Happy Surveys Review: Far from Happy I’d Say…

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Happy Surveys is a mobile app where you can earn money by taking surveys.  Yes, it’s one of the many survey apps on the app store.

As I write this, it has more than 500,000 downloads, a 4.4/5 rating and a decent reputation.

Whether you have heard about this company and want to learn more about it or you want to find yet another survey app that may make you some cash, let’s see if this app is worth the download.

What is Happy Surveys?

Happy Surveys is an easy-to-use survey app that rewards you to take “surveys.”  The company claims that you can earn up to $15 and surveys only take five to 10 minutes to complete.

Now, I put surveys in quotes because a lot of what you find on this app won’t be a simple survey.  Rather, what you will find out is that they use an offer wall that you find on so many other apps.  This will include mainly downloading apps as well as completing some sort of offers.  Yes, they do offer surveys, but these come from third parties as well.  I will talk about this next.

For now, let it be known that there isn’t much known about who runs it other than” Xbank Technologies SL” is the app owner, according to the official app description.  I tried to research more about this company, but I didn’t find much as to who they were other than they ran a few other apps.  They seem legit, but it doesn’t mean the app is worth your time.

Earning Money

The minute you download the app, you can start to earn money right away.  This is what your dashboard is going to look like:

If you have ever downloaded a survey or “get paid to download an app” type app, then all of this will look familiar.  You will complete the task as noted and you will earn the points specified.  For every 1,000 points you earn, you can cash out for $1 in PayPal cash, and you will need at least 10,000 points to cash out.

So, for example, that Rise of Kingdom app would pay you about $25 in cash if you were to reach level 17.  Is that worth it?  I’m not sure, but I know with some of these games, it can take hours, sometimes even an investment, to get high in the game.  It may sound easy, but some of these tasks are pretty hard.

Now, if you wanted to download the app simply for surveys, you’re in for a disappointment, as the survey tab is just as bad.

These are not your typical take a survey and earn so much.  Instead, these “surveys” redirect you to sleazy survey opportunities or a legitimate company that pays them a kickback if you were to sign up.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with that concept, but I don’t promote 99% of these because most just spam you or mislead you.  I will never work that way, so trust me when I say this — the offers you see here are not worth your time.

If you downloaded it solely for the surveys, I’m going to tell you right now this is one that I would rank toward the bottom of my list.

Getting Paid

As noted, the company only pays out in PayPal and you will need at least 10,000 points to cash out.  Every 1,000 points are worth about $1, so it isn’t too hard to know what you’re making.

When you do cash out, all payments are done within 3 days.

At the moment, PayPal is the only option you can choose from.

The Pros:

  • PayPal
  • available worldwide

The Cons:

  • nothing unique
  • no real surveys it seems
  • can’t create an account – tied to your phone

Signing Up

If you like what you see (I don’t, obviously), then you can sign up via the Google Play Store or the App Store.  You can only complete these surveys and offers on your phone at the moment, as no desktop version is available.

The minute you download the app, you can immediately start earning, however, to cash out, you will need to enter a PayPal address.  You can enter simple profile information for 100 credits, but other than that, the app is tied to your phone, so it appears you won’t be able to log in elsewhere at the moment.

Anyone can join, as long as you’re 18+ years old, but the offers you see will be dependent on your geographical location.  Just because you can join, it doesn’t always mean you will see rewards.  You results will vary.

Final Thoughts

In the end, there’s nothing special about Happy Surveys.  Most of what you see here can be found elsewhere, and even what they have to offer, isn’t great.  Don’t get me started on the surveys.

While they call themselves Happy Surveys, there’s nothing happy about their surveys, as 99% of them are a sham, and you’re just doing to get spammed to death if you fill them out.  Trust me on this one as I have been studying this industry for a long time.

For now, I say skip this app 100%.  If you want a decent survey app, I highly recommend Swagbucks.  They are a powerhouse and have some of the best connections in the industry.  You will never get rich with surveys, but some people are happy with a few dollars a day, and that’s okay.

That’s going to do it for now.

If you want to comment on your experience or add to what I have written, feel free to chime in below.

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  • This App Happy Survey is really amazing though I just signed up 3days ago but the way am seeing it is more real than others.