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20+ Good Jobs for Retired Teachers

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As a teacher, you may be looking for new opportunity post retirement.

Whether you’re looking for something flexible, part-time or maybe even 40 hours a week, I wanted to break down the many options you can consider if you were once a teacher and want to use your resume/skills to continue making some cash.

Listed below is a massive list of good jobs for retired teachers, many of which you can pay as much as your past teaching job.  The great thing is that this list is open to any teacher, whether you taught math, English or even special education, I promise there will be something for you to consider.

As always, I’m 100% honest in everything I mention.  So, with that being said, let’s begin!

20+ Good Jobs for Retired Teachers

Academic Advisors

Retired teachers can make excellent academic advisors at a local college, seeing you already know how the educational world works.  These jobs can be full or part time, and the best part is that it’s a lot less stressful than being a teacher.  It will be your duty to help incoming students with their academic requirements, often recommending classes as well as a path to graduation.  The average salary is about $42,000 a year for new advisors.

Adjunct Professor

Many community colleges/universities are always looking for online professors, and in many cases, an undergraduate degree is more than enough; however, a master’s degree will put your resume at the top of the pile.  And, seeing you’re a teacher, you may be able to get your foot in the door to teach education/teacher-related courses.  If going this route, I would make sure you apply to colleges where your teaching certificate is in good standing.  That way, if you were to teach a teacher-related course, you will be familiar with the certification material.


You have already dealt with children, so why not use your skills to babysit/nanny in your free time?  Instead of 25+ kids, you only have to worry about a couple.  I know some teachers may want to steer clear of children, and I can understand it, but if you don’t mind watching some kids here and there on your time, it’s a decent job to consider.  It won’t replace your salary, but you can earn a few hundred a week sitting around a house entertaining kids.  Check out to find parents who need your help in your area.

Blog/Create a Website

Think back to your teaching career and start writing about it on a blog.  This is one that will take some time to see success, but it’s one that can bring in a nice passive income.  As long as you like writing and don’t mind learning about SEO, social media marketing, etc, then I don’t see why you can’t become a success.  I did it.  So can you.  Learning the ropes isn’t hard at all as there are so many great FREE resources that you can use, such as Income School, Authority Hacker, Backlinko, Quick Sprout and the Ahrefs Blog.  All of these resources are 100% free to use and can teach you how to start mastering your website to draw in traffic and income.

Career Coach

A career coach is responsible for helping individuals find the right career path.  They will work with clients to figure out careers goals as well as objectives to help improve both work and personal life skills.  Career coaches can also work within an organization to help train staff to reach goals as well.  For most of these jobs, companies are looking for someone with a four-year degree, preferably in counseling, but many teachers with multiple years of teaching experience have been considered as well.


Check with the school you worked with or local schools in the area to see if they are hiring coaches for their sports teams, such as basketball, volleyball, etc.  Many schools are almost always looking for coaches, but the thing is that they often require a teaching certification to take the job.  It won’t pay much and you don’t need a ton of experience, but it’s something to consider if you want to make some money and keep busy.  As long as you motivate and train young kids, you shouldn’t have a problem, as there are a ton of resources online for any sport you’re interested in.

Corporate Trainer

A corporate trainer will work with management as well as the employees to figure out ways to increase performance.  A trainer will be responsible for developing programs and keeping those programs up to date.  Trainers will also be responsible for collaborating with managers to figure out new methods to reach performance goals.  Out of all the ideas I mention, this one closely resembles a teaching job and can just as much too.  According to Indeed, the average base salary in the United States is $49,000.

Curriculum Developer

If you have many years in the classroom, a curriculum developer may be a job to consider.  This role requires you to create training material of sorts, ranging from working with governments to public corporations.  In most cases, you’re provided with the materials and then you’re asked to create a lesson plan that you can pass off to teachers teaching the course.

Educational Consultant

An educational consultant is responsible for advising students, parents and school boards as to ways to approach academic matters within the community.  Your work may involve working with these people/groups to see if improvements are needed or if the right curriculum/technology is being used at the moment.  The only downfall to this job is that a master’s degree is necessary most of the time, so if you only obtained your bachelor’s, you may not be qualified.  Just a heads up.

Food/Grocery Delivery

This job is open to all, but I wanted to mention it here as it can make you a decent part-time income.  Best of all, you work whenever you want.  Just turn on the app and start working the jobs that come your way.  I promise it’s easier than ever and causes very little stress.  From DoorDash to Uber, I can earn almost $30+ per hour gross during the busier night shifts and sometimes much more during a busy period.  Nonetheless, it’s not too hard to earn at least $15+ per hour in your free time.  To learn more about the opportunities where you can deliver food and groceries using an app, refer to the apps that pay you for every mile you drive.

