GrindBux Review: My Honest Thoughts

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GrindBux is a platform where they say you can make some money or even cryptocurrency by completing short tasks.  It’s known as a “Get-Paid-To” site, which means they will pay you for doing certain jobs.  I’ll get into that in a few.

From my experience, you can earn rewards here, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should jump right in. If you’re considering joining, it’s essential to know how the system functions and what sort of tasks they have in store. By knowing, you can gauge if the time and effort you put in will be worth the rewards.

Now, if you have ever been on my website, you know that I have come across tons of websites making similar promises, so what I usually do first is see if they’re telling the truth. That’s why I’ve thoroughly tested GrindBux and this review aims to tell you not only if the site is trustworthy but also to give you an idea of what you’re getting into before you decide to join.  I’m always transparent and honest.

With that being said, let’s begin.

Earning Money on GrindBux

The primary method to earn money on GrindBux revolves around “offerwalls.”

And, if you’re scratching your head thinking what the heck an offerwall is, they are found almost anywhere on GPT-like sites.  They provide websites such as GrindBux with the offers and they then split the costs.

So, let’s say that you see a survey on the site and it pays you $1.  Well, the offerwall may be paying GrindBux $2 and they are keeping $1.  This is just an example.  I’m not saying Grindbux keeps that much, but it’s important to compare sites as many sites vary with how much they are willing to share.  In my experience, I have always found that and Swagbucks tends to have the highest rates in comparison to the hundreds of sites out there.

Now, when you log in, you will see a few options, such as those noted above — either surveys, apps or games.  If you click on any of these icons, it will take you to an offerwall that looks like the following:

There’s a fair variety of offerwalls on GrindBux, as you can see.

Upon selecting an offerwall, you will see various tasks up for grabs. These can range from answering questions, playing games on your phone, downloading apps, or even registering on websites. If a task catches your eye, click on it for more details.  When doing so, just make sure to stick to the rules. If you skip even a single step, you won’t get the reward.  This can be said with any site.


Another way to get some extra rewards on GrindBux is by participating in their leaderboard contests. While this isn’t exactly a direct way to earn, if you’re competitive, it could be a fun challenge.

GrindBux offers daily and monthly contests where the goal is to be one of the top earners. If you climb the ranks and end up at the top, you could earn prizes.

For instance, in their monthly contest, the person in the top spot gets $50. However, only the top 10 earners get something, so it’s a bit tough, especially when you compare it to sites like Freecash where they reward hundreds of top earners daily.

Refer a Friend

Now, there’s also the referral program GrindBux offers.

Essentially, you earn by getting others to join the platform. You will share your unique referral code with potential new members, and if they join using your code, you both benefit.  You will be able to find your referral code/link in your profile when you sign up.

If someone joins GrindBux through your link, they will get 100 diamonds as a welcome gift. As for you, you will get a 5% commission whenever your referred friend earns diamonds on the platform.

While the referral commission isn’t huge, it’s a way to earn without much effort. Just make sure you’re referring people genuinely interested in GrindBux, so it’s worth both your time and theirs.

How Much Can I Make?

GrindBux boasts numerous offers, meaning you will likely have regular earning opportunities.  However, the pay rates aren’t exactly skyrocketing compared to some bigger sites.

If you’re thinking of a hefty payout, patience is key. And to be honest, the earnings aren’t as high as some other popular GPT sites out there. Investing lots of time on GrindBux might see a smaller return than if you dedicated that time to other high-paying GPT platforms.

Again, while I’m not against this site, I think you’re much better off using the same offerwalls on much higher paying GPT like sites like and Swagbucks.

If you were to duke it out and use this site, then I could say you could make $3 to $5 per day with minimal effort.  How much you make will greatly depend on how much time you invest as well as which offers you complete.

Getting Paid

Once you’ve collected some diamonds on GrindBux, you have a few options for how you’d like to use them.

First, you can turn your diamonds into cryptocurrency, choosing from options like Bitcoin, Solana, or LiteCoin. To get started with this, you only need a minimum of 250 diamonds, which translates to $0.25 worth of your chosen cryptocurrency.

Another way is to exchange your diamonds for a prepaid Visa card. To do this, you’d need a minimum of 5,500 diamonds to receive a $5 card. Do note, though, there’s a service charge of 500 diamonds. So, in reality, you’d require 6,000 diamonds to cash out that $5 card.

If you’re a fan of gift cards, you’re in luck.

GrindBux offers gift cards from places like Amazon, Steam and Roblox. For a majority of these cards, you need to save 10,000 diamonds for a $10 gift card. The exception is Amazon, where you can also get a $5 card. Plus, there’s no service fee for these gift cards, which is a bonus.

Navigating GrindBux’s payment process is pretty clear-cut, which I appreciate. They’ve got a range of reward options, but I did notice one missing – PayPal. They once supported PayPal in the past, but during my time on the site, that wasn’t an option. If you’re looking for PayPal payouts, you might want to explore other top-ranking sites that offer this such as Swagbucks, etc.


GrindBux seems to be open worldwide, but just because you can join, it doesn’t mean you will make money.  The offers you see will be dependent on your country.

Signing up is a breeze.

Simply click on the Steam or Google icons at the top right of their website, and you’re in, using either of these accounts. You can start earning pretty much instantly.

Final Thoughts

6/10In the end, GrindBux is a genuine GPT site that offers payment for short tasks. While it boasts a few cool features, it’s not without its drawbacks.  It doesn’t have the highest rewards out there nor is there a PayPal payout option.  This can be a problem for some.

To sum it up, GrindBux isn’t the worst in the GPT world but doesn’t particularly shine bright either. The not-so-impressive pay and the absence of PayPal payments are noticeable downsides. If you’re going to pour time into it, be prepared for the long haul to see substantial earnings. If you’re scouting for another GPT platform to add to your list, GrindBux might be worth a shot, but I wouldn’t put it high on your list.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to comment below.

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