true question is if it’s worth your time.

Signing up for the Giftloop App

To get started, the app will first ask you to confirm your phone number.  This is mandatory to start and you cannot proceed without it.

After, you will then need to provide your name, an email as well as a set up a password to access your app in the future.

As of now, you must be at least 13+ years old and reside in the United States.  Joining is 100% free.

NOTE:  At the moment, it’s only available to Android users.

Your Dashboard

To start earning, you can do so directly on the app’s dashboard, which is going to look something like this:

And, as you can see, you can “swipe,” play games, earn bonuses, “earn” as well as choose from gifts once you earn enough points.  Slightly above this menu, you can see the total number of points you have at the moment.

Below, I want to talk about each section and how you can earn in each one.

The Swipe Section

In this section, this is going to be the default section you see when you first open the ask, and all the app asks you to do is swipe left to see the next card.

As you do this, it will present you with a variety of apps, such as app recommendations as well as GIFs of sorts.  Most will tell you what you have to do in order to earn coins, and it doesn’t appear you will earn coins just for swiping.  In some cases, however, you can click on a tab and earn points just for doing so, such as this…

The Games Section

Inside the game section, it will direct you to a program called “PlayTime.”

And, after you open it, the app will direct you to a third-party app, which will display a variety of offers.  Here, the more you play, the more you can earn, but in most cases, you will have to download an app and then meet the requirements to earn your points.

The Bonus Section

The bonus section can earn you even more points.  And, what you will need to do is just follow the prompts to earn your “bonus.”

So, for example, if you look at my screengrab above, you can earn 10,000 points if you were to download the Current app and use it for five days.  You could earn 100 points if you continued to log in daily.

These bonuses always change, and at the time of this review, I had at least six bonuses to choose from, many of which were pretty easy to accomplish.

The Earn Section

This probably the section you will put most of your focus into as it has a variety of ways to earn.   In this section, you can choose from a variety of activities, including:

  • games
  • earn by completing offers
  • earn by installing apps
  • surveys
  • quizzes
  • trials

To earn, it’s as easy as clicking on the tab and then following the prompts to earn.


So, for example, within the surveys section, you can earn anywhere from 100 to more than 50,000 coins.  When I clicked on it, I was directed to a third-party company, tap research, which is a survey router many of these apps use, so it’s nothing unique here.

Earn by Installing Apps

The “installing apps” section was just that.  Install an app, follow the prompts and then you would get rewarded.  So, for instance, looking at the partial list below, you would see a step-by-step process telling you what you have to do to earn the coins located in the far right sidebar.

Just keep in mind that it isn’t as easy as downloading the app and getting paid.  In most cases, you will have to reach a certain level, or sometimes, sign up for a trial of sorts.

The games section, as well as the completing offers area, was very similar as well.


And the more section just led to quizzes and random links, in which you could complete tasks and earn points.  It seemed kind of spammy, at least to me, but it could be worth checking out.

Charging Screen

And, lastly, this is usually the main reason people download the app — for the charging screen.  If you allow the app to run while you charge your phone, the company will pay you in points.

All you need to do is leave your phone charged and allow the app to run ads while you charge it.  Essentially, you get paid to do nothing.

How much, are you wondering?

From my experience, you won’t earn much, but the app will limit you to 999 points a week, so you can’t earn more than that.  So, even if you cap out for the month, that’s 4,000 points a month, which is barely enough to earn you $0.25 in points.  It’s not much, trust me.

The Rewards

Here comes the fun part… the rewards.

Located in the “Gifts” section, you can cash out for a variety of prizes, including Amazon gift cards, PayPal and even retailer gift card codes.  At the time of this review, you could choose from Amazon, PayPal, Visa virtual cards, Walmart, Target, Google Play, Sephora, Uber, Xbox and AMC.  These are subject to change, however, so be sure to check the app when you download it.

At the moment, the lowest redemption starts at $0.75, which will set you back 27,950 coins, while a $25 Amazon card will cost you 589,950 in coins.  You can redeem up to $100 in rewards at a time.

What Are Giftloop Coins Worth?

It’s a tricky one because the longer you wait to cash out, the more they can be worth.  I hate that they use this confusing system, but it is what it is.

On the lower end, your points are worth $0.000026, while on the higher end, such as a $100 gift card can be worth $0.00005.  And, no, this isn’t a misprint.

To be safe, every 28,000 points is worth a $1~.  Of course, this can vary, depending on which option you choose.

When do they pay?

According to the company, they will pay within five business days.

The Pros

  • it’s 100% free
  • a variety of ways to earn
  • gift card/PayPal options
  • backed by a legit company

The Cons

  • coins system is confusing
  • lots of third-party offers — nothing unique
  • reports of delayed payments

Final Thoughts

5/10Giftloop is, indeed, a legitimate money-making app.  It won’t earn you much, but you can earn some cash if you use the swipe section, log in daily and take advantage of higher-paying surveys.  Most of what you find here will come from third-parties, so it won’t be that unique.  While the charging feature sounds cool, it will only earn you a quarter at most every month.  I think it’s easier to find a quarter outside than it is here.

And, as for how much you make, it’s just going to depend on how often you use it.  Some can make $5 a week, while others could make much more.  I would expect $10 a month casually using it, so of course, it won’t allow you to quit your job.

That does it for now.

As always, if you want to comment or ask a question, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

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  • Take quick glance at recent reviews of Giftloop on Google Playstore and tell me that you believe them to be a legitimate operation. There was a time when they were a trusted operation and were reliable in payments. That is no longer the case (and hasn’t been in months). I’ve been using Giftloop as a mindless distraction for years. I’ve happily accumulated a variety of $25 and $50 prompt payouts. But, as the many recent playstore reviews indicate, Giftloop has resorted to the strange tactic of declaring that their system has detected fraud, asking for submission of phone numbers, bills to verify addresses, and other such nonsense. When the info is provided, they simply no longer respond. The user experience on Giftloop has declined to the point where it is no longer worth the download.

    • Thanks for the comment, Charlie! I created this review a while back and things can change. I will keep my eyes on the recent reviews and will adjust accordingly.