Government Trainer

Here’s another job that can make you just as much as your teaching salary.  As a government trainer, it’s similar to that of a corporate trainer, only that you will train government employees on updated rules and regulations that relate to their responsibilities.  In addition, you may be asked to create unique programs for the employees related to these regulations.

Online Teacher

If you don’t mind jumping back into teaching, there are a variety of online schools that allow you to work from home.  These virtual schools, ranging from elementary to high school are almost always looking for a virtual teacher.  And, seeing you already have the credentials, there’s not much left for you to do other than applying.  To find these jobs, I would recommend that you check out Indeed during the summer months before they start hiring.  A keyword such as “online teacher” or “virtual teacher” should yield plenty of results.


A paralegal is responsible for aiding a lawyer, helping them with duties such as organizing files, conducting legal research and writing documents related to an active case.  The work will vary, which is dependent upon what kind of cases you’re working with, but it’s a job you can transition to with your teaching certificate.  A state certification is required for this job, but seeing you may have a teaching degree, this should be good enough in most states.

Pet Sitting

This one is a pinch different than most as you’re working on your own time and you will have to find your clients, but it isn’t too hard in today’s technological era.  As long as you don’t mind pets, this can be an option to consider.  From watching dogs at your home to taking them for a walk, it could earn you about $100+ per day, depending on how many pets you watch and where you live.  For more information, check out the more than 11+ websites that can find you a client in no time.

Substitute Teacher

Almost all school districts are always looking for substitute teachers, and since you’re already certified, you will have no problem getting accepted.  The nice thing about this job is that you can work whenever you want.  With most districts, you turn on an app and then accept a job if it’s something you want to do.  If you want true flexibility, this is it.  You won’t get the benefits your teaching job requires, but you can earn about $100 to $150 per day.

Sell Teacher Materials on TeachersPayTeachers

TeachersPayTeachers is an amazing resource if you’re looking for passive income as a retired teacher.  If you’ve been in the teaching game in the past few years, then I’m sure you’re familiar with this platform.  It’s one where you can buy worksheets, lesson plans, etc from other teachers.  When you purchase any items, you’re helping a teacher who posted the material.  If you’re finding yourself with a lot of unique material you can sell, consider selling on the platform.  Even if you don’t have much, you can review your teaching standards and see if you can create some material to sell.  It’s going to take some time to start earning, but once you do, you can make money without lifting a finger.

Test Scorer

This is a position that is often part-time or even seasonal.  As the name implies, this can bring your teaching skills back to life, where you will be asked to grade tests such as the ACT, GRE and SAT, to name a few.  You can often find these jobs on popular search engines like Indeed, but you can check with your local colleges and high schools too.


I’m not sure if you’re fluent in another language, but you may want to consider becoming an online translator.  There are a few routes you can go here, either by translating documents from one language to another or transcribing audio.  You can also help people with their conversations. There are a lot of these jobs online, so I recommend you check out a guide I created in the past, 38+ translation jobs online.


Tutoring is a fantastic way to make money in your post-retirement teaching life.  As a tutor, you will help review assignments, work with students individually as well as help prepare for upcoming tests.  The nice thing about tutoring is that you can do it online, never having to leave the home.  Best of all, you can work whenever you please.  I want you to check out this guide, in which I wrote about 20+ online tutoring companies you can sign up for right now.  Online, you can set your rates, with the average tutor earning $20+ per hour.


A freelance writer is a great opportunity for any profession, not just teachers.  As a writer, you’re responsible for writing content, either via a job board or you can work with someone privately.  There are so many platforms out there, many of which you can use and start working in as little as 48 hours.  For example, if you’re new to the field, has the work already, and you get to choose which articles you want to write.  The only downfall, however, is that you won’t get paid much.  It’s a great stepping stone, however.  In the writing field, expect to make $0.03 to $0.05 per word easily.  Check out the more than 17+ entry level writing sites you may want to check out to start earning money as a writer online.


As a retired teacher, take your knowledge and start your own YouTube channel.  On this channel, you can help incoming teachers and/or help teachers who are already teaching.  There are so many topics you can focus on, but if you take your passion and help others, it could turn into a lucrative side job.  You will need at least 1,000 subscribers to start earning, but if you upload videos frequently and create decent content, this could come faster than you think.  With some work, this is another option that can provide you with a nice side income, sometimes surpassing what you may have made as a full-time teacher.

Final Thoughts

If you’re no longer a teacher, but you still want to work using your credentials, there are a few opportunities, as you can see above.

I tried to list as many ideas as possible, so I’m hoping at least one of these options can work.  Of course, you can always recommend additional options in the comments section below.

That’s going to wrap it up for now.

As always, check out my YouTube channel as well as the hundreds of honest money-related articles on the site.  I’m always honest and will never promote garbage that doesn’t earn you a dime.

